Author: C.J. Roberts

“I’ve earned it,” I sighed into the bed. One of his large hands palmed my ass cheek and I found myself lifting my hips. I never wanted to leave Caleb’s bed again. I could be content to live out my life being touched, kissed, and made love to by him.

He swatted my behind playfully, “Careful, Kitten, if you put your ass in my face again, you’re going to learn what a pervert I really am.”

I stilled for a moment, not sure I wanted to play this game, but then I felt Caleb’s teeth nibbling at the curve of my bottom and thought fled. Slowly, he sucked my flesh into his mouth and bit me gently. It was the perfect blend of pleasure and pain. His tongue laved each spot before he moved on to the next. Small gasps escaped my mouth with each bite.

“Like that, Pet?” he whispered. He blew gently across my damp skin and I moaned.

“Yes, Caleb,” I sighed. He had called me by my name earlier and while it melted my heart to know Caleb saw me as a person and not a thing, I was just as happy to be his Kitten. For better or worse, Caleb had instilled his tastes in me.

I liked knowing the only thing I had to do to make Caleb happy was exactly as I was told. There was no wrong way to touch him. He took charge and knew what to do. In all the humiliations he had put me through, the one thing he had never done was make me feel bad about my body or my inexperience.

Caleb shifted, and his hands positioned me to suit him. His cock rested against my left leg, while my right was moved up on the bed. I blushed, knowing how exposed I was from behind, but I didn’t stop him from exploring. If Caleb wanted something, he was sure to get it one way or another. I chose the path of least resistance and greatest pleasure.

I gasped when his finger stroked the seam of my pussy. I was sore inside, but his soft, skillful touches on my clit were magic. They always had been. As his finger circled my clit, my hips found their own rhythm, sometimes chasing Caleb’s touch, others trying to pull away from the intensity. I didn’t want the frenzy of orgasm, content to languish in the lazy pleasure Caleb cultivated so easily. Caleb resumed his love bites and I could do little more than writhe and moan.

“Tell me again whom you belong to,” he whispered.

I moaned, loudly and unabashed. “To you, Caleb. I belong to you,” I sighed.

“Mmm,” he groaned and bit me again. I gasped, but didn’t pull away from his mouth. “I wish you weren’t sore. I’m dying to get inside you again.”

My stomach flipped, and I sounded breathless when I replied, “I want you, too.” Instinctively, I raised my hips toward his face. Caleb’s arm wrapped around my right hip, holding me in place as his tongue delved into the last place I was ever expecting.

“Caleb!” I screamed and tried to get away from his mouth. I moved like a cat trying to escape water, but Caleb had me where he wanted. The feeling of his tongue sweeping across the bud of my sphincter was an alien and shocking sensation.

“Stop moving,” he commanded.

I opened my mouth to protest when his tongue pushed at the entrance to my hole and sound escaped me entirely. I froze out of pure instinct, letting Caleb fuck this secret part of me with his mouth. My muscles ached under the strain of staying so still. After a while though, I relaxed into Caleb’s touch.

He rewarded me by loosening his hold on my hip and returning his fingers to my neglected pussy. At the first touch of his fingers rubbing my clit, I came. It was too much to resist when Caleb’s domination of me was so thorough. Just the thought of him having me pinned face down with his tongue in my ass, and his fingers stroking my clit, was enough to push me over the edge a second time. I dropped like a rag doll onto the bed.

Caleb rolled me onto my back with a sense of urgency, and scurried to the top of the bed. He lifted my head onto his knee. I opened my mouth to his cock and swallowed everything he had deigned to give me. Caleb had taken my virginity gently, but this was the version of him I knew I could expect moving forward. I licked and sucked his glorious cock until he told me to stop and he gathered me into his arms. It was the first night, in close to four months, I felt safe, sated, and loved. I slept like the dead.

Rafiq had been delayed by some unforeseen event and Caleb wouldn’t tell me what it might be. For two days, and two nights, it had been glorious. We had two entire days of being ourselves, of being free of obligations and thoughts of revenge. Two days of making love every night in Caleb’s bed.

Caleb was still a kinky bastard and I was glad to know his taste for imaginative torments had not abated. The specter of my virginity long gone, Caleb felt free to indulge. He liked to make me beg. Over his knee, with my ass in the air, he’d slide his fingers into me and make me beg to come. I would have done it gladly, but the catch involved letting him spank me until I came. In the end, I could never resist and the begging became as real as my orgasms – and the sting of his palm. Afterward, he’d fling me onto the bed and fuck me into another orgasm before he came. We split most of our time between the bed and the shower.

The third morning, Celia came into the room to open the curtains, a suspicious but playful smirk alight in her features. I hadn’t spoken to her since the night of Felipe’s party and when I tried, both she and Caleb seemed opposed to the idea.

“She belongs to Felipe and for all we know she’s here to spy on us. She isn’t your friend and neither of us can afford to trust her,” Caleb ranted after Celia left.

“She doesn’t even want to talk to me. If she was a spy, wouldn’t she be trying to – I don’t know – pump me for information?” I said.

“Don’t be so naïve, Kitten. Your face alone gives away everything between us. You can’t hide a thing because your emotions are written all over your face for anyone interested to read,” he said angrily.

I couldn’t help but smile, I was happy. I didn’t want to have to hide it. I knew the situation remained dangerous. “What do you expect me to do, Caleb, just ignore her? She’s seen me spread-eagled!”

“I expect obedience, I expect loyalty.”

Caleb was apparently less inclined to smile and I knew it had to do with Rafiq. Caleb continued to struggle with what he called a betrayal. I understood now why the situation was so difficult for him, but my need to survive, my need for both of us to escape, was far more important to me than Caleb’s need to make things right between him and Rafiq.

“I’m loyal, Caleb. I can’t make any promises as to the rest. You’ve said it yourself, Rafiq is dangerous. He’ll kill anyone standing in his way – that’s us. It’s us, or him, at this point, Caleb. It’s you who needs to decide where your loyalties lie.”

Caleb glared at me for several seconds before his expression softened. He sighed heavily and nodded, “I have to get you out of here, Kitten. I promised to keep you safe and I will, but, I’ve already told you…I can’t betray Rafiq any more than I already have. I have to talk to him, convince him there’s another way. Then I can come for you.”

I scrambled toward him and wrapped my arms around his neck, “I can’t leave without you, Caleb. What if you never come back? I’ll be out there on my own and anything could happen. What if…what if he kills you? How will I live with myself?” Tears ran down my face as I struggled to find the words to convince him to leave with me and forget about his debt to Rafiq.

“I’m capable of taking care of myself, Kitten. No matter what, I can’t leave this unfinished. If we run, he’ll never stop looking for us. What then? I have no plans to live my life in hiding. I have to finish things one way or the other,” Caleb said. He stroked my hair and tried to be reassuring, but his words left me cold and numb.

“I won’t go,” I whispered.

“Felipe is having another party tomorrow. There will be lots of people and I’m hoping, plenty of distractions. You’re leaving, Pet. It’s the only way I can keep you safe.” Caleb hugged me so tightly I didn’t have breath to cry.

One more night – it was all we could have. I was determined to make the most of it. I pulled back from Caleb. I wanted to see his face. I wanted to memorize every curve, every eyelash. I looked into his Caribbean-blue eyes and the things I saw, stirred my soul, but broke my heart.

“Tell me you love me, Caleb,” I whispered.

He kissed me, refusing. “I wish I could, Kitten.”


I heard pounding, loud and frantic pounding. My eyes flashed open and the dark surrounding me only helped to exacerbate my panic. Caleb was already out of bed.

“Get down on the ground and don’t move,” he said in an urgent whisper. He went to the closet and flung it open.

I reached for the bedside lamp and turned it on. “What’s happening?” I asked. I threw the covers back and scrambled to the ground. Caleb threw something at me and it collided with my chest. He’d given me clothes.

“Put those on, now!” Caleb said. He was climbing into a pair of pants, buttoning them urgently. He fumbled with a box before he got it open. He removed his gun and cocked it.

Adrenaline pounded in my veins. Something bad was about to happen.

“Abra la puerta!” Celia shouted from the other side of the door. She was in a panic of her own and I didn’t know what to make of it.

Caleb rushed toward me and slid onto the floor, I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close. His hands dug into my wrists as he pulled me away. Something cold and hard made its way into my hand. I looked down and saw Caleb’s gun.

“Get dressed, stay here. I’ll knock two times before I come in. If anyone else comes into this room, you fucking shoot to kill. Do you understand?” he said.

My panic made me deaf and blind. I didn’t understand. I had no idea what Caleb was trying to tell me. He stood and tried to walk away. I grabbed on to his leg, “Caleb! Don’t go, don’t leave.”

“Do what I tell you!” he shouted and pulled free with so much force I was afraid my arm had come out of its socket again. Caleb was at the door before I could catch him again. He held a big knife at his side and stood to one side of the door. He unlocked it slowly.

Celia burst into the room, but she didn’t have a chance to say anything before Caleb grabbed her around the neck with his arm and put the knife to her throat. She struggled, but Caleb subdued her quickly and held her still.

“What’s going on?” he snarled.

“I came to warn you,” she said, “Rafiq and his men are here. They’re downstairs with Felipe. They want to see you.” Celia’s hands held tightly to Caleb’s forearm around her throat. “Por favor,” she sobbed.

“Caleb, let her go,” I sobbed. “She came to warn us.”

Caleb squeezed Celia’s throat until even her sobs couldn’t escape, “We don’t know, Kitten. She could be here to separate us.”

“You’re going to kill her!” I urged. I didn’t believe Celia would sell me out, but I had no reason to believe she wouldn’t. I raised the gun in my hands, “Let her go, Caleb. I’ll keep her here.”

Caleb stared at me. His eyes weren’t his own and reminded me more of an animal than a man.

“Please, Caleb. Let her go,” I begged.

Slowly, Caleb’s arm around Celia’s throat loosened and she collapsed on the floor, sobbing as she held her throat. I looked up at Caleb and saw the horror in his eyes as he looked down at Celia.

“What’s the plan, Caleb?” I said to refocus his attention. As much as I liked Celia, I liked living even more.

Caleb nodded as he fisted a handful of hair at his nape, “I need to go meet them.”

“You can’t! What if they’re just waiting to kill you?!”

“If everything is as Celia says, then there’s no reason I shouldn’t go downstairs?” Caleb went down on one knee and held the knife to Celia’s throat.