“Ari?” he asked again.

I didn’t answer.

He let out a low laugh and moved on top of me, looking into my eyes. “Ari…”


“Are you still wet?”


Smirking, he slid a hand between my thighs, getting the true answer to his question. “Would you like me to help you with this?”

I shook my head and he leaned down, sucking one of my nipples into his mouth. “Why not?”

I couldn’t answer. He was circling his thumb around my clit and sucking my nipple even harder.

“Should I take your silence as a yes?” He slipped a finger inside of me and I barely managed a nod.

His eyes met mine and he smiled, not asking anything else.

He took a pillow from his side of the bed and positioned it underneath my lower thigh. Pressing his lips against my forehead first, he slowly kissed his way down my body—teasingly darting his tongue against every inch of my skin.

When he made it to my stomach, he spread my legs apart and blew warmer kisses against me. Then he suddenly pulled me forward and buried his face into my pussy.

My hands immediately grabbed his head, trying to push him away, to fight it, but he paid me no attention. He sucked my clit into his mouth—flicking his tongue against it repeatedly.

In utter bliss, I writhed against his mouth, and he held me still—not letting me get away.

“Carter…” I murmured. “Carter…”

He didn’t answer. He released my swollen clit from his lips and slipped two fingers in and out of me—pushing them deeper each time I said his name.

“Come on my face, Ari…” he whispered and I leaned back against the pillows—shutting my eyes and letting another orgasm rip through my body.

I kept my eyes shut until I could feel my legs again.

When I finally did open them, I saw Carter looking at me with an “Are you okay?” expression on his face.

I nodded and a slight smile crossed his face. He got another washcloth and wiped between my legs. Then he stared at me for several minutes, not saying anything for a while.

“I’ll be right back,” he finally spoke, disappearing into my bathroom.

I heard the water turn on, heard him brushing his teeth, and I rolled over before he came back.

Fully sated, I smiled—still in utter disbelief about

1) How good that fucking felt and

2) That I’d just slept with my best friend.

“Goodnight, Ari,” Carter whispered into my ear, rolling me over to face him.

Or, so I thought.

He rolled me on top of him and then to the other side of the bed. “You hate sleeping on the right side, remember?” he whispered, and then, with one arm wrapped around my waist, he told me to go to sleep.

It was much easier that time…

Track 11. I Knew You Were Trouble (1:55)


Tenth Grade

Subject: Basketball tryouts.

I think I’m going to try out for the practice squad next week. If I get selected, they say I won’t be eligible to play varsity until my junior year. You think I’ll make the cut?



Subject: Re: Basketball tryouts.

Yeah. From what I recall, you’re pretty good, although I think your ego is already big enough. Do you really need any more attention from the girls at our school? … You may also have to explain those two tattoos you have on your arm when you get your uniform. (Still can’t believe your mom took you, a minor, to get them…)

Wait a minute…Isn’t the reading of your dad’s will today? (It’s rude to email during stuff like that…)

Hoping you’re okay,


Subject: Re: Re: Basketball tryouts.

I already told the coach I have tattoos. He said that if I’m any good, most people won’t care, and that I wouldn’t be the first high school basketball player to have tattoos. (I still can’t believe that she acknowledges she’s a “mom.”)

My dad’s will reading is over. (It’s rude to leave your only son and cheat on your wife…)

I’m more than okay.



Subject: Re: Re: Re: Basketball tryouts.

Where are you?

Still hoping you’re okay,


Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Basketball Tryouts

In my room.

I told you I was okay already. (Trust me.)



I put my phone on silent and leaned back on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. Today had been one of the worst days of my life, so I was lining up things to make tomorrow better: I was going to have sex after school with my girlfriend if she wasn’t still upset with me for not telling her why I hadn’t been to school for the past three days. (I refused to talk about my family with anyone.) I was also going to go back to my favorite sketchy tattoo parlor and get another tattoo on the inside of my arm—some type of tree so I could add onto it for years to come. Then, I’d probably need to spend some time with Arizona at the end of the day. Being around her always made things better for some reason.

I grabbed my white earbuds from the nightstand and placed them into my ears, shutting my eyes and drifting to sleep.

Or, so I thought.

Just as my favorite album began to play, one of the earbuds was ripped from my ear, and a blur of pink and purple crawled over me and took over the left side of my bed.


“What the hell are you doing?” I narrowed my eyes at her. “Did my mom let you in?”