“Ed? You suited up?” Trevor asked without breaking eye contact with Chassie.


Trevor scooped her up and placed her legs around his waist. “For this first time we’ll go in separately. Next time, I wanna see your face as we ram into you together.”

She didn’t doubt there’d be a next time and she couldn’t wait to experience every bit of pleasure these two men could offer her. She lowered onto Trevor’s cock and tipped her head back with a heartfelt moan. “Damn. That’s always so good.”

Trevor pulled her butt cheeks apart so Edgard could line his cock up. “Rock your hips back a little, baby. Good. Like that.” Just the cockhead popped in through the tight ring of muscles and she tensed.

“Relax, naughty girl. Ain’t no shame in admitting you like taking it up the ass.”

Edgard sank his teeth into her nape and pushed past her resistance until he was completely in.

Chassie gasped at the full, hot sensation. She squeezed her muscles and both men groaned.

“Baby, is it okay for us to move?”

She nodded, even when she wanted the time to wallow in every pulse and throb of their cocks filling her. She needed hours to writhe between the two sweaty, hard male chests.

Trevor pulled out. When he thrust back in to the halfway point, Edgard withdrew.

Slowly. And Chassie knew they could feel the head of each other’s cocks between the thin walls of tissue as they thrust into her body oh-so-slowly.

She wrapped one arm around Trevor’s neck as the pace quickened. He kissed her, swallowing her surprised humming moans. When Trevor’s lips slid to the side of her throat and Edgard’s mouth was there too, they closed the gap so their mouths could connect. The kiss was pacifying, not what she’d expected. A primal, powerful feeling overtook her at seeing these two strong, controlled men, together with such abandon.

Fucking her with abandon.

“Like that. Don’t stop.”

A teasing side-to-side grind had Trevor’s pubic hair rasping over her distended clit.

Chassie couldn’t hold off. The small orgasm expanded into a breath-stealing, blood-throbbing climax when Edgard yanked her hair, fully exposing the sweet spot of her throat for Trevor to suck on as Edgard nipped at the curve where her shoulder met her neck. They plunged in tandem. Hard. Deep. Perfectly timed.

Her world boiled down to gripping hands and hungry mouths and the push/pull of all that male hardness stretching her as every inch between her hips and her thighs pulsed.

The rapid clenching of her interior muscles brought impatient masculine growls and pistoning hips. No words were spoken as they came simultaneously. Trevor’s seed bathed her insides. Edgard’s movements stilled; his cock twitched against the snug channel of her ass. She wished he wasn’t wearing a condom so she feel that same molten heat coating the walls of her anal passage.

Edgard’s sweaty forehead landed on her nape and Trevor buried his nose in her neck.

Their labored breathing drifted across her skin, creating a fresh set of goose bumps through the warmth radiating from their bodies.

Trevor followed the line of her throat up to her mouth and kissed her. “Didja like your sandwich, baby?”

“Mmm. It appears my bread is gettin’ wilty.”

“Who you callin’ wilty?” Trevor mock-growled and thrust his hips a couple times.

Shoot, her head was muzzy. She’d meant to say lettuce was getting wilty, meaning her.

“I think she’s too polite to tell us she really wants a double-stacker,” Edgard said silkily as he snapped his pelvis. “We’re more than happy to oblige your appetites, Chass.”

That’s when Chassie noticed neither cock inside her had softened completely. “Did you guys take Viagra or something?”

Ignoring her, Trevor said, “You’re on the bottom this time, buddy.” He captured Chassie’s gasp in his mouth as Edgard pulled out.

Still keeping her wrapped around his torso, still kissing her, still touching her with tender reverence, Trevor backed them toward the bed. The sound of running water echoed from the bathroom and a minute later Edgard emerged.

He reached for another condom. But Trevor snatched it and set Chassie on her feet.

“I wanna see her puttin’ that on you.” Trevor flashed her a wicked grin. “With her mouth.”

Gently pressing on Chassie’s shoulder, Trevor watched her drop to her knees. After she was between them, he said, “Suck on him, baby. I wanna see what you can do to Ed’s cock.”

She eyed the foreskin.

“Just pull it back and hold it at the base to get to the head.”

“Maybe you should give me an up close and personal demonstration,” Chassie challenged.

Trevor crouched beside her. He circled his fingers around the tip of Edgard’s cock and pushed the skin back, exposing the plump purple head. “See? Like that.”

Chassie tickled the slit with the very tip of her pink tongue. When Trevor tried to stand, Chassie clamped her hand on his wrist. “Maybe you should help me.”

Oh yeah. Two hot, wet tongues on his prick would drive Edgard wild. Trevor loved to get the upper hand with the domineering man, and getting to kiss his wife at the same time they teased their lover? What a bonus. He whispered, “Watch,” and sucked Edgard to the root.

Edgard’s entire body twitched.

Right after Trevor released every glorious inch of that uncut cock, Chassie took her turn, drawing Edgard’s length to the back of the throat. She swallowed and retreated.

They alternated twice more, but when Trevor’s lips opened to receive the head again, Chassie placed her mouth on the other side and tangled her tongue with Trevor’s in an openmouthed kiss.

Kissing each other and the tip of Edgard’s cock at the same time was one of the most erotic things Trevor had ever done.

“Sweet mother of God,” Edgard groaned.

So they tortured him with wet tongue flicks, soft sucking and nips from two sets of teeth. All the while looking in each other’s eyes, competing to see who could wring a louder moan from the Brazilian. Working his cock and balls together, sneaking kisses until Edgard clutched their hair in his hands and jerked them away.

“Enough,” he croaked. “Put the goddamn condom on.”

Ripping open the package, Trevor held the circle of latex in front of Chassie’s lips and she rolled it down Edgard’s dick with her mouth. Trevor couldn’t fathom getting any harder than he was right at that moment.

With a sound akin to a growl, Edgard latched onto Chassie’s hips and they fell back on the bed with him on the bottom and his legs dangling on the side of the mattress.

She spun and pinned Edgard’s hands above his head. “Leave ’em there.”

“Oh. So you think you get to be the boss now?”

“Yep.” Chassie impaled herself and pressed her tits to his chest, rubbing on him like a cat. “I love the way your chest hair feels on my nipples.”

Trevor watched the muscles in Edgard’s throat tighten as he arched his neck, lost in the nipple play he loved. Coating himself with lubrication, Trevor stopped Chassie’s rocking motion. He aligned his slicked-up cock to her sweet little rosebud, gritting his teeth at the pleasure as he breached the resistance and slid into her tight passage to the hilt.

Savor it, warred with, she’s loose and ready, fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.

Trevor held his breath, not sure which action would win out.

But she was too busy tormenting Edgard to give him a cue, so he waited, watched and ground his molars into dust.

“Can I move now, Trev?” Chassie asked.

“Yeah. However you want, baby. You’re in charge. I’m just along for the ride.”

Edgard said, “Don’t tell her that. She’ll torture us both.”

“The best way to torture you, Mr. Dirty Talk, is to not let you be in charge,” Chassie retorted.

“She’s already got your number, Ed.”

“Is it sixty-nine?”

Chassie laughed. “Just for that smartass answer. I’m gonna go slow. Real slow. Not-let-you-come-for-a-long-time kind of slow.”

True to her word, his wife kept the pace slow enough Trevor had ample time to lube up his fingers. He reached down and slipped both into Edgard’s ass.

Edgard’s eyes flew open. Trevor’s heart melted at the blatant love he saw in those tawny depths. This was so perfect, so right, the three of them loving on each other. And for once Trevor didn’t hide his face or his emotions from Edgard either. He let them shine through.

That’s all it took. Edgard whispered his name, bucked his hips, bore down on Trevor’s fingers and came with a hissing moan. Trevor and Chassie weren’t far behind.

Edgard took his time using the small master bathroom after Trevor and Chassie finished their turns. He tossed the condom, washed his hands and face, and managed to avoid looking at himself in the mirror.

When he returned to the bedroom, the lights were off, save for the low wattage lamp glowing on the far nightstand. Trevor and Chassie were already in bed. Dammit. How was he supposed to find his clothes in the dark?

He’d tried being quiet as he searched for his briefs, but Chassie heard him rummaging around and sat up. He whispered, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Can you turn off the light before you come to bed?”

Come to bed? Surely she didn’t mean…?

Edgard didn’t budge until Chassie held out her hand to him. “Yes, with us. Might be a tight fit.” Her smile lit up the room even in the near darkness and sparked something deep inside him he was half-afraid might actually be hope.

“I don’t mind.”

“I didn’t think you would. Before you ask, the invite is for all nights, not just tonight.

Don’t think for a second this is asked out of pity.” She looked over at her snoring husband. “We both want you here. Some of us are just better at putting it into words.”

“I know.”

“He’s workin’ on it,” she said quietly. “He’ll get there.”