They fly away from the tip of my tongue at the sexy sight of him.

His white dress shirt is unbuttoned, revealing his chiseled chest and abs. Locking his eyes on mine, he slowly looks me up and down, making it more than clear that he’s not letting me leave this room.

I suck in a breath, and he steps closer.

What exactly do you want to talk about? I still can’t get the words to fall from my lips, but he looks at me as if he can read my mind.

Me fucking you. I read his mind in return—following his gaze as it moves over to my “gift” on the nightstand.

He closes the gap between us, cupping his hand around the base of my neck. “Tell me that you want me…”

“I don’t,” I say. “You’re my boss.

“How so?” He smirks. “We both know that’s technically not true.”

“If it wasn’t, I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t be at an office party. I’d never show up to any of them.”

“You’d still attend every single one.” His lips brush against mine. “Because I’d be there, and according to your sister’s note, you like to fantasize about riding my face and being fucked from behind …”

“She’s lying.”

“Prove it.” He looks me up and down. “Tell me to leave right now if that’s not true.”

I don’t utter a word.

He suddenly stamps his mouth over mine, and I grip onto the window ledge as he teasingly bites down on my bottom lip.

“Let me…” He darts his tongue against the crease of my lips, demanding entry. “Savannah, let me.”

I grip the ledge harder and oblige, moaning as he tames my mouth with his. His kiss is reckless but controlling at the same time, and with each whisper of my name, the unbearable tension that’s long-existed between us slowly falls away.

“Fuck…” He breathes, sliding a hand under my dress.

My nipples harden against my blouse as he hooks his thumb under my panties and yanks them off. They fall to the floor with ease, and he presses his thumb against my soaking wet clit.

“Ahhh…” I cry out as he slips two fingers deep inside of my pussy and slowly pushes them in and out.

“You know I’m going to fuck you much deeper than this, right?” His whispered question is rhetorical.

I know better than to answer it right now.

He smiles as I rock against his fingers, and I moan that he’s found my spot and I want more. I press my palm against the front of his pants, feeling his cock harden.

Using his free hand to pull a condom from his pocket, he whispers, “Take it out.”

I oblige, and he presses his mouth against my collarbone, pressing long, deep kisses against my skin.

My eyes widen as I run my hand up and down his length, slowly freeing it from his boxers. I can feel my cheeks heating as he follows my gaze.

Pulling his fingers from inside of me, he lets out a low laugh and picks up the condom. He holds the edge of the packet close to my mouth, silently demanding me to open it with my teeth.

When I do, he slowly rolls it over his length, and without warning, he spins me around to face the window.

“Grab the frame,” he commands, squeezing my ass.

I can’t move fast enough. My pussy is throbbing at the intense pleasure that his fingers took away from me.

“Savannah,” he repeats, his voice deep. “Grab the frame.”

My nails dig into the crown molding, and he presses a kiss at the center of my neck before sliding into me inch by inch.

“Ahhhh…Oh my god…” I moan as he takes his time filling me. Cry out each time he slaps my ass.

When he’s buried deep, he blows against my neck. “You feel so fucking good…”

He repeats himself a few more times, and then he pulls out of me—thrusting in and out, again and again.

“Garrett…” I damn near scream his name

“Fuck, Savannah…” He grabs a fistful of my hair as I match him stroke for stroke, biting the skin on my neck whenever I say his name.

I bite my bottom lip as my pussy throbs against his cock, as my hardened nipples hit the cold glass. I can feel myself getting closer to the edge with every stroke, every hasty kiss against my neck.

All of a sudden, I hear a low buzzing sound, and I feel him pressing the vibrator against my clit.

My eyes flutter open, and his eyes meet mine in the window’s glass.

“Is this what you used to use whenever you thought of me?” He changes the setting, not slowing his strokes inside of me. “Tell me…”

I can’t answer, I can barely speak. The contrasting pleasure of his cock and the vibrations against my swollen clit are too much; all I can do is moan.

“I’ve wanted you so long, Savannah,” he whispers. “So fucking long…”

I feel tremors building inside of me, feel my stomach coiling and uncoiling in anticipation. Heat rushes through my veins, and I let go of the ledge—unable to hold on anymore. As if Garrett can feel me getting close, he grips my hips as I shake against him, holding me taut as I scream at the top of my lungs.

He slowly thrusts into me a few more times, finding his own release. Then he stiffens and kisses my neck until I’ve stopped shaking.

Slowly pulling out of me, he takes off the condom and tosses it into the trash. Then he spins me around to face him, dominating my mouth with his again.

When I’m breathless, he tears away from me and begins kissing his way down my neck and across my breasts. He takes his time sucking each of my nipples into his mouth.

“I need to fuck you again,” he says, looking up at me. “This time I want to look into your eyes…”



This Christmas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

A few hours later

Garrett trails his finger against my lips as I sit in his lap. Streams of hot water are pouring over us, and I’m pretty sure that if he weren’t holding me right now, I’d collapse onto the floor.

I’ve never come once during sex before, let alone three times back to back.

And for the first time in my career, I honestly don’t want to do any work for the rest of the week; I just want to stay in my room and let him have his way with me again and again.

Tilting my chin up with his fingertips, he looks into my eyes. “Can we skip tomorrow’s meeting?”

My eyes widen. “What?”

“You heard me,” he says. “Can we skip it? Along with tomorrow and the next day?”

“Depends on what you plan to do with all your free time.”


I blush. “Does everyone else still have to attend the office party?”

“Hell yes, they do.” He smiles. “It’s mandatory. No exceptions.”

“Top executives and yourself included.’” I rattle off his infamous memo line. “An off day would make you one hell of a hypocrite.”

“Not necessarily,” he says, pressing his lips against mine. “You’ve been my only exception from day one.”