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So when he opened the door and discovered that it was not a Black Jacks delivery boy waiting to hand him a box full of deliciousness, but Hank with two incredibly beautiful women he scowled, just a little bit.

"Ah," Hank started, clearing his throat nervously, "Mandy this is Trevor. Trevor this is Mandy," Hank said gesturing to the gorgeous blonde who was busy running an appreciative eye over his bare chest.

"What do you need?" he asked Hank, feeling his patience fray. Not only had the man interrupted some decent cuddling time with Zoe, but he'd made him think that he was getting Black Jacks' pizza, something that he just couldn't forgive.

"Did you forget about our double date tonight?" Hank bit out, gesturing discretely to the two women standing behind him.

Frowning, Trevor looked back at the woman named Mandy and looked her over. She was beautiful, stunningly so. She had just the right amount of makeup, perfect silky long black hair ending halfway down her back. Her br**sts were high and full without the look of plastic and her figure was absolutely perfect.

"We thought we'd head back to the girl's place so that Mandy could cook us all dinner. She's a chef," Hank announced with a cocky grin, no doubt knowing how attractive a woman who could cook was to a Bradford.

What he didn't know was that so far Mandy was scoring pretty high on Trevor's perfect woman list. He shot a look over his shoulder before stepping out onto the front stoop and closing the door behind him.

He shot Mandy a smile that she quickly returned.

"So, Mandy, tell me....are you a Yankees fan?"

"Yes," she said, giving him a flirty little smile.

"Are you close to your family?"


"Large family?"

"Yes," she answered, frowning a bit at his questions or the rapid fire way he was asking them, he didn't know or care.

"Do you think you're fat?" he asked, narrowing his eyes on her as he waited for her to answer.

Her beautiful, perfectly painted mouth worked soundlessly for a moment before she answered. "A little, but I'm on a diet," she rushed to explain as if that's what he wanted to hear.

"Do you like dogs?"

"Yes, but I'm more of a cat person."

"Are you clingy?" he demanded.

"No," she answered with a nervous laugh as she shot her sister, who only shrugged, a look.

With a regrettable sigh he shook his head. "I'm sorry, but this isn't going to work out."

"What the hell are you doing, Trevor?" Hank demanded anxiously. No doubt the man wouldn't be getting laid tonight, but Trevor couldn't help it. He had his standards and this woman failed them.

"Maybe we could go grab a cup of coffee somewhere and get to know-"

He held up his hand, stopping her before she made an even bigger fool out of herself. "Please stop."

"But, I was only-"

"Don't beg."

"I wasn't. I was just-"

"Begging?" Trevor guessed, sighing. "I know, but you're going to have to accept that this would never work out."

She frowned up at him. "I wasn't begging. I was just going to suggest that we should-"

"Look," he said, reaching for the door, "this is just getting sad. I'm just going to go before things get out of hand."

"You bastard," Hank hissed as Trevor stepped past him, but he didn't really care. He was more insulted than anything. What the hell was the man thinking bringing a woman like that to meet him? Did the man think he was so desperate that he'd consider sleeping with a woman like that? It was really insulting, he thought as he climbed onto the couch behind Zoe and pulled her back against his body. She of course rewarded him with an elbow to his gut, which he manfully took since she turned in his arms and cuddled up quite nicely against him.

A half hour later as he dozed off he wondered why Hank brought him a woman like that when he clearly had standards. Then he remembered that the man was a f**king moron and that explained everything.

Chapter 22

"God, you feel good, baby," Trevor whispered harshly against her ear and she would have loved to return the compliment, but at the moment she'd lost the ability to speak.

She was however able to moan and scream just a tad bit, which he seemed to really enjoy making her do if his little groans of approval were any indication. As he did that lazy little circular thrust thing that he knew she loved and she spread her legs wider for him and ran her hands over his body, loving the way he felt against her.

"Time for a little change up," Trevor announced softly as he pulled out of her and started kissing his way down her body.

Zoe made a desperate grab for him. "No. No, change up isn't necessary," she said, panting as she gripped his large biceps and attempted to pull him back up where he belonged.

Trevor sighed heavily. "Oh, but I'm afraid it is," he said, pressing a wet kiss to the slope of her breast.

"No, it's not," she said, desperate for him not only because she felt empty without him and wanted him right back where he belonged, but because it was early Sunday morning and bright sunlight was streaming into the room and to be honest a lot of light wasn't exactly her friend during moments like this.

Even though Trevor acted as though he loved her body and was desperate for her she wasn't stupid enough to believe that he'd feel the same way if he got a good look at her. It wasn't as though they hadn't had sex during the day, but she usually kept some of her clothes on or they kept it straightforward and simple in bed. There was a reason why she became more adventurous at night. Soft lamp light was a hell of a lot more flattering than the bright sunlight and helped soften some of her less than flattering features.

"It really is," Trevor said, flicking her already painfully hard nipple with that talented tongue of his. "Just lay back, Zoe, and let me show you how necessary it is," he said in a deeply seductive voice that any other time would have her nodding dumbly, but right now she really needed him to get back up here before she died of embarrassment.

"But I really liked what you were just doing. Let's go back to that," she said, trying to drag him back up, but he wasn't having that.

Chuckling, he easily broke away from her hold and started heading south. "You'll like this too. Trust me," he said, shooting her a wink and a killer smile that would normally have her licking her lips and nodding eagerly, but it was daylight and the man was about to see things that up to this point she'd been able to downplay with soft light.

Swallowing nervously she did her best to sit up, but it was kind of difficult with him hovering over her. "You know what I'd like more?"

"What's that?" he murmured absently as he leaned forward and took one her ni**les into his mouth, sucking it between his lips without mercy as he flicked it with his tongue, making it really difficult for her to remember why she wanted him to stop.

He released her nipple with a loud "pop". "Now, just lay back and let me do my work, woman," he said against her skin as he started to head south and suddenly she remembered quite clearly why she wanted him to stop.

When he pressed a kiss to her soft stomach she practically flew away from him. She grabbed one of her large baby pink pillows and hugged it tightly to her body as she squirmed back until her back hit the wall.