As he straightened, she noticed a series of reddish purple marks on his skin. She leaned in, trying to figure out what they were. Then she gasped as she realized just what it was, her memory flicking back to last night. She recalled her mouth on his skin, biting and sucking at his tight muscles.

Good God, she’d covered him with hickies. “Your shoulder!”

Reese grinned, looking rather pleased with himself. He plucked at his shirt. “Thought I’d show them off.”

Her jaw ground. “Did Cade see those?”

“He did.”

“Annnnd you wore that shirt on purpose.”

“I might have.” He winked at her, then took a swig from his water bottle. “So what’s on your mind?”

She stared at the markings on his shoulder, feeling heat creeping through her body at the sight. She’d done that to him? She’d been wild and out of control last night.

She wanted to do it again.

But she’d mess with him a little first. Audrey grabbed a handful of his shirt. “We need to talk.”

“Someone’s the voice of authority,” he said, amused. But he followed her lead.

She dragged him through the muddy yard, around to the far side of the lodge, then under the wraparound porch. The cord of wood that the men worked to constantly replenish was stored underneath, next to the cellar doors. Anyone standing underneath the porch was shielded from all eyes, the windows above only giving a view to the trees and lake below. It was perfect for what she wanted to do.

When he followed her under the porch, ducking his head to ensure he didn’t crack his skull, he gave her an odd look. “Why are we heading under here?”

Audrey tugged at his shirt, dragging him closer. “Because we didn’t finish what we started last night,” she told him in a low voice.

Then her hand went to his cock, and she rubbed.

The breath hissed out of his throat. Reese stared down at her for a moment, incredulous, and then a slow smile spread over his face. “Mercenary little thing, aren’t you? I like that.”

“Do you now?” She leaned in and nipped at his chin, feeling the scrape of stubble. Odd how that excited the hell out of her. “Why don’t you show me?”

“Exactly what business did we leave unfinished the other night?” Reese murmured, pushing her backward a step until her back was up against the woodpile. Rough bits of wood clung to her clothing and scraped at her flesh through the fabric, but she didn’t care.

“I’m sure you can guess.”

“Well, last I recall, I had my hand between your legs and you were riding me.”

Heat pooled between her legs and her breathing sped up. “That sounds about right.”

“You want to fuck right here on the woodpile?”

Her hand rubbed along the hardening length in his pants, enjoying the sensation of him under her fingers . . . and the heady feeling of power she had at manhandling him. “I was thinking more like a bit of heavy petting here in the woodpile,” she said, and let her lips graze against his mouth. “Then maybe a nice, dirty fuck later.”

Reese groaned, thrusting against her hand. His slid to the waistband of her pants. “You want me to make you come?”

“That’s what I had in mind, yeah.” She licked her lips and glanced up at him through her lashes. “I was thinking that maybe we could make each other come.”

“Mmm,” he breathed, watching her with intense blue eyes. “I think I can agree to that . . . on one condition.”

She looked up at him, curious. “Condition?”

To her surprise, he reached for the tight knot of her hair and pulled at the hair band. “This needs to come free. I want the wild Audrey, not the uptight one.”

She snorted, half-tempted to punch him in the gut for calling her uptight . . . but there was too much heat pumping through her veins to even think of something like that. She simply stood still while he tugged her hair free and let it fall around her shoulders in a bright red sweep.

“That’s better,” he murmured. “Sexy, dirty little Audrey. It’s like that wild side of yours is the best kept secret around.”

Her fingers curled around the stiff length of him tenting the front of his pants. “And your wild side is the worst kept secret.”

Reese chuckled low, pulling her against him and letting his hands slide to her ass. “Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“It wasn’t intended to be flattery,” she told him, even as she lightly stroked her hand up and down his length. “You’re not my type.”

“Then why are you stroking my cock?” His hand played with the waistband of her panties again, except this time he slid his fingers inside her.

“I told you,” she whispered. “You need to finish what you started.”

And she reached for the laces of his sleep pants, tugging at the string until the knot came loose and the fabric pooled loosely around his waist. He wasn’t wearing underwear—again—and she caught a glimpse of the large head of his cock, flushed with his own excitement, a droplet of pre-cum glistening on the head.

The sight of him made a tremor rush through her body, and that tremor intensified when she felt his fingertips sweep over her mound, brushing against the curls there.

He groaned at the feel of her, the sound soft against her messy hair. “Wet already, Audrey? You just that excited or you been thinking about coming out here and grabbing me all morning?”

Her hand moved into his pants, cupping his hot, bare flesh. “Maybe a little bit of both?” She leaned in and licked a drop of sweat from his hickey-flushed shoulder. His cock in her hand was scorching, so hot against her that it was like touching fire.

Reese’s fingertips grazed against her clit, seeking it out. At her shuddering response to his touch, he stopped there and rubbed lightly, brushing back and forth against the sensitized bud with the pads of his fingers. “That’s the spot.”

Audrey whimpered, her fingers curling around his cock and stroking him with a jerky motion.

“Shhh, shhh,” he told her, murmuring low in her ear, his breath tickling her hair. “Go slow, sugar. I’ve got control of you now.” His hand brushed against her nape, and then he grabbed a handful of her hair, tilting her head back and exposing her neck. His lips moved against her jawline, teeth scraping at her skin. “Sexy little spitfire. My naughty little firecracker.”

As he murmured the words against her skin, his fingers kept stroking at her wet heat, rubbing through the slick folds as she clung to him. He’d stroke down to the well of her sex, circle her sensitive skin there, and then glide up to her clit, and repeat that maddening circle. His movements were slow and unhurried—deliberately, she assumed, to make her force him to speed up somehow.

He was causing her to get distracted, too, her mouth working silently as every brush of his talented fingers made her body shudder anew. She was having a hard time concentrating on stroking his cock, her fingers lightly dancing along the head and brushing at the pre-cum there. She rolled the wetness along the head, exploring him with her touch. Reese was definitely well formed, the crown large and thick, the length of his shaft smooth and long. She moved down to his sac, and felt him, heavy and hot, in her grip.

Reese groaned and licked at her jaw. “Talented with those hands, aren’t you?”

“I could say the same for you,” she told him, and rocked her hips against his fingers when he stroked her clit.

“Ah, that’s it, sugar. You going to ride my palm?” He pressed the heel of his palm against her clit, his fingers grazing at her core, and stopped moving.

She whimpered, clutching at the length of him with her one hand, the other fisted into his shirt.

“That’s right,” he told her, his mouth sliding over her lips. He brushed against hers in the lightest of kisses, a mere flirtation. “Rock against me again, Audrey. Let me feel you move.”

She followed his lead, moaning when her movements forced the heel of his palm hard against her clit. The sensation was incredible, and she repeated it, her hips jerking against him.

“Do it again,” he commanded in a low voice. “Ride me, Audrey.” He kissed down her neck, his tongue flicking at her skin.

She did, bucking against him. Then, she couldn’t seem to stop herself. She rubbed up against him, over and over, like a wanton. Wild with the need he was building in her, Audrey leaned back against the woodpile, her hips moving harder and faster as she forced her sex against his palm. She was so wet that his entire hand was coated with her juices, though from his own soft encouragements, he liked the sight of that.

He continued to murmur at her, encouraging her to ride him, even as his mouth slid a little lower, brushing at the valley between her breasts and licking the skin exposed by her collar. But when he nuzzled at her breast through her clothing and slid his hand to cup one of her breasts, arching it to his mouth? When he bit the hard, aching tip through her clothing?

She shattered. A low, guttural groan erupted from her throat and she clenched her hand around his hard cock, still dripping with pre-cum, as her own orgasm rushed through her.

“Shhh,” he warned, moving up to cover her mouth with his. She heard the low chuckle he swallowed just before his lips covered hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth as he ground the heel of his hand against her clit in a circular motion, extending the ripples of her orgasm until she was whimpering against him, her knees weak. “That’s my girl,” he told her when they finally parted, Audrey limp from the force of her orgasm.

Dazed, she struggled to re-orient to her surroundings. She was shoved up against the woodpile. His hand was in her now-soaked panties. His other hand still cupped her breast, occasionally grazing his thumb over the nipple he’d bitten.

And she was still clinging to the length of his hard, erect cock as it jutted out from his pants.

Reese leaned in and kissed her again, with a bit more urgency behind it. “You going to do me the honors, firecracker?”

She clenched her hand slightly around his length, enjoying the tremor of response that shot through him. “Actually, I thought I was done here. I’m sure you can handle yourself.”

He laughed, seemingly delighted in her prickliness. “You tease.” He nibbled at her lips. “I can handle it myself, all right. But your hands are far more pleasant than mine. Less callus.”

Her lips curled with amusement. She had to admit, he was rather fun to play with. He wasn’t begging for her to give him head. He was letting her know it was okay with him if she wanted to stop, but he wouldn’t turn her down if she wanted to continue.

Oh, she definitely wanted to continue. That wicked streak she fought so hard to clamp down was humming like a freight train inside of her. What did it matter if she was a little bad with just one man? Like Daphne had said—she could use him, play with him a bit, and then walk away unscathed. She wasn’t in a relationship, after all.

She was just having fun.

And so she gave him a naughty smile and wiggled out of his grip, then dropped to her knees in front of him.


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