She kissed him back with equal ferocity. Wanting more. Wanting everything this man could give her. Could show her. Could do to her.

His rough-skinned fingers braceleted her wrists, forcing her arms by her sides as he inhaled her. Wordlessly proving he was in control, whether or not she liked it.

Oh, she liked it all right. She’d imagined his fiery passion but she’d failed to factor in one teeny detail in her girlish fantasies.

Renner Jackson under the influence of lust was not the Renner Jackson she’d ever seen before. It didn’t matter she was sexually inexperienced. She knew, without a shadow of a doubt, being intimate with him, even one time, would change her forever.

He ripped his lips from hers to softly snarl, “Damn you.” Then his mouth savaged hers with powerful kisses and she whimpered when he stopped. “How can I want you this f**king much?” More, hard, deep, passionate kisses followed, giving her no chance to answer his question.

If it even was a question.

The plastic pieces from her glasses dug into the sides of her nose when Renner changed the angle of the kiss. She gasped at the sharp pain and he pulled away. “What?”

“I need to take my glasses off.”

His hands traveled up her arms, over her shoulders and neck to cup her face. He very carefully slipped her glasses off and set them on the ledge below the light switch.

The brightness from the outside sodium lights cast a soft orange glow through the window. Or maybe the glow started inside her, as this man was filling her with so much heat she feared she’d combust.

Renner muttered, “Sassy mouth of yours drives me insane,” and returned to burning her up with hot, wet kisses.

Since he’d freed her hands, she touched him across the breadth of his wide shoulders. Dragging her fingertips down his spine. Dipping below the waistband of his jeans to mold his butt cheeks in her hands. Oh, he had a firm ass. She remembered just how drool-worthy his ass had looked framed in a pair of fringed chaps.

She brought her palms around his hips to his lower abdomen, feeling powerful as the rock-hard muscle rippled beneath her touch. Her greedy hands followed the plane of his long torso, caressing his pectorals hidden under his shirt. Her fingers slid sideways to squeeze his biceps. Not the bulging type from hours spent pumping iron in a gym, but steel bands forged from hours expending physical labor required to run a livestock operation.

Renner’s hands remained flat on the door by her head throughout her all too brief exploration of his body.

Wanting more body-to-body contact, Tierney twined her arms around his neck, spearing her fingers through his hair, amazed the wiry-looking gold and light brown strands were so baby soft and carried a deliciously male scent.

That’s when he changed the pace of the kiss, morphing from an openmouthed inferno into an erotic tease. She gasped softly when the very tip of his tongue stroked the roof of her mouth, never imagining such a simple touch had the power to make her entire body tingle. His bottom lip traced the inside line of her upper lip, and again, the simple changeup had butterflies taking wing in her belly.

Renner eased back until their lips were barely touching. His breath as choppy as her own.

“Want to touch you,” he whispered. “Now.”


Her head buzzed as his thick fingers circled her wrists. Her limbs nearly floated to land beside her hips and he flattened her palms to the coolness of the wooden door.

“Keep them right there.”

Then his hands were at her waist, tugging her blouse from her pants, unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up. He nibbled along her jawline to her ear: hot breath and hotter kisses. He peeled her shirt back.

She would’ve expected him to go straight for her br**sts, but Renner let his tongue track the line of her collarbone from the hollow of her throat to the dip in her shoulder.

Every wet flick of his tongue, every heated pass of his mouth sent her spiraling into pleasure. She was so focused on absorbing every nuance of his seduction that she didn’t feel him messing with the front clasp of her bra until it popped open.

Tierney fought the urge to cover her small br**sts.

When he growled, “Damn, you’re perfect everywhere,” and hungrily closed his mouth around her nipple, paranoid thoughts of her unimpressive cup size vanished completely.

Once he ascertained what she liked—not a hard task since she liked it all—he used his lips and tongue to ensure she squirmed. Whimpered. Grew so moist and hot at her core she couldn’t help but move her legs together restlessly, looking to assuage this new ache.

Renner lifted his head from her nipple and looked at her. His eyes were dark with want. Then he bent his mouth to her other nipple and repeated the delicious process.

His hands went from cupping and stroking her br**sts to a featherlight caress of his thumb on the sweep of skin below her belly button. Tierney knew his next move would be to unhook her pants.

Much as she wanted that intimate touch, she understood if he slipped even a single finger into her, he’d suspect her innocence. She needed to turn the tables and doubted he’d stop her explorations once her hand connected with his cock.

Tierney shifted free of his kiss. “It’s my turn to touch you.”

“Bossy thing.”

“But I didn’t hear you say no.” Her lips grazed his earlobe.

Renner groaned. “And you won’t because in cases like this, I don’t mind bein’ bossed around.”

In a smooth move that defied her usual clumsiness, she reversed their positions, pushing Renner’s back flush with the door.


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