Author: C.J. Roberts

“Yes, Caleb! For fucksake, yes!” Livvie cried and pulled Caleb back down into their kiss.

Caleb chuckled softly into her mouth, but quickly regained his bearings. He wanted this to be perfect. For the both of them. Despite how his own body protested, he pulled himself up and off the bed. He held out his hand for Livvie before he spoke, “I want to take a shower. I’ve waited a long time for this and I just want it to be us. I only want to smell, you.”

Livvie blushed, but didn’t say anything. She took Caleb’s hand and followed close behind him as they entered the bathroom to wash all traces of the other man away.

Beneath the flood of warm water, he kissed Livvie. Only hours before, he’d told her he would never kiss her again. What an idiot he’d been! Pressed against her, his bare skin against hers, he regretted every horrible thing he had done to Livvie. He decided he would do anything to make it up to her. He would beg her forgiveness. He would bare his soul. He would bleed and die if he had to, but he would never hurt Livvie again.

“I love you,” she said between kisses.

“Shh,” Caleb whispered against her mouth. He knew she wanted him to say the words. He wanted to say them as well, but he didn’t want to lie. Caleb was a monster. Monsters didn’t love. He cared. He hungered. He lusted. He felt more than he ever dreamed possible, and yet…he couldn’t be sure it was love. He wouldn’t lie.

Caleb went to his knees, kissing a trail across Livvie’s body as he went. He sucked water from her nipples, drawing her taut flesh into his mouth in long, greedy pulls. He licked under her breasts and down her ribs. He worshipped her hips and belly. Finally, he parted her legs to find the source of her womanhood.

He could smell her arousal, see the redness of her swollen clit as it peeked out from under her hood. Pushing her legs farther apart, he stared at the open petals of her inner lips. Soon, his cock would be sliding past them and into the heat of her. She would be his – irrevocably. Caleb leaned forward and kissed her lips as he would her mouth.

She moaned and her hands moved toward Caleb’s head, pushing him closer. It was exactly where Caleb wanted to be – closer. He teased her lips gently with the tip of this tongue, letting them part slowly as her arousal and his mouth made Livvie wetter. As she rocked on his face, he pushed deeper, tasting her inside.

“Oh, Caleb,” she sighed. “Oh, god. You feel so good.”

Caleb’s hands weren’t idle. They traveled up and down her legs, sometimes spreading her thighs, other times scratching up the backs of her legs, forcing her up on her toes. He let them keep traveling as he licked, sucked, and even fucked Livvie with his tongue.

“I’m gonna come,” Livvie panted. Caleb grabbed her ass with both hands, holding her in place as he moaned into her pussy and she came on his tongue.

“Caleb!” she shouted and fisted his hair. She couldn’t move her hips, so she pulled him close.

Once Livvie had finished shivering, she let go of Caleb’s hair. It had hurt, but he was okay with pain, especially under the circumstances. He stood slowly, letting his knees work out the pain from having been on the shower floor for so long and turned off the water.

Livvie reached out and grasped his cock, startling him. He was hard and her touch made him eager. As quickly as was safely possible, he led the way out of the shower and back into the bedroom. To hell with towels.

“I want you,” Caleb said. He slid against Livvie in a preview of what was to come.

“I want you, too,” Livvie said and spread her legs. She shivered, her hair and body soaking wet.

Caleb reached down to Livvie’s pussy and rubbed her with his fingers, loving the sounds she made and the way she undulated against him. Assured of her desire, Caleb slid his index finger into Livvie’s tight, wet hole.

“Oh!” Livvie sighed. She rocked back and forth.

Caleb’s head swam with desire. She was so tight inside. Her muscles sucked on his finger, drawing it deeper inside. There was no way he’d fit inside her if he didn’t prepare her well enough. He dipped his head down to her nipple and trapped the little bud between his lips. When her hips rocked up, he slipped another finger inside.

“Ow!” she said, followed by a moan, as Caleb laved her nipple.

Caleb waited for her to relax and for her legs to drop open again before he slowly began moving his fingers back and forth. Her muscles loosened in degrees, stretching around his fingers, lubricating them with her desire.

“This is going to hurt a little. You know that, right?” Caleb said. He stared down into Livvie’s chocolate-colored eyes and saw her trust. He didn’t want to betray it again.

“I know. It’s okay,” she said and pulled him down toward her mouth. The kiss she placed on Caleb’s lips was sweet and full of warmth.

Caleb felt the barricade of her virginity with his fingers. “Put your hands over your head,” he said. Livvie complied instantly and Caleb used his left hand to pin her wrists. He pushed deeper with his fingers, slowly turning them width-wise.

“Caleb!” Livvie tried to push away from his fingers, her face a twisted mask of pain.

“I know, Livvie. I know it hurts, but it’ll be over soon, I promise,” Caleb kissed her lips gently, not offended she wasn’t kissing him back because she was too wrapped up in her pain.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Relax, Livvie,” he encouraged. His thumb made circles around her clit as he continued to push against the wall of her virginity. Finally, he felt it give way. It seemed to dissolve as if it had never been.

“Ow,” Livvie whimpered and rubbed her head against Caleb’s outstretched arm.

“Shh, it’s done. I think that was the worst part,” he whispered and kissed her trembling lips. He let her wrists go and he sighed when she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing his neck.

Caleb cautiously slid his fingers out. Livvie whined and stopped kissing him. They both looked at his fingers and noticed her light pink blood on them. Caleb couldn’t hear past the sound of his heart beating in his ears.


He spared a glance toward Livvie and saw she was embarrassed. Meeting her eyes, Caleb placed his fingers near his mouth and licked her virgin blood off of them. Livvie’s face went from embarrassment to horror.

Caleb didn’t care. “There. Now you’re part of me, forever. You’re mine, Livvie. I hope you understand.”

Livvie swallowed audibly, her eyes flicking from Caleb’s to his fingers and back. “I’m yours,” she said, but then added, “only yours. And you’re mine, only mine.”

Caleb could only smile. He couldn’t have said it better himself.


She ran her hand down his face, “Yes.”

Caleb reached down and grabbed his dick. If he’d ever been this hard, he didn’t remember it. He was glad this was Livvie’s first time, because he wasn’t going to last very long and perhaps it would keep her from getting too sore. He rubbed the head of his cock through her wetness, deliberately sliding it over her clit every once in a while.

“Caleb, stop it. Just do it already,” she moaned. She was trying to get onto his cock herself, but Caleb kept moving his hips back.

He laughed. “Greedy little pussy, you have.”

“Mmm,” she moaned, “All the better to make you come.”

Caleb almost lost it. He’d never imagined Livvie to have such a dirty mouth. He liked it. “Well, we’ll see, won’t we?” He pushed into her pussy. He didn’t thrust himself inside, but he wasn’t too slow. He wanted her to get to the part where the pain was a memory and she could appreciate the pleasure he wanted to give her.

“Oh, god!” she shouted. Her legs wrapped around him in an attempt to hold him still, but Caleb simply lifted her weight and rocked. With her arms and legs wrapped around him, she hung like a pendulum and her momentum forced Caleb deeper.

“Please,” Caleb whispered in Arabic, “I want to be all the way inside you.”

“What?” Livvie said through gritted teeth.

“I said your pussy is amazing!” And damn it, it was! Caleb sat back on his heels and wrapped his arms around Livvie. He pushed in the last few inches, grunting loudly when he felt Livvie’s ass on his balls.

He waited. Livvie held him tightly, leaving kisses on his face, mouth, and neck. She sighed when her muscles finally relaxed and Caleb settled into her.

“I love you,” she repeated. “I love you, so fucking much.”

Buried inside of Livvie, Caleb experienced nirvana. If ever there were a time to repeat Livvie’s words, he knew it should be now. He couldn’t. He hoped in time, he could. All he could do was caress her, kiss her, and slide in and out of her in the hopes she could feel everything he wanted to express.

“You’re mine,” he said.

“Yours,” she repeated.

Livvie was too tight, too wet, and too fucking incredible inside for Caleb to hold back. He held Livvie in his arms and rocked his hips under, sealing himself against her wet flesh and he started to fuck. Up and down he bounced Livvie on his dick. He wanted to yell out every time he went balls deep, but he settled for whispering filth to her in a language she didn’t understand.

“Oh. Oh. Oh, god,” was all Livvie seemed capable of getting out.

Caleb felt heat at the base of his spine and he knew it would be spreading. He was going to come any second and as much as he wanted to, he knew he couldn’t come inside Livvie. He laid her down on the bed, fighting her arms as she clutched at his shoulders and back.

“Arms over your head, right now,” he ordered.

“Yes, Caleb,” Livvie moaned.

Livvie’s enthusiastic obedience was enough to push Caleb over the edge. He sucked Livvie’s nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, forcing her to cry out and he pulled his cock out of her and came against her thigh.

Once he was done panting, Caleb held Livvie’s trembling body in his arms. He’d never felt happiness like he felt it then, but Livvie was crying. “Are you hurt?” Caleb whispered. He was mortified to think he’d taken more pleasure than he gave.

Livvie reached up, touched his face and smiled. “I’m okay,” she said sheepishly.

Caleb wiped at her tears. “Then why are you crying?”

“I don’t know,” Livvie said. Her shaking hands stroked Caleb’s hair away from his forehead. He closed his eyes, enjoying the proprietary way she touched him. “I think I’m just happy,” she whispered.

Caleb let out a short laugh, “Strange response to happiness, but okay.” He leaned down and licked at one of the salty tears trailing toward Livvie’s ear. He smiled when he felt her try to wriggle out from under him.

“What are you doing?” She said and laughed.

“I was curious,” he whispered.

“About what?”

Caleb looked down at Livvie in wonder. He had done so many terrible things to her, things he could never take back. And still, she loved him. Of all the tears he’d made her shed, these were his favorite. “If happy tears taste the same as the sad ones,” he said.

A rush of tears rolled down her face, but her smile widened. “And?” she croaked.

“I think they’re sweeter,” Caleb whispered. He kissed her lips and discovered what real sweetness was, “but it could just be your face.”

Caleb knew he could never undo what he’d just done and he was glad.

Chapter Twenty

Once upon a time, Caleb held me captive in the dark, now he used it to seduce me. His fingertips traced patterns on my skin, while his lips found their way down my spine, leaving goose bumps in their wake. I sighed and arched beneath him, begging him.

“You’re spoiled,” he whispered at the base of my spine.