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Subject: Garrett West

Yardley34: Does anyone know why the stuff for the rose ceremony isn’t set up yet? Isn’t that what our cruel savior usually does first when we get to these things?


LilyV8: Hmmm. That’s weird. Maybe there’s not going to be one this year. If there isn’t, does this mean we’re not getting raises? I’ve worked my ass off this year.


Russ76: Mr. West didn’t show up to the logistics meeting this afternoon, so we all got drunk and checked out the new ski lodge. Now that I think about it, @SavannGrey wasn’t there either. You here, @SavannGrey?


PollyPositiveVibes83: Shouldn’t someone on this forum go to his room and check on him? I mean, he could’ve contracted severe food poisoning. Maybe he’s super sick. Sometimes I feel like you all just want to waste your time snarking on him for no reason. Sure, he’s hard on us most of the time, but he pays really well, and this office party is a great way to bond!


Heather20: Um… Can one of the administrators step in and moderate this thread right quick?


LilyV8: I’m ten steps ahead of you, @Heather20. I blocked Polly and all 83 of her “Positivevibes” Who TF let her in here anyway? And no, really, where the hell is @SavannGrey?



This Christmas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Try to get some sleep.” I adjust the pillow behind Savannah’s head after a full day of marathon sex.

“It’s pretty hard to sleep, when your entire body is sore.” Her voice is hoarse. “But just so you know, all the sex we’re having here is a one-time thing.”

“It’s a twenty-time thing at this point, Miss Grey,” I say, “And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

She blushes, and I adjust the pillow one more time.

“I’ll be right back,” I say, grabbing my phone and stepping onto the balcony. I scroll down to Seth’s name, wanting to make sure he knows that he’s fired, but I see that he’s texted me first.


Seth: Amelie said YES. I thought you would want to know.

Me: I did want to know. Congratulations. How does she feel now, knowing that her husband-to-be no longer has a job?

Seth: Pretty damn good since he no longer has to work under a soul-sucking CEO.

Seth: By the way, did you really need to charter a jet for someone to deliver my termination papers?

Me: No, but I wanted you to know that I’m a man of my word.

Seth: Fuck you. LOL. When are you proposing to Savannah? (Did you finally confront her?)

Me: I think it’s a little too soon to discuss that. We’re not in love. (Yes.)

Seth: LMFAO. Ok.

Me: I don’t see what’s funny. We’re not.

Seth: Please tell me you’re not this dense, Garrett. Like, please say that you’re fucking with me right now.


I roll my eyes and mute the thread.

“Garrett?” Savannah’s soft voice makes me turn around.

She’s sitting up in my bed now, holding up one of my laptops—still naked.

“I’m still too sore to sleep, so do you mind if we look over a few files?” she asks. “I mean, nothing too crazy since this is still an off day for us.”

“Sure.” I smile, unsure of why I’m aroused by her bringing up work. “Are you thinking like, five?”

“More like ten.”

So, she means fifty.



This Christmas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

A few days later

The mouthwatering scent of Grandma’s Hattie’s dinner greets me and Garrett the moment we step off the elevator. As if we’ve forgotten our professional etiquette. Garrett slips an arm around my waist and presses a kiss against my cheek. I lean into him as we walk through the empty lobby.

When we arrive to her custom taste-testing table, I realize that we’re over an hour late. Not that anyone seems to notice, though. Our assigned chairs are at the end of the table, and everyone is too enamored with the huge plates of rolls and biscuits.

“Can we go ahead and skip the rest of the week?” Garrett whispers into my ear, handing me a napkin.

“That’s an entire third of the office party.” I’m not opposed to this idea at all, as long as we do some work. “Don’t you think everyone will notice we’re missing?”

“Yes, and they’ll be thrilled about it.” He smiles, his voice still low. “Yes or no?”

I nod. “Yes.”

“Good.” He caresses my thigh under the table.

“Um, Earth to Savannah?” Georgia’s voice snaps me out of my trance. “Earth to Savannah?”

“Yes?” I answer.

“Can you join the rest of us in reality and pass the biscuits, please?”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” I pick up a basket and pass it down.

“What do you think of the new golf course we're building, Savannah?” one of my aunts asks. “The designer I met in New Orleans flew in to build it.”

“I've seen the lights,” I say, “but I haven't seen the entire thing yet. I was planning to walk the path tomorrow.”

“Please don't do that.” She smiles. “Book a carriage ride to do it.”

“Did you notice the heated floors in the bathroom?” My cousin, Joy, smiles. “That was my idea and grandma updated every single suite with them. Sometimes I sit on them while I’m reading a book.”

“I didn't, but I’m going to turn them on in my suite tonight,” I say.

“Of course, you are.” Taryn glances my way, giving me one of her signature fake smiles.

I almost offer a fake smile in return until I notice the shirt she’s wearing. Peaking underneath her grey and white Versace blazer are the words, “Spelman College. Many Apply. Few Are Accepted. I Was Accepted…”

Even for her, this is low.

Strike two.

“Well, I've decided that I get to be the one who gets to show her the brand new Merry Christmas Lane,” Georgia says. “Unless you’ve already seen it. Have you?”

I don't get a chance to answer that.

“I highly doubt that she’s noticed much of anything.” Taryn purses her lips. “Everything except her bedroom and the lobby are probably all new to her. I mean, she never comes home, you guys. I have ex-boyfriends who know more about this resort than she does.”

Light laughter fills the room, and I still.

My blood is beginning to boil.

“She had her reasons.” Grandma Hattie offers. “All that matters, is that she’s back now.”

“Is she, though?” Taryn rolls her eyes. “She’s only here because her job requires her to be.”

“That counts.” Georgia stabs her dessert with a fork. “Instead of nitpicking why someone doesn’t come home that often, why don’t you suggest something she should check out while she is here?”