I dress quickly and pull on the bra and panty set. Another shelf bra. The underwire cuts into my sides because it’s a size too small. My boobs look like popovers in this thing, which isn’t a look I usually go for. It’s not the 60’s, no one likes cone-shaped boobs anymore. I walk out and Black hands me a little charcoal gray dress. “Uh, Miss Black, this doesn’t fit.”

Her eyes flick up from her desk and she looks me over. “It’s fine. This client will enjoy it. Get the dress on and get out of here.”

Gabe is waiting for me downstairs. The ground looks like a sheet of glass. It’s been raining, which makes the city lights sparkle on the ground. I love the city when it rains, especially since I don’t have to try and catch a cab. I duck into the car and lose a boob as I climb in. It falls out of the too-small bra and peeps out the top of my low-cut neckline. Horrified, I tuck it back into the bra as Gabe walks around the car and lets himself in. He doesn’t say anything.

We drive to another hotel, to meet another client. My stomach is twisting ruthlessly as I cross the lobby. It isn’t until I lift my hand to knock on the door that I realize that I never saw this guy’s picture or caught his name. All the bickering between Black and Mel had me distracted. Just as I raise my fist to knock, the door opens and a hotel employee greets me.

“Good evening, Miss. Your husband said he’d be along shortly and asked me to make some preparations to your room. I hope everything is to your liking. There’s a letter on the desk, from Mr. Charles. He asked that you read it immediately and apologized for his delay.” The young man holds the door open for me and I step inside.

For a second my heart is pounding, but when I glance around the room there are roses everywhere. Some of the jitters float away as I stand there. Then it dawns on me to tip the guy. I stuff twenty bucks into his palm and thank him.

When he leaves, it’s clear that I’m alone. “Well, let’s see where Mr. Charles has gone to...” I can’t believe he made a fuss about me being here and then didn’t show up. I still get paid, so whatever.

After finding the letter, I tear it open and read the note. I stare at it for a second longer than I should, not believing what I’m reading. It can’t be…

My phone chirps and I drop the letter. Grabbing my purse, I yank out my phone and look down at the screen. It’s Sean. A smile softly laces across my face.

There’s a text message.

Avery, are you there?

Yes, I type back with a stupid smile on my face. He really booked me again? Maybe he doesn’t want to let me go and just can’t say it yet. I cradle the phone to my chest like it’s Sean and giggle.

Do you understand what I want us to do? He explained it in his letter. Since he can’t be here, Sean wants to be dirty with me from afar.

Heart pounding, I type back, Sexting, right?

Pretty much. I couldn’t be there, but I had to have you.

Miss Black will have a coronary if she finds out about this. Pictures are discouraged and sexting is strictly forbidden. But it’s Sean... I start to ask him if he cleared it with Black, but erase the message. I want to be with him and if he didn’t, I’d rather not know. As it is, I wonder what Gabe will report since he isn’t going to see Sean walk in or out.

I’m not sure what to do, or what to type. How do we even start something like this? I flat out tell him, I haven’t done this before…

A few seconds pass and he writes back, It’s okay. I’ll tell you what to do and you do it. That’s all. It’s not hard, Avery… Stand in front of the mirror and take a picture of yourself. I want to see what you’re wearing.

I walk to the mirror and click the picture. After I hit send, another message appears.

Remove the dress and send another…

My heart flutters. This is weird. There’s no one to talk to, no one to look at, but I do it anyway. This is what he wants. Besides, I’ve never done it before. Maybe it’s not going to be weird the whole time. Slipping the dress off my shoulders, I take another picture showcasing my cl**vage and perky n**ples, but it doesn’t feel sexy. I’m too nervous. I click send and glance around the room.

There’s wine on the dresser. It’s the kind you like. Go have a glass and then lay down on the bed.

Fine by me. I walk across the room in my heels and find the wine. Someone already removed the cork so the only thing I have to do is pour a glass and chug it. The wine warms me as it floods my stomach. That combined with a lack of dinner makes me calm down. I pour another glass and place it on the nightstand before climbing onto the bed.

There’s another message:

Are you ready?


Will you do anything I want, no questions asked?

My stomach twists as giddy excitement rises in my chest. Yes, if that’s what you want…

Good. Tonight is about me seeing you. I’ll tell you what to do and when. I want you to follow my directions exactly and send pictures or video when I tell you.

Will you send any to me?

No. Tonight’s about your ecstasy, Avery. I want to see you writhing with pleasure and know that I was the man who did it to you…that my words were enough to make you come hard and long. The message makes my stomach flip. The spot between my legs is already pulsing softly, expectantly. The whole situation is unreal. I thought Sean left me. I thought we’d never see each other again, and here we are.

I have a little buzz from the wine and intend to keep it that way, so I take another swig, downing half the glass. I’m nervous. I’m a sexting virgin and don’t want to do it wrong, but at the same time, this scares the life out of me. A lazy smile forms on my face as the wine takes effect.

Sean tells me to do things, things that normally make me blush. Before I have time to think about it, my hand is down my panties and between my legs. Using my other hand, I send him a picture like he asked.

A few seconds later, there’s another message, Damn, that’s hot. Rub your cl*t with your thumb and slip your finger into your p**sy for me, baby.

I’m not ready yet… Although I feel my body reacting to his words, I’m not quite there yet. I expect him to say something else when he responds, but he doesn’t redirect my hands.

No hesitating, Avery. Do it. I take a breath, do as he says, and force my finger inside. What does it feel like?


Good. Rub your thumb over your clit, and push in deeper, as hard as you can.

I do as he says and my fingers grow slick. He has me do it three times in a row, snapping a picture of my face and another of my hand disappearing into my panties. I don’t look at the pictures, because I’ll lose my nerve. Instead, I just give him what he wants and try to stop thinking about what I’m actually doing. So far none of the pictures are horribly incriminating, but they get that way pretty fast.

As soon as I’m hot and bothered, Sean has me strip and send him nak*d pictures of me pinching my n**ples and then more with my hand between my legs. For a while the texts tell me to keep massaging myself, so I do. It’s so different, so erotic. I’ve never done anything like this and it just feels so dirty. All the pictures, the filthy texts, and the way he commands me—it makes me incredibly hot. I want him to touch me so badly, but he’s not here. I follow his commands and work my hand, pushing my finger in and out in slow deep motions. Warm coils of lust snake around my hips, making my insides tighten. God, I wish he was here, touching me, doing this to me with his hands and his mouth. Moaning, I close my eyes for a second and sigh.

The phone chirps and I look at the screen. Show me.

A chill runs through me. I know what he means, but that picture crosses a line in my mind. I hesitate, not wanting to take a picture of that part of me—doing that with my fingers. It’s so sexual, so graphic. My heart pounds harder as I think about it.

Another message appears, Avery, I want you to show me. Put the phone between your legs and take the picture. I want to see that your fingers are where I want them. Come on, baby… be the slutty, sensual woman I know you are. Show me your fingers in your p**sy, baby.

I’m gasping for air as my heart pounds faster. I can’t do that… but I want to. For him, I want to. Stop thinking! Sean said that over and over when he was here, but he hasn’t said it tonight. I want to be everything he could possibly want. I feel slutty, and I feel like doing it, but something inside my mind is screaming not to. But I want to… I want to cross that line, I want to show him that I’ll do anything he asks me to. There’s something about having him command me that takes my breath away. I want him to own me, to have me any way he wants. I lower the phone and take the picture, pressing send before I have a chance to chicken out. My fingers continue to massage my slick skin, and it’s getting harder to maintain the slow teasing pace. I feel my body growing hotter and more insistent, as it grabs my finger harder and tighter each time I slip out.

His message puts a smile on my face, Oh fuck, that’s sexy, baby. But that one finger isn’t enough. Add the other three and push in hard. Do it. Show me. I’m so hard for you right now, Avery. I wish I could bend you over and f**k you all night. Show me baby…

My body is so off kilter. I want the release, but one finger isn’t really getting me anywhere and the way he has my thumb just teases me. Slipping in two more fingers inside isn’t hard, but when I try to add the fourth, it’s tight.

Not sure if I can…

Don’t stop, baby. Rock your h*ps into your hand over and over again. Push deeper every time. Do it.

I try to do what he says, and rock my hips, pushing my hand in deeper and deeper. Raw sounds of sexual pleasure are pouring from my throat. I’m so slick and it feels so good. Add to the fact that the whole thing is so wrong and I’m euphoric. There’s something so dirty about this, so carnal that lust is making my body feel things I haven’t felt before. My hair tangles around my face as I writhe on the bed, bucking my h*ps into my hand. All four fingers are inside, stretching me, pushing deeper and making me cry out. My n**ples are hard, and ache, wanting to be touched. I wish Sean was here to suck on them, to taste my br**sts and tease me into oblivion.

The phone chirps. I want to see you lose it. I want to watch you shove your fist into your tight, wet p**sy and see the look on your face when you come. There’s a piece of Velcro in the drawer and another on the ceiling. Switch to video for me baby. My dick is so hard. I’ve been stroking it in my hand, rubbing, imagining you on your knees in front of me. If you could swallow my c*ck right now… Avery, baby, put me out of my misery. Let me watch you come…

His words shoot through my body, igniting a wave a lust. Anything for you…

My legs wobble as I stand on the bed, and attach the phone to the ceiling. I fall onto my back and say to the camera, “I miss you, baby,” and then my mouth starts uttering phrases I’d never say to anyone. I talk about his dick and all the things I’d like to do with it as I pump my hand deeper into my slick core. Carnal sounds come from my throat as the burning coils of lust tighten inside me.

I fight it, I don’t want to come yet, but my hand doesn’t stop. All four fingers push in deeper, harder as my other hand tugs my n**ples. My thumb rubs against my cl*t teasing me, making me completely out of control. My mouth opens as I gasp for air like I can’t breathe. I don’t think about how I look or what he’ll do with this video when it’s over. I don’t think at all. I act like the animal he wants me to be, hot and wet, purring with desire and continue to beg for his dick any way that he’ll give it to me. I beg him to f**k my face and pull my hair until he comes in my mouth. I start to think about that as my fingers thrust into me harder and faster, and I can feel the beautiful ripples begin. Lust pulls me higher, until I can’t stand it another second. I need the release. My control shatters and the pulsing begins, making me drive my hand in harder and faster.