I scream out his name as I come in front of him, h*ps bucking wildly, pushing harder and deeper with each thrust. I shatter brilliantly, with ecstasy on my face and my back arched off the bed with my hand nearly all the way inside of me. I hold my body rigid as the delicious pulsing overtakes me, gasping for air between wild pleas.

By the time I still, my heart has slowed. I glance up at the phone with heavy eyelids and grab it. Pulling it to my lips, I kiss the screen and say, “I love you, baby.”

After sending the video, I lay back on the bed with a sated smile on my face. It’s quiet for a little bit before the texts start again.

Holy fuck, that was hot. Next time I see you, you can bet my dick is going straight into that dirty mouth of yours. I mean, Avery… Wow.

I smile and type back, Did you come?

Fuck, yeah. I’m lucky I didn’t get the phone wet. Damn, Avery. That was beyond sexy…

I roll onto my stomach and type, What now?

We do it again. I have a few more positions for you to try and a lot of Velcro.


I can’t wipe the stupid smile off my face as I slip into my room early the next morning. There’s no sign of Naked Guy. Bonus!

A squeal has been building in my throat, but I keep swallowing it back. I’m really doing it. I’m going to see Sean and I’m going to ask him to marry me. The thought of actually doing it makes me feel so queasy, but it’s a good kind of sick—like Christmas Eve, can’t-wait-for-Santa kind of sick.

As I shove a pair of socks into my bag, Amber strolls out of the shower with a towel on her head and another barely covering her boobs. Why did I get the exhibitionist roommate? Part of me thinks if the woman dropped her towel that she’d continue to prance around the room like I think she’s hot. Maybe Amber’s a nympho and doesn’t know it. Or maybe she does and I don’t. Whatever. I’m just glad to get out of here for the night.

Amber crosses the room to her closet. Clothes stick out from her drawers and everything is wrinkled. She picks out something and pulls it on, not caring if my back is turned. “So,” she says as she lights up a cigarette. “Where are you off to on this insanely warm Sunday morning? Visiting the dead parents? The dead sea serpents? Or the nasty-ass, but totally fuckable, scary guy?” She lets out a stream of smoke and sits at the window, looking out into the square below.

I glance over at her. “Scary guy.”

“Ah, so he did get to you?”

I’m not sure what she means. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Amber nods and continues enjoying her cigarette like it’s something phallic. The way her lips wrap around it and slip over the tip as she goes to exhale is disturbing. “So the bad boy rocked your socks off and you’re blowing off school a few weeks before finals to have a fun day, is that it? I guess you’re over that good girl act, now.”

“It wasn’t an act.”

Amber laughs. “Yeah right. With the way you’ve been putting out, I think we should both stop pretending and just call the sheep black.”

“What the hell are you smoking over there? You make no sense at all. I’m not sleeping around—”

Amber laughs like a man and rolls her eyes. “Whatever, bitch. We both know you’re lying. Tell yourself anything you want so you can look in the mirror in the morning, but we both know how you’re spending your nights.”

Turning my head, I look over my shoulder—pausing with a shirt in hand, above my bag—and glare at her. I wonder if she knows about my employment, but that’s not possible. A cold feeling snakes down my throat and coils in my stomach. Amber doesn’t elaborate, which makes me think she’s just messing with my head.

I change the subject. “So, where’s Naked Guy? Off f**king some other dorm today?”

“Ha ha. He’s coming by later to show me his anal beads collection and I—”

Oh my God! Spinning on my heel, I snap at her, “TMI! Keep your f**king preferences to yourself. It’s bad enough I know what his thingie looks like. I don’t need—”

“His thingie?” she mocks. “What’s the matter, Avery? Can’t say the real word?” Amber’s eyes glitter. She honed in on my little word and is advancing across the room, cigarette still in hand. “Is it just too much to wrap your little mouth around? Cock, dick, penis? Pick one and say it.” She stops in front of me, looking down at me like I’m a child. One arm is across her chest and the other is holding the burning smoke off to the side. She tilts her head, watching me. “Go on—say it.”

I smile tritely, but she’s unnerving me. The way she looks at me is so smug, with a dash of hostility. Most mornings she spends trying to stay in bed, because she stayed up f**king all night. I glare at her. “I’m not reciting male genitalia for you.”

She laughs lightly and says it again, whispering the word in a creepy way, close to my face. “I bet you scream when you come and say all sorts of dirty shit. It’s the good girls that have the kinkiest stuff going on in their heads.” Amber looks down into my bag and pulls up one of my G-strings. She holds it on her pointer finger and raises a brow at me. “See what I mean?”

I snatch it back from her and shove it into my bag. “At least I wear panties.”

“Ouch.” Amber feigns offense and then snorts and turns away shaking her head. “Me and you could have a lot of fun. Roommates who do three-ways never sleep alone.”

I make a face and look over at her. “If you ever suggest that again, I’ll puke all over you.”

“Whatever. Go on and pretend to be a nun. I don’t care.”

“Nuns don’t sleep with guys.”

She grins, “Well, not all at once, anyway. Maybe I should join a convent.” She taps her front tooth with her finger like she’s thinking about it.

I know what she’s thinking. “Nuns don’t do confession. Priests are the only ones who get to use the box, so think of something else or have someone stab you with a cross. Maybe you’ll turn back into a werewolf and can go hump a tree for the rest of the day.”

She gives me a snotty look and sticks her tongue out. “Bitch.”




“Hooker.” Amber says the word exactly the same way she said the others, but she’s acting so weird today. I lift my chin slightly before throwing another insult her way. Amber is watching, waiting for me to show any sign of weakness. Does she know? Is that what this is about? Did she find out that I’m working for Black? That would suck. She’d tell Black that I’m in love with Sean.

I don’t pause. “Hoe,” I throw back, but our eyes hold a second too long.


“You already said that one.” I zip my bag shut and throw it over my shoulder.

“Yeah, but it suits you—a bitch in heat. Am I right?”

“Yeah, okay… I’m only going to say this once. If you have something to say to me, say it to my face, now. I’m not doing this weird shit with you when I get back, so if you’ve got something you want to say to me, spit it out.”

Amber purses her lips and then smiles at me, before rolling back onto her bed. “As if I’d make your life so simple. Catch you later, cock-lover. Make sure you ask him to get your back door really good and hard. You’re in serious need of an alignment. No one should be this bitchy right after sex.” She raises a brow at me and laughs.

I roll my eyes and walk out to the sound of her hollow laughter bouncing off the walls.


Before I get to my car, Mel comes chasing after me. “That was some crazy shit last night. What’d your guy want?” She practically yells as she runs at me and crosses the parking lot. “Where you goin’?”

“To see Sean, and shut up. That was way too loud and I think Amber knows.” I glance around to make sure she didn’t follow us into the parking lot.

Mel waves me off. “Amber doesn’t know shit.”

“Mel, she knows. I don’t know how, but she does. She’s trying to get me to do three-ways with her and say ‘cock.’ Two days ago she would have never suggested such a thing.” I reach for my trunk, open it, and toss in the bag. When I slam it, the lid bounces back up and nearly smacks me in the face. “Awh, damn it!” I slam it down again and it catches this time.

“Amber is just trying to get dirt on you. She probably has some dick that only wants a three-way, and the only person she can offer up is you. You better be ready for her to have some a**hole in your room one night, and hope you trip on them coming in the door. By the way, if you do, that doesn’t count as a threesome.”

“What the hell is it with people and three ways?” I stare at her. Mel sounds like she’s had a few and thinks they’re good, like chicken soup.

“You don’t see the appeal? Come on, you have to see it. Two dicks at once…” She gets a funny look on her face, like she’s remembering something.

I look away like I haven’t noticed. “Fine, maybe, but two girls for one guy is a dude fantasy. I see enough of nak*d Amber without hav**g s*x with her.” I cringe and shake it off, but the mental image is stuck. “Oh gross, I’m gonna have to bleach my brain after this conversation.”

Mel laughs. “Clorox hasn’t made brain bleach, yet. Otherwise I’d have a stockpile for you, because have I got stories for you!”

“Mel, I don’t have time. I have a ring.” Taking a deep breath, I smile at her. “I’m going to find Sean and ask him to marry me.”

“No shit? I thought that was all talk. Even after work last night? You sure about this?”

“Work last night was Sean—”

She blinks and leans in like she didn’t hear me. “Come again? I thought Ferro left town.”

“He did, but we, ah… did it anyway.” I give her an awkward smile and hope to God she catches on.

Mel glances both ways and says in a low voice, “You had phone sex?”

“Sorta. Maybe…”

She shakes her head at the same time her jaw drops open. “You did not sext with him. Black will fire your ass faster than a—”

“It’s what he wanted. Besides, it’s Sean.”

“She won’t care, Avery. Damn, you know the rules. What the hell were you thinking?” She glances up at me. “I’m going with you and we’re taking my car.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“And you think I’m letting you go by yourself? Besides, I need to slap that boy in the head. Rules are rules. They’re there for a reason. You know what happens to us if we get caught, right? Those pictures are proof. There’s not supposed to be any proof of anything.”

“Sean isn’t going to report us to the cops. Besides, if he did, he’d get in trouble, too. If you stop lecturing me and can be ready to go in five minutes, I’ll wait for you. If Amber happens on me, I’m running her over.” I shiver. Holy crap she creeped me out.