She loved bringing this man to his knees. Because he could do the same to her so easily. Literally and figuratively.

Even though she wanted to continue stroking his erection, she wanted him out of his clothes first. She wanted to see exactly what she’d been fantasizing about for so long. Removing her hand, she bunched the material of his boxers at the sides and started shoving them down his hips as he continued kissing her neck and chest. Thankfully he helped getting them the rest of the way off and kicked them away.

The feel of his lips along her skin was pushing her into sensory overload and suddenly she couldn’t stand it anymore. Reaching for the hem of her tank top, she grabbed it and practically tore it off. For a brief moment, she felt completely exposed. Which seemed stupid since he’d seen her naked not too long ago. But still, it had been years and now they weren’t rushing into this like maniacs. She had time to think about what they were doing and she was very conscious of her body and the fact that she wasn’t twenty-two anymore.

Vincent had made a protesting sound until he realized what she was doing. Now he knelt in between her spread legs, his cock pulsing upward in such a beautiful display that she had to bite back her moan of need. She couldn’t wait to feel that thickness pushing inside her. Had dreamt about it for way too long.

Her bottoms were still on, but with her breasts bared to him, he looked almost ravenous. The glint in his gaze sent another wave of hunger rolling through her. Squirming under his intensity, her nipples tightened to almost painful points as he let out a low curse.

“God, baby, I’ve been fantasizing about this for so long. Too fucking long,” he murmured before bending his head to capture one of her breasts with his mouth. His tongue teased and licked along the underside of her sensitive skin before he found her nipple and sucked. Hard.

The sharp action made her back arch off the bed and she wrapped her legs around him. Stupid pants were still in the way.

She wanted to take them off, but wanted to touch him more. Needed it. Craved it. She spread her fingers over his head, savoring the feel of holding him as he flicked his tongue over the tight bud of her nipple. His hair was buzzed almost to his skull so she grabbed onto his head, holding him in place.

He just chuckled against her sensitive nipple and slightly pulled his head back. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Was that a promise in those gorgeous eyes? She swallowed hard, unable to find her voice before he dipped his head again to her other breast. He lavished that one with just as much attention. With each stroke of his tongue, she felt the pulse between her legs grow hotter and more insistent.

Somehow she forced her hands from his head and slowly stroked her fingers down his back. His taut muscles tensed under her touch, his big body trembling.

When he started a path down her belly she knew what he intended. And while she wanted to feel his mouth on her again, she wanted to feel him inside her even more. They could drag out the foreplay for hours later. Right now, she was walking a tightrope of control and she was about to lose it. “No,” she rasped out as he grasped the edge of her pajama bottoms with his hands.

Hovering over her, he looked up, his eyes wide in confusion. “You don’t want this?” His voice was ragged.

“No, yes, I do, I just mean no foreplay. I want you in me. Now.” Her face flamed as he watched her with a mix of hunger and amusement. She was practically rabid to have him in her and he seemed almost unaffected. Of course his hard cock said otherwise, but still, it was maddening how in control he appeared.

“I forgot how impatient you are,” he murmured as he tugged her bottoms and panties down her legs. When his gaze landed on her mound, she squirmed under his intensity. “Should I tease you?” he asked, his eyes pinned to hers as he dragged a finger along the length of her wet slit.

He didn’t penetrate though, just stroked up and down in languorous movements. Damn him. He was going to tease her.

“Payback will suck,” she promised. Because she could tease him until he was begging. The thought of doing so made her even wetter.

Finally, he pushed two fingers inside her in one long stroke. His eyes shut for a moment as he pulled out then pushed back in.

She slightly arched her back off the bed as her inner walls clenched around him and she let her own eyes close. It wasn’t enough, she needed so much more. When he completely withdrew, her eyes snapped open to find him watching her intently.

He put his fingers in his mouth, the act of him tasting her incredibly erotic. “I don’t think I will tease you.” His voice shook as he spoke and she realized he was just as close to losing it as she was. Thank God.

She couldn’t take any more torture.

When he slid off the bed she worried he was stopping, but then realized he was grabbing a condom from his bag.

“I’m on the Pill,” she blurted. She’d been on it forever because it kept her regulated. If not, she had too many not-fun issues. Since she hadn’t been with anyone since him, she was obviously clean and didn’t need to spell it out.

Vincent dropped his bag as if it was on fire and turned to face her. With the moonlight bathing him, he looked like an ancient warrior standing there; his thighs, stomach and chest all toned muscles and so much perfection she could barely stand it. He might as well have been cut from marble. He cleared his throat once and stepped back toward the bed like a panther stalking his prey. “I’m tested every six months and haven’t been with anyone since my last two tests. And I’ve never gone without a condom. Except…”

With her. She knew that was what he couldn’t seem to say. She reached out her arms to him and he practically pounced on her, his tongue tangling with hers as he cupped her head in the way she loved. She could taste herself on him and found it wildly erotic.

His strong chest rubbed against her breasts as they kissed, the friction stimulating her nipples and working her up even more. She wrapped her legs tight around his waist, grinding against him and soaking up his heat.

He’d already tested her slickness so she wasn’t surprised when he thrust inside her without further teasing. She was, however, surprised by how full she felt. All the air rushed from her lungs in one whoosh as he stilled and she adjusted to his size. Pulling his head back, he looked down at her, faint concern etched on his handsome face.

“You okay?” he whispered.

Unable to find her voice, she nodded. She was more than okay. She felt absolutely amazing. Her inner walls clenched and tightened around him, molding to his thick length as she pumped her hips against his once.

That was all the incentive he needed to start moving. She clutched onto his back as he began thrusting in an intense rhythm she could barely keep up with. When he reached between their bodies and tweaked her clit with his thumb and forefinger, she surged into orgasm.

The sharp climax took her off guard. For so long she’d used her hand to get off and she had the movements down to an art. But this was nothing like her self-pleasuring.

As Vincent slammed into her over and over, her orgasm pitched higher and higher as pure bliss hit all her nerve endings. Closing her eyes, she moaned and let her head fall back against the pillow as it continued to punch through her, battering her senses with no reprieve.

Letting out his own shout, he buried his face against her neck and groaned as he released himself inside her. His warmth filled her and she dug her fingers into his backside as his thrusts slowed, only letting up when he finally stilled inside her.

Breathing hard, she could feel the erratic beat of his heart. Her body protested when he lifted off her, but she realized he wasn’t going far. He propped up on his forearms to look down at her, his expression one of a supremely satisfied male. “Next time I’m teasing you until you beg.”

Grinning, she lightly pinched his behind. She was just glad there was going to be a next time. She still had no clue what was going to happen between them or what kind of future they could even have, but she was going to soak up every second of this time with Vincent that she could.

But the truth was, no matter what, she wasn’t giving him up without a fight. As he’d climaxed inside her, the knowledge had slammed into her as hard as her own orgasm. She’d sacrificed him once, she wasn’t doing it again.

Chapter 7

The parking lot of Jordan’s condo complex was quiet in the pre-dawn hours. Patience was a virtue and after hours of waiting for the right moment, it had arrived. No drunken revelers or late night stragglers to see something they shouldn’t. Eliminating others wasn’t a problem, but right now Jordan was the focus.

Her pain and torment were all that mattered.

Getting under Jordan’s car was easy enough. Planting the plastic explosives was a different story. Curtis had always been in charge of bombs and rigging any fires to start. But, it was beyond time to step up and get more hands-on experience.

At least C4 was easy to handle and stable. You could drop it, jump up and down on it or even shoot it and it wouldn’t detonate. Nope, it needed an excessive amount of heat and a detonator.

This is where things got tricky; inserting the blasting caps. Coming by these had been slightly easier than originally planned. After breaking into an excavation site, locating and stealing the blasting caps had been simple. Killing that guard had been necessary and enjoyable. It was always a thrill to watch the life drain from someone’s eyes. To feel that power of holding someone’s life in your hands.

After connecting the wires to a cheap throw away cell phone, sliding the thin cylindrical detonators into place was a sensitive job. God, why won’t my hands stop shaking?

Once the two caps were in and the coast was clear, getting a safe distance away was paramount. That was what Curtis had always said. Bombs and fire were beautiful, but to be respected. Curtis had talked about boosters in detonators before and how they could make a blasting cap more sensitive and powerful, but there was no way to tell if these had them.

Oh well, soon enough either this would work or it wouldn’t. And Jordan’s lover would be a burning carcass.

* * * * *

As warmth spread over her face, Jordan opened her eyes to the sun bathing the bed in a blanket of heat. Rolling over, she frowned to find Vincent’s side empty. But when the delicious aroma of coffee hit her, she smiled.