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Trevor looked stunned as he sat back on his haunches, but no less aroused, Zoe absently noted as she worried her bottom lip. No doubt he thought she was crazy right now, but that was okay with her. As long as he didn't get a good look at her less than ideal body that was more than fine with her. In fact she was more than willing to encourage that little misconception at the moment.

"Is your stomach still upset?" he asked, frowning as he moved closer to her. He cupped her face and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Are you feeling okay?"

Since she'd started eating normally, well normal but healthy, two days ago she'd been dealing with a constantly upset stomach. It usually went away with a little ginger ale, a warm bath, and a little rest. Although her stomach had been upset earlier when she'd woken up it was fine now, but since telling him that wouldn't exactly help her out she decided to lie.


"I see," he said, nodding. "Are you feeling sick?"


"I guess I should leave you so that you can relax," he said with a simple shrug of his shoulders as if it was no big deal, which was actually pretty insulting. Was ha**ng s*x with her boring? She didn't think so, but apparently he did with his "whatever" attitude. After she bought some really thick, dark curtains to block out every bit of sunlight and hung them up today she'd show him that sex with her was anything but boring.

"I'll get out of your way after I wash up," he said with another shrug that she really didn't appreciate one damn bit. A second later he was climbing off the bed and pulling the condom off his slowly deflating erection while he walked towards the bathroom and she decided she didn't like it one bit.

She tossed the pillow aside and started for the bathroom with every intention of shutting them inside the small bathroom with the thankfully dark curtains drawn and showing him for the next few hours that sex with her was anything but boring.

"Are you feeling better?" Trevor asked as he stepped out of the bathroom.

"No?" she said, scrambling back on the bed and yanking the baby pink top sheet up and over her br**sts. She wished she could cover herself with the blankets and comforter, but they were on the floor at the foot of the bed where Trevor had shoved them off a half hour earlier.

"Oh," he said as he absently scratched his chest. "Have you seen my boxers?"

"Weren't they in the bathroom?" she asked, shooting a look past him towards the half-closed bathroom door. Since he'd stumbled into her room first thing this morning and headed straight to the bathroom as he informed her around a rather loud yawn that she'd better be ready for him by the time he came back out she'd assumed his underwear was in the bathroom.

"Nope," he said as he searched through the pile of blankets on the floor. He stood up a moment later, frowning as he looked around the room. "They're probably on the bed."

"No, I don't think they're on the-hey, give that back to me!" she squealed as she tried to grab the sheet as he yanked it off her and tossed it behind him, leaving her completely naked.

"Now, let's just see what you're trying to hide from me, shall we?"


"You bastard!" Zoe hissed, kicking out as she tried, unsuccessfully, to escape his grasp and dive under her pillows, but he simply stood up, pulling her right along with him.

"So what exactly are you trying to hide, hmmm?" Trevor asked as he tightened his grip around her ankles when she almost unmanned him. Getting hit in the balls once this weekend had been more than enough for him so he kept her dainty little feet as far away from his boys as he could manage.

Not that she'd done it on purpose, not like a few women in his past who hadn't taken his rejection well had. No, on Zoe's part it had been a complete accident, plus he wasn't done with her yet so she had yet to hear his "You're just not good enough" speech. Not that he would ever give Zoe that little speech. Hers would be more along the lines of "I've finally worked you out of my system" or "We should probably end this since I'm getting married in a few hours." Since she hadn't received either speech yesterday morning when she rammed her knee into his balls he knew she hadn't meant it.

The poor thing had woken up on his couch and his arms a tad bit disoriented and a bit desperate for a bathroom or a trash can. He'd just woken up as Zoe sleepily announced that she wasn't feeling so good. He'd done his best to untangle them from the comforter so that he could carry her to the bathroom, but he hadn't moved fast enough, because just as he freed her feet her little knee came up between his legs as she made a mad dash for the bathroom.

Although he'd been more concerned with her, he did appreciate the aspirin and ice pack she'd brought him a little later when he'd still been unable to move from the fetal position. She'd been so sweet and attentive and he'd felt like an ass**le. He'd given her food poisoning with that sub he'd bullied her to eat and so for the next few hours he hadn't been able to do enough for her. Not that she complained. Actually, she seemed a bit surprised by all his attention, which kind of annoyed him. Did she think he was really a heartless bastard that he'd give her food poisoning and not take care of her?

Okay, any other woman and he would have probably shrugged it off and left her alone, but this was Zoe, his little tenant. The idea of her hurt or unhappy ate at him. It was the same reason his ever ready erection, well when she was around at least, had gone down quickly when she'd announced she wasn't feeling well, even though he was pretty sure that she was lying and he'd still been desperate for her.

The reason why she was lying became pretty damn obvious when she dove for that sheet as he stepped out of the bathroom. He nearly sighed with irritation when he realized there were still a few issues they had to deal with, but deal with them they would. He wanted all this bullshit done with so that they could focus on their little arrangement without any of the drama or bullshit that was hindering her focus on him.

"Are you hiding a tattoo of my name declaring your undying love for me?" he mused, actually liking the idea of his name somewhere on her body, letting every ass**le in the future know that they'd never rate.

His response kind of surprised him, especially since the few times a girlfriend had gotten herself inked with his name had actually irritated the shit out of him. He hadn't appreciated their little games to try and tie him down or earn a declaration of love from him, or try to guilt him into getting their names tattooed on him. He'd never hesitated in telling them to have a nice life after that, but the idea of having his name on Zoe actually turned him on so he decided to ignore her little snort of laughter.

"Hmmm, is that it?" he asked, scanning her soft pale back and ass. Actually, he wouldn't mind seeing his name on her beautiful ass. Then again the idea of having his name just below her navel or on her breast was just as hot.

"No, now can you let me up?" she asked, renewing her struggles to get away from him.

"Not until I figure out what you're hiding," he said, releasing one ankle so that he could reach down and give her bottom a squeeze.

"I'm not hiding anything so stop groping my ass, you pervert!" she snapped as she renewed her struggle, but thankfully was careful not to kick out at him, which he and his balls truly appreciated.