He groaned at the sight. “Fuck, look at you. Gorgeous.”

Audrey grinned up at him, then parted her lips and leaned forward, just a little. She didn’t move to take his cock in her mouth. She simply sat there, a few inches away, her lips parted with anticipation.

And she looked up at him, waiting.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Reese’s hand slid into her hair, stroking through the tangled locks and caressing her scalp. He didn’t surge forward like she’d expected. Instead, he stared down at her, considering for a long moment. Then those strong fingers curled at the base of her head and gently forced her forward.

Her lips went around the head of his cock, her hands sliding to his ass to anchor herself. Audrey let the wet head of him graze over her lips, back and forth in a light motion for a moment, before taking him into her mouth and sucking hard enough to form hollows in her cheeks.

Above her, Reese grunted approval, but didn’t move, didn’t begin to fuck her face. It was as if he were enjoying the sight of her as much as the feel, and wanted to savor it.

She could appreciate that. It made her feel incredibly sexy, knowing that he was enjoying looking at her going down on him. And it made her excited all over again. She dug her fingers into the tight muscles of his ass, appreciating their rock-hard firmness. God, he had a nice ass. She squeezed it and then released the head of his cock with an audible pop, then rubbed her mouth along the head again. Pre-cum slicked her lips and she licked them clean with her tongue, then let it flick out and swipe over the crown of his cock.

“Just like that,” he told her in a husky voice, his fingers tightening on the base of her head. “That’s beautiful, Audrey. Take me in your mouth again.”

She leaned in, but instead of sinking down on him, she formed her tongue into a hard point and trailed it along his cock, exploring him. She circled the head with the tip of her tongue, licking at his glans, then the ridge of the crown. There was a thick vein along the underside, and she ran her tongue along it, too, then lightly tongued the base of him before moving back to the crown again.

“Mmm,” he told her, and she looked up to see his eyes closed for a moment in ecstasy. “I have to admit, I never imagined that prim, proper little Audrey would be so good with my cock.”

She slid a hand to the base of his cock and gave him a little pump as she slicked her tongue over the head again. “What, did you think I was a sweet little virgin?”

He chuckled, his fingers tight in her hair. Not pushing, just holding her there. “The thought did cross my mind.”

“Not virginal in the slightest,” she told him softly. “Maybe I just like making a man work for it.” She licked the underside of the crown. “And then I make it worth his while.”

“Goddamn, you sure do.”

She grinned and then took him deep again, sucking deep and sliding her mouth down until she met the hand clenched around his base, then slid back, then took him deep again, feeling him butt against the back of her throat. She loosened her jaw and began to work him deeper.

“Ah, fuck. That feels amazing.” He began to work her head, just a little. “Definitely not virginal. Definitely not.”

She let him lead her, sucking him deep with each small thrust of his hips, riding the pressure of his hand. His arousal was turning her on all over again, his pure enjoyment of her working him so intensely pleasurable. Most men just expected a blow job, but Reese made it seem like she was blowing his mind along with his cock.

Well, she definitely knew her way around a good blow job. And she had another trick up her sleeve. She slid back and wrapped both hands around his cock, as if she were holding a baseball bat, and ignored the pressure he put on the back of her head for her to return to deep throating him. Instead, she took the head of him and sucked, running her tongue along him.

And then she began to hum.

She felt him jerk in surprise, but she held on to him and kept humming. Not a song, just a low, wordless tune that made her throat vibrate. She increased the intensity of her humming, rolling the head of him on her tongue.

“Oh, fuck. That’s . . . God, that’s good.” His hand clenched her hair tight. “Just like that. Keep humming.”

So she did. Louder and harder. Her hands pumped the base of him in time to her humming.

“Damn,” he bit out, and then he began to buck his hips in response, then stilled. “Audrey, I’m going to come if you don’t stop—”

She hummed louder and pumped him again.

“Ah, damn.” Reese thrust into her mouth again, taking control. She tried to keep humming but he began to thrust into her mouth, and then he stiffened. Her mouth flooded with his cum, the tangy burst of him filling her mouth. She swallowed as he pulled out of her mouth, shuddering, and leaned back, wiping at her lips as he leaned against the woodpile, breathing hard.

When he was able to catch his breath, he looked back over at her and that cocky grin slid across his face. “Damn. I need you out here every morning when I’m chopping wood. That’d make this a lot less monotonous.”

Audrey got to her feet and delicately wiped the corners of her mouth. “You’re welcome,” she said in a prim voice.

He smirked at her, then moved forward and grabbed her by the back of her head again. To her surprise, he leaned in and gave her a hard, rough kiss. “Thank you.”

And she was already turned on again. Giving him a blow job and then kissing him? Wasn’t exactly killing her libido. If anything, it felt more ramped up than ever. “So,” she breathed. “Tonight?”

His gaze was hot on her face. “Name the time and place.”

“Midnight,” she told him. “We’ll meet at the dock and head out into the woods. Bring condoms.”

“You bring a blanket,” he told her. “I’ll bring the wood.”

She groaned. “That was a terrible joke.”

“Yeah, I get corny after sex. Sorry about that.” He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose in a surprisingly tender gesture. “Now you know my big secret.”

“I promise to blackmail you with it at every opportunity,” she told him lightly, then ran her fingers through her hair, trying to comb it into a semblance of normalcy.

He stopped her hand. “Leave it down for me. I like it a bit mussed and wild.”

Heat bloomed in her cheeks again, but she dropped her hand. “Down it is.”

“Down tonight, too.”

She nodded, and that butterfly in her belly went wild at the thought. Tonight.

It was going to be a very long day.


The day passed with excruciating slowness for Audrey. She did her best to stay calm, cool, and collected. All the while, her thoughts raged like an inferno.

She was going to have sex. With Reese. Tonight. In the woods. Secret, dirty sex with a man who used women like they were Kleenex. And she was excited as hell.

Still, she had to act like nothing was going on, or Cade and Daphne would figure out that something was up. So she cleaned house, since she knew that wouldn’t strike Daphne as out of the ordinary. Audrey loved things in their neat, orderly place, and her apartment was always spotless. So she organized the cabin to keep her mind busy, knowing that Daphne certainly wouldn’t volunteer. She scrubbed the kitchen and mopped the floors. She straightened up the room she shared with messy Daphne. She cleaned the bathrooms and did laundry, since the cabin also boasted a tiny washing machine and dryer.

She folded clothes and dusted, all the while Daphne and Cade played cards in the living room while Reese napped on one of the couches. She made sure to saunter past Reese’s couch and gave it a nice kick just to wake him up. She had to make it seem like he irritated her, of course.

In truth, her faux irritation at him was quickly turning into a turn on. She couldn’t stop thinking about their interlude in the woodpile. The way he’d gripped her tangled hair and drove into her mouth while she clenched her hands against his tight ass. The way his lips had grazed over her own as his fingers stroked up and down the slippery wetness between her thighs, moving over her clit and driving her wild.

No wonder Reese was so popular—he was a rather attentive lover. He seemed to be fascinated with what would turn her on as well as getting his own. She liked that. She’d had a fair amount of lovers in the past, and only a few had been truly interested in driving her crazy. Most men were more interested in what they could do to get into her panties and, once there, didn’t care all that much about if she came. So she’d learned to be a bit more aggressive in bed because she knew that was the only way she’d get what she wanted out of things. It worked well for her, most times. Reese seemed to like it, too.

When she was out of laundry to wash, she did the sheets and blankets next, stripping each bed and keeping herself busy. Daphne rolled her eyes at Audrey’s industriousness, a cigarette hanging from her lips as she studied her cards.

She could have sworn that Reese was smiling to himself when she passed by with a blanket, though, and had to hurry out of the room before that blush threatened to turn her face cherry red. She was so freaking obvious sometimes.

After the laundry was done, she made sandwiches for dinner (since she was still having to pretend that she was the master chef in their little domicile) and then headed upstairs for a long, leisurely shower. She wanted to smell clean and delicious for their meeting tonight. Audrey borrowed Daphne’s expensive soaps and shampoos, and then took her time shaving. She considered the mound of her pubic hair for a moment. Would she shock Reese by going bare? She stared at her razor, thinking, then changed her mind. She wasn’t going to change who she was to impress a man. So she simply tidied things up and then headed into the room she shared with Daphne, lounging on the bed as she read one of her romance novels and painted her toenails and fingernails a pale nude.

The blanket she’d promised to bring that night? Audrey stashed it under the bed in preparation, and then dressed in her matching bra and underwear, wishing she’d brought something sexy. Heck, that she owned something sexy.

Eventually, day passed into night and everyone retired sometime around ten. Daphne chatted with Audrey as they readied for bed, her twin seemingly more animated than she had been in days. The horrible shakes were going away, as was the constant vomiting. She was pale but no longer that sickly seeming greenish shade that had worried Audrey. And if she smoked like a chimney? Well, that was all right. Smoking was a bit easier to quit than coke and Xanax, after all. She was down to a half a pill a night, thanks to Cade’s careful planning and repeated consultations with his on-call doctor, and soon she’d be off the Xanax for sure. Her progress made Audrey happy, though she was concerned that Daphne would backslide as soon as they turned around. What would happen when she returned to LA and the fast-paced lifestyle she was accustomed to? Her twin didn’t seem like a changed person.

But she couldn’t worry about that right now.

They went to bed and Audrey lay next to her sister, trying to make her breathing seem slow and regular. In reality, her pulse was racing, her mind wide awake. She was going to have sex with Reese Durham. That thought alone was enough to keep her body wound up to a fever pitch of anticipation. Hell, she was pretty sure she was wet simply thinking about how the evening would go. She’d mentally pictured it at least a dozen times already that day. Reese pushing her up against a tree and fucking her. Reese laying her down on the blanket and making exquisitely slow love to her. Reese flipping her over for doggy-style sex. Laying atop of Reese for sixty-nine.

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