I manage a weak smile. “You weren’t acting like yourself.” It’s a statement, a fact.

His eyes dart to the side, like he’s ashamed. “I didn’t know how to act.”

“I thought you’ve done this before.”

“I have, it’s just. This is different,” he says, pushing his hands through his hair.

“Why? I don’t understand.”

“I know you don’t Avery. Just believe me when I tell you that it’s different. I didn’t know the others. I know you. I like you. It changes everything.” His voice drops to a whisper and he won’t look at me.

I swallow hard, and stand in the water. Water pours off me in sheets as I stand and reach around to unhook my bra. The clasp comes undone and I drop it on the bathroom floor at Sean’s feet. He watches me, his eyes darkening by the moment. He looks at my br**sts like he wants to lick them. I shimmy out of the wet panties and toss them to him. Sean catches them. A smile flicks across his face.

“A sudden case of exhibitionism, Miss Smith?” he can’t seem to pull his gaze up to my face.

I take his hand and pull him to me. His feet are on one side of the tub. I press my nak*d, wet body against him and drag my fingers through his hair. I decide that I have to do this all the way or not at all. I’m holding back and so is he. I hope that removing my barrier will cause his to come down as well.

Looking into his eyes, I say, “Shut up and kiss me.”


Any remaining wall that Sean has up, crumbles and falls. He presses his body tightly against mine before sweeping his lips over mine. The kiss is gentle at first and then becomes more demanding. His tongue sweeps over my lips, demanding that I part them. When I open my mouth, he dips inside. Sean kisses me harder and I love it. My fingers tangle in his hair. The damp shirt clings to his chiseled chest. I press my br**sts harder against him, wishing that I could feel his skin against mine. As if he can read my mind, Sean pulls away and strips his shirt off. When he takes me in his arms again, our bodies are plastered together. My br**sts smash against his hard chest. The ache in my n**ples feels better when I rub against him. I writhe in his arms, sliding my body against his. Sean’s hands trail down my back and cup my butt. He pulls me to him and lifts me out of the water. I wrap my legs around his waist and he carries me to the bed.

Looking into my eyes, he lays me back. “Tell me when to stop. I want you to like this, too.”

I nod. My entire body is hypersensitive and craving his touch. As soon as his chest slips against me, I want his hands in places hands shouldn’t go. My legs fall apart and Sean slips his fingers between them. He strokes me gently as he kisses me, finally slipping his finger inside of me. I push my h*ps into his hand, wanting more.

Sean pulls away, smiling and says, “Easy. Go slow. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I nod and lock eyes with him. I don’t feel scared anymore. I just want him. I want to show him how he makes me feel when he looks at me with those sad eyes. I want to make him smile and I don’t want it to stop. Taking his face between my hands, I pull him back down to my mouth. His hand slips between my thighs again and he presses inside me.

“Slowly,” he says, pushing harder until I feel something pinch. I make a noise. It hurt a little, but I’m so turned on that I barely felt it. Sean stills his hand. “Are you all right?”

I nod and wiggle my h*ps against his hand. “Please,” is the only coherent thought I have. My h*ps rock into his hand over and over again. A steady heat is building inside of me. If I don’t have him inside me soon, I’ll scream. Sean watches my body move as his hand turns me wanton. I manage to open my eyes and beg again, “Please.”

It’s like something inside him snaps. Sean moves and his hand is gone. I gasp, wanting it back. In a second, Sean is nak*d and on top of me. He strokes my hair away from my face and looks into my eyes. I feel his hard length pressing against my stomach. I want him between my legs. My mind is all lust. I tilt my h*ps against him, pressing into his leg.

“Are you sure you want this?” he asks.

I nod and suddenly feel like talking. I clutch at him, trying to pull him to me. “Please, Sean… please,” I say, followed by a swarm of verbalized dirty wishes. I can’t shut up. I know I’d never say anything like the stuff that’s coming out of my mouth. I say dirtier things, things I didn’t think I’d ever want before Sean placates me. His knee pushes my legs apart and he settles on top of me. One hand is on either side of my head, holding him up. I look at his spectacular body and have the impulse to lick it.

Sean says, “You’re beautiful.” I feel his dick between my legs. It rubs against me, making me crazy. I wrap my legs around his h*ps and push into him. He slides inside of me and I gasp. Sean stills as I get used to the feeling. “Are you okay?”

I nod. “Yes.” Looking into his eyes, I put my hands on his ass and begin to rock. I do whatever my body tells me to, and right now it wants him deeper. I rock against him, wiggling my h*ps slowly, allowing the delicious sensations to overtake me completely. I have no idea who I am or what’s happened to me. I forget all the pain that plagues my soul on a daily basis and lose myself in him.

Sean lowers his body on top of mine and begins to push in, then pulls out slowly, and pushes in again. The movement is so charged that I can’t take it. I dig my nails into his back and rock violently against him. Sean pushes into me harder and faster. The feeling inside of my core grows hotter and wetter, finally exploding, sending surges through me. I cry out as I come, my nails clawing his back. Sean keeps rocking into me, drawing out the feeling. Every part of my body is sensitive. I feel everything. There’s a throbbing inside of me. It grabs hold of his hard dick and fills me with happiness. A moment later, I feel him throbbing inside me. Innocently, I ask, “Did you come?”

He nods. “Did I hurt you? I wasn’t going to, not this time, but oh my god—you’re so sexy. I couldn’t help myself.”

I smile at him and push the dark hair away from his eyes. “I liked it.”

“I’m glad.” Sean pulls out of me slowly and I moan. I reach for him with a smile on my face. “Come back.”

He smiles at me and kisses me on the forehead. “I’m not done with you, yet. I’m going to get you Advil and warm up that bath water. Are you up for a little sex in the water?”

“That sounds perfect.” I lay nak*d on the bed when he goes to get me a pain killer. I take it and drink the bottle of water he hands me.

When Sean comes back, he walks toward me completely nak*d. This is the first time I’ve gotten to really look at him. His body is ripped, with perfectly sculpted muscles in his legs, arms, and chest. And his abs, oh my God, they’re so tight, so perfect. The compulsion to lick them shoots through me again. My eyes drift lower, and I don’t conceal my lust. I stare at his erection as he walks toward me, and press my thighs together hard to try and control myself.

“What’s that look?” Sean asks, stopping before me. I’m lying on my back, on the bed with the sheets immodestly draped across my body. My hair is fanned around my face in long dark curls. His eyes slip over me and that warm feeling returns.

I smile lazily. It feels like I’m floating on a cloud. “I feel fluffy, like I could float away.”

“You’re happy, then?”

I nod, still smiling like nothing could pull me down from this high. Before I can say another word, Sean scoops me up in his arms. I don’t expect it, so I yelp and giggle until I’m secure against his chest. His skin is so warm and smooth.

I press the spot along his shoulder, tracing my finger over his muscle as he walks me to the tub. “I want to run my tongue over this spot.”

That makes him smile. Sean glances down at me in his arms. He steps into the marble bathroom and stops. He doesn’t put my down. Looking into my eyes, he asks, “Is there anywhere else that little tongue of yours wants to go.”

A mad blush turns my cheeks red. I don’t know where it came from or why it happened. I bury my face in his shoulder, trying to hide. He laughs, “Apparently, so.”

He steps over the side of the massive tub with me in his arms. I cling to Sean, hoping that he’s more surefooted then me. I would have slipped. Sean plants both feet in the bottom of the tub and lowers me into the water, before sitting down himself. The tub is large enough to be a small pool. If I lay down, I could float and still have room before bumping into the walls. Sean sits opposite me and presses the button for the jets. He takes my hand with the bracelet and lowers it into the water.

“When I first saw you running down the side of the road, chasing your car, I never dreamed I’d end up doing this with you.” His eyes are hungry again, like he can’t get enough of me. “What did you think of me?”

I look at the froth on top of the water and say, “I thought you were hot and that I didn’t have time for things like this. If someone told me that I’d be in bed with you tonight, I would have laughed my head off.”

The thing is, I don’t feel like laughing. I’m a call girl. This isn’t real. This isn’t what I wanted. I did what I had to do and was lucky enough to get him for a client.


When I lift my gaze, it’s like Sean can tell that shame is choking me. It’s the first time since we had sex that I can really think clearly. That happy feeling has dissipated and all that’s left is doubt. My stomach twists and I can’t look at him.

Sean seems to sense it. He moves across the tub and takes me in his arms, kissing my temple after he does it. I lie against him for a moment and feel safe. How f**ked up am I? This man won’t protect me. He bought me. He’s as screwed up as I am. Sean holds me close.

His voice is perfect, rich and caring, “Don’t think about anything, right now.” His hands grip the back of my head and he massages my scalp. It makes my brain slow. The thoughts that are flooding through my mind disappear when he pulls me onto his lap. At first, my legs are off to the side.

Sean holds me, stroking my head and doesn’t let go. His other hand holds my back, tracing the curve as it disappears below the waterline. I stare at the wall, not thinking, just breathing. My head is against his chest listening to the sound of his heart. It comforts me. I don’t think about what I’ve done. I pretend this is a date. I pretend that the affection between us is two-directional, that I’m not the only one who feels something. It’s easier that way. I know that when I go back to the dorm, guilt is going to crash into me hard. I try to steel myself, but some things are impossible. There’s no way to brace my heart for something like this, something that feels real but is no more substantial than vapor.

My throat tightens as I think. My body must tense, because Sean whispers in my ear, “Miss Smith, I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but you are a very beautiful woman and I’m lucky to have you as my lover.”

I can’t help it. I smile against his chest. I decide to stop thinking. I’ll follow my instincts. I finally cave into my obsession with his shoulders. I trace my finger along that spot, that perfect spot that I want to nibble. I press a kiss to his chest, over his heart. Sean stiffens, but I don’t notice. I don’t see the look in his eye, the way the pain shoots beneath the surface.