“Whoa. You’re serious about this.”

“Yes, I am.” She attacked the freshly shaven skin of his throat with persistent kisses, demanding, “Unbuckle your belt.”

The pulse in his neck leapt beneath her lips. Her fingers made quick work of his shirt snaps as he unfastened his belt.

Tierney was determined not to let her nerves get the better of her, praying her enthusiasm would make up for her lack of expertise.

Since that day he’d dropped the towel she’d wondered how his shaft would feel in her hands. How it would feel gliding across her tongue.

When the weight of his belt dragged his jeans to the tops of his boots, Tierney awkwardly dropped to her knees.

Up close, the cockhead was purplish-red. The vein running up the underside pulsed, almost angrily. A clear bead trickled from the tiny slit. Curious about the taste and texture, her tongue darted out and she licked it.

Sticky. A little salty. She circled her fingers around the base, leaning closer to take just the head into her mouth.

Renner groaned, “Sweet Jesus.”

She moved her lips down his shaft, swallowing him an inch at a time, fighting her gag reflex when the tip reached the back of her tongue.

He rasped, “Stop. Look at me, but keep that hot f**kin’ mouth right where it is.”

Tierney raised her gaze to his, her heart pounding with the fear she’d done something wrong.

But he touched her face reverently. “Lookit you, sexy girl, on your knees, with your lips wrapped around my dick. You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined this.” He paused and seemed strangely conflicted. “But there’s something missing.”

With her mouth full of him, she couldn’t ask what.

Renner reached over and grabbed her glasses. “This is gonna sound weird as hell, but I want you to wear these while you’re blowin’ me because in my fantasies, you’ve always got them on. Hold still.” Once they were in place, he murmured, “Better. Now it’s really you.”

His admission that he’d fantasized about her knocked her for a loop. She wanted to make his reality better than the fantasy. She circled her index finger and thumb at the root of his cock, sliding them up his length as she suckled the head, using fast flicks of her tongue on the rim below the slit.

As much as this was about pushing Renner to the edge of ecstasy, this was also about Tierney pleasing herself. Learning the taste, the feel, and the scent of him. Her heart sped up, her ni**les tightened from contact with the coarse hair on his thighs. His every sexy grunt, his every muttered curse, every impatient bump of his hips fired her blood. She never imagined doing this would make her body so hot and eager—the how to please a man in bed books she’d boned up on had definitely left that part out.

“More. Faster. So good I’m already there.”

Her hand increased the speed. Any fear that she pulled too much was lost in Renner’s guttural sounds. Keeping the head of his c**k balanced in the middle of her tongue, she sucked harder, stroked harder with her hand and swore she felt his c**k get harder.

“Like that. Yes. Almost... Fuck. Yes!”

His c**k pulsed in her mouth. She didn’t pull back, even when it appeared Renner expected her to. Instead she matched her sucking motions to the contractions traveling up his shaft and swallowed each hot burst.

After the last pulse, Tierney was curious to see if she could fit his entire length in her mouth. She removed her hand and slid her lips down his shaft until the hair tickled her nose. She swallowed, just to see what’d happen. When she did it again, Renner palmed the top of her head.

“Christ,” he panted. “You’re killin’ me. Tierney. Stop. Please.”

She savored the sensation of the separation of his hot flesh skimming her tongue and teeth as he pulled out. She licked her lips. They were fuller than normal. Smoother than normal too.

A clank from his belt buckle hitting the door sounded as he jerked up his jeans, zipping and buckling faster than she’d ever imagined possible.

Renner hauled her to her feet and kissed her wildly, his hands fisting her hair, then trailing down her throat, squeezing her br**sts, spreading his palms down her rib cage and stopping to span her waist.

“Goddamn, I wanna put my mouth on you.”

That wet ache between her thighs became more pronounced. “Yes.”

He fell to his knees and unhooked the clasp on her trousers. Tugging the zipper down, he parted the material to reveal her black and white zebra-print thong.

His breath fanned the damp skin of her belly and she shivered. When he licked the sheen of sweat from that same section of skin, more slowly, more thoroughly, she shivered again and closed her eyes.

“Huh-uh. Watch me.”

His penetrating blue gaze fastened on hers as he planted kisses down the rise of her mound over her panties.

Three sharp knocks on the door vibrated against her back. By some miracle Tierney didn’t jump and knock Renner on his butt.

Renner left his mouth right where it was and his eyes burned into hers with a hot challenge.

“Tierney? Renner?” Janie’s voice sounded through the cracks. “Did you guys kill each other?”

Maybe if they ignored her she’d get the hint and go away.

“I swear to God if you don’t open this door and prove to me you’re not in the midst of a bloodbath I will kick it in.”

“Answer her,” Renner hissed.

“We’re hashing things out, Janie,” Tierney said loudly. “No blood spatters on the wall.”


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