“I know that too, querida. And I’m also aware I have you to thank for getting him this far.”

After clicking off the light, Edgard climbed in beside Trevor. He closed his eyes at the familiar feel of Trevor’s warm body and the unfamiliar feel of Chassie’s hand enclosed in his.

“Good night, Edgard.”

He choked out, “’Night,” over the lump in his throat and wondered if they’d notice the tear stains on his pillowcase come morning.

A raging hard-on and Trevor’s lips brushing his nipples woke Edgard from a deep sleep. He cracked his eyes open, expecting it to be another damn dream.

Nope. Trevor looked down at him and said huskily, “Want you. Want you bad.”

Edgard’s gaze landed on Chassie curled up on Trevor’s other side. “Is she…?”

“Sleepin’? Yep.”

“Would she be okay with this?”

“Let’s ask.” Trevor ran his hand down the outside line of her naked body. “Chass?

Baby, you awake?”


“Do you mind if Edgard and I screw around a little bit this mornin’?”

She mumbled, “No. Just don’t bounce me off the bed.”

Trevor rolled on top of Edgard so they touched from head to toe and everywhere in between.

The everywhere in between caused the contraction in Edgard’s groin. He traced the bend in Trevor’s waist and canted his hips, his hands clutching Trevor’s ass as Trevor began to move slowly.

“Just like this,” Trevor growled, rubbing their cocks together in a sweet glide. “Like the first time. You made me do all the work.”

Edgard pressed his mouth against Trevor’s throat, licking at the throbbing pulse. “I needed to be sure you wanted me so you couldn’t claim afterward it was something I did to you.”

Trevor’s response was a soft snarl and he tipped his head to reach Edgard’s mouth.

The hungry kiss belied the slow, methodical slide and grind of Trevor’s cock against his. Edgard let the reality wash over him. He was really here with Trevor, skin-to-skin, making love in the predawn hours.

With Trevor’s wife asleep in bed next to them.

Before his sleep-addled brain wrapped around that bizarre statement, the rubbing strokes became faster. Shaft-to-shaft, the friction of cockhead over cockhead, the intense kisses, the welcome weight of Trevor gyrating on top of him and Edgard groaned, shuddering at the punch of need he always felt for Trevor. Of rightness whenever they touched. As close as he was to orgasm, he didn’t want this encounter to end.

Trevor trilled his lips over Edgard’s jaw to his ear. “Come for me. Come on me.

Show me you like what I’m doin’ to you.”

“I like everything you do to me. I always have. Since that first time.”

“Then look at me. See what you do to me.”

Edgard watched Trevor’s eyes go opaque and his mouth slacken as he climaxed, leaving a blast of wet heat on Edgard’s stomach.

Trevor kept rocking through the slickness, through his own orgasm, and buried his face in his favorite spot on Edgard’s neck with a soft sigh.

Only then did Edgard let go, every heated pulse poignant as he wondered how he’d ever walk away from this man again.

Three nights later, nestled between two hard male bodies, Chassie groaned. “I swear to God I oughta be hearin’ circus music we’ve done it so many different ways.”

Both Trevor and Edgard laughed.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.” She turned and kissed each man on the shoulder. “This has been hot and sexy and fun as hell. I never imagined the many, many, many positions we’ve tried even existed.”

“But?” Edgard prompted.

Chassie propped her chin on Trevor’s damp chest, making room for Edgard to scoot in and tangle his legs with theirs. “But can we crash now? I’m tired. We have to run errands in town tomorrow and I’d rather not be walkin’ funny and covered in love bites.”

“Mmm. I believe Ed and I are both sportin’ your love bites, darlin’.” Trevor dragged his finger between Edgard’s hipbones, stopping at the big red mark she’d gifted Edgard with during a particularly frantic moment last night. “In fact, I think we both owe you a coupla love bites to even things up.”

She muttered, “I had to go and open my big mouth.”

Edgard leaned over and bit her earlobe. “What a great idea.”

“You’re insatiable. Both of you.”

“Darlin’, you don’t know the half of it. Now why don’t you lay back and close your eyes? This won’t hurt.”

“Much,” Edgard said and each sank their mouths into a different part of her body.

She screamed, but it wasn’t in pain.

Chapter Twenty-two

“Medium rare, basted, wheat toast, extra hash browns.” Trevor closed the menu, handing it to the waitress with a smile.

Edgard said, “Give me the same.”

Chassie had already ordered and was scrutinizing the newspaper.

“She’s new,” Trevor said after the waitress disappeared. “Wonder where she’s from?”

“With that accent I’d guess some place in the Ukraine.”

“She’s unusually pretty with them icy white-blue eyes and dark skin. Think she’s a natural blonde?” Trevor asked.

“You’re a pervert,” Chassie said without looking up.

“Just tryin’ to get your attention, darlin’.”

“You both gave me plenty of attention last night.” Chassie harrumphed and flipped the page.

Trevor grinned, knew it looked cocky and didn’t care.

“This is a cool place,” Edgard commented as he checked out the restaurant.

Dewey’s Delish Dish definitely embodied the diner atmosphere. Vinyl covered stools surrounded the curved counter, booths lined the walls, and an old-fashioned glass pie case packed with sweets rotated by the cash register. The colors weren’t traditional black, red and chrome; instead Macie McKay redecorated in shades of brown, green with a splash of bronze. It was a classy joint while retaining the hometown feel. Trevor figured business must be booming if it was half-full at ten in the morning on a weekday.

“Tired?” Edgard asked.

“Not bad. You?”

“Nope. I’m rarin’ to go.” Ed reached for another packet of sugar on Trevor’s side of the table, his voice dropped. “You sore?”

Their eyes met. Trevor smirked at the sexy Brazilian. “Nope. I’m rarin’ to go.”

“Sex maniacs. Neither of you asked me if I’m tired. Or if I’m sore,” Chassie grumbled with good humor.

Edgard leaned into her direct line of vision. “Chassie, sweetheart, are you tired?”

Trevor followed suit and scooted closer. “Chassie, baby, are you sore?”

Her mouth twitched. “If I admit I am who’s gonna kiss it and make it all better?”

“Me,” they said simultaneously.

“Maybe I should draw straws to see who goes first.”

“Maybe you should let us take turns,” Edgard offered.

“Or maybe you should take both of us on at once and see if this go around we can both make you sore and tired?”

“Very tired.”


“Sore in all the right spots.”

“Hell, she won’t be able to get out of bed for days,” Trevor said.

Chassie’s gaze went from Edgard’s face to Trevor’s. “You guys bet on how fast you can heat me up? Knowin’ I’ll shovel in my breakfast in record time because I’m dyin’ for you to create a Chassie sandwich when we get home?”

Trevor’s cock went from interested to fully erect in about ten seconds. “Screw eatin’, I’d rather screw you.”

“Screw that, I’m starved.” She sipped her coffee. “Besides, anticipation is good for you—Mr. Harder-Faster-Now. Don’t you agree, Ed?”

His shoulder hitch was noncommittal.

“Maybe Ed and I oughta give you a front row seat on exactly how sore Ed can make me.”

“Dammit, Chass, knock it off.”

“You guys started it.” She aimed a challenging smile at Edgard and dropped her voice so they strained to hear her. “Don’t think you’re off the hook. So, Mr. Dirty Talk, which way you wanna take me first? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that an ass man such as yourself—”

Edgard hissed, “Stop.”

“You wanna pound into my ass while suckin’ his cock?”

“Don’t taunt him ’cause he will make you pay for it,” Trevor warned.

Chassie ignored him. “Or do you want me suckin’ your cock as Trev’s givin’ you the high hard one? Can’t you feel it? Can’t you see shootin’ your load on my chest as Trevor’s pumping his into you?”

Just like that, Chassie pushed Edgard over the edge.

“Big talk. You just earned yourself double trouble. Be prepared to face the consequences, querida.”

“Good. Bring it. Serves you both right. Thinkin’ you can tease me any time you want and I can’t turn the tables even once? Besides, we’ve planned too much running around today to be screwin’ around so we’ll save my ‘consequences’ for after supper.”

Edgard’s response was silk encased in steel. “Wrong. You no longer get to make those decisions.”

“Like I ever did.”

A deep voice said, “Chassie?”

Three sets of eyes zoomed to the edge of the booth. A man dressed in a black Carhartt coat held a baby girl wearing a bright pink cap and a tiny purple coat trimmed with pink fur.

“Kade!” Chassie hopped up and hugged him, then cooed, “And Princess Eliza.

Lookit you, girlie, you’re gettin’ so big.” Chassie pointed to the open booth space beside Edgard. “Can you join us?”