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Her lower abdomen clenched as he slowly slid them and her skimpy panties down her legs. His heated gaze tracked down her legs until he finally pulled her clothing free and tossed them to the floor. Instantly her thighs fell open a few inches. She wanted to feel his mouth on her so bad she ached for it.

But the request stuck in her throat. They might have been intimate before but they’d never taken things this far.

Slowly, his hands encircled her ankles, holding them in place. His grip wasn’t hard but it was enough that she couldn’t move.

“Take off your top.” A demand, not a request.

The urgency and command in his voice sent a delicious thrill up her spine. Normally she didn’t like anyone ordering her around but she would most definitely make an exception for him.

With the late afternoon sun shining through the sheer gold curtains, the room was splashed with orange and gold, creating an erotic atmosphere. Not that she needed anything to set the mood with Porter kneeling in front of her completely naked. His thick erection stood proud against his lower abdomen, telling her exactly how much he wanted her. As he looked at her now with such raw need it was a wonder she’d had any patience at all where Porter was concerned.

Grasping the bottom hem of her shirt, she tugged her top off with shaking hands. Grant might have provided them with clothes, but she still didn’t have a bra. As she was bared to Porter for the second time in twenty-four hours, she was overwhelmed by a sudden wave of shyness at being splayed in front of him like this.

“I’m going to taste you.” The words seemed to be torn from him and they heated her up from the inside out.

With that statement, any nervousness she might have had disappeared. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Lifting her leg, he zeroed in on her inner calf, teasing and raking his teeth over her skin in erotic little nips. Each time his tongue or teeth grazed her skin, she shuddered and the heat between her legs built. Her calf should not be an erogenous zone, but the way he made her feel, it was as if she might combust at any moment.

Even though she could have watched him tease her all day, she let her elbows drop as she fell back against the bed. Stretching out, she simply enjoyed the feel of Porter kissing his way up her legs. The higher he moved, the more she instinctively started to tense up, but when he placed firm hands on her inner thighs she forced herself to relax.

With his finger, he gently traced down her wet folds. She slightly jumped at the intimate touch, but when he pushed his finger inside her, she clenched around him. Still, she needed more. She wanted to be completely filled by him.

But he seemed intent on teasing her. Slowly, he drew his finger out then pushed it back in. His rhythm was slow and steady and when he began circling her clit with his tongue, she fisted the sheets beneath her. It was such a torturously unhurried pace, definitely designed to drive her crazy.

Sliding her fingers through his hair, she clutched on to his head. “Faster, Porter,” she rasped out.

His chuckle reverberated through her already sensitized body. When he slid another finger inside her she practically shuddered in relief. She wanted more than his fingers but the addition began to ease the ache. As he continued teasing her clit with his tongue, he found a new rhythm.

The closer she was to orgasm, the louder she got. She couldn’t help the moans that escaped. The pressure of his tongue and feel of his fingers inside her were too much. Afraid she was gripping his head too tight, she held onto the sheets, clutching them as the first wave of her climax hit.

She’d already been wet and turned on at the sight of Porter half naked so it didn’t surprise her how fast he’d pushed her into this release. Her inner walls clenched around him as her back bowed, and she just let the relief pour through her.

When the pressure of his tongue lessened, her eyes flew open. Before she could move, he was on top of her. He still cupped her mound, his fingers fully embedded deep in her as his mouth found hers.

Tasting herself on Porter was wildly erotic. Everything about his kiss was claiming and demanding. As she started to wind her arms around his neck he pulled back.

“Condom,” he muttered as he leaned over toward the small nightstand next to the bed.

Apparently this safe house had everything they needed. Once he’d grabbed a foil packet, she tried to take it from his hands. She wanted to put it on him, to touch him everywhere.

“Next time,” he growled.

The heated note in his voice made her nipples tingle in total feminine appreciation. Porter was always so calm and collected. She loved seeing him lose that edge of control because of her.

And there was no doubt she’d brought this reaction out in him. His sharp cheekbones were flushed, his breathing was harsh and his hands shook as he rolled the condom over his very hard length.

Seeing his hand stroke over himself made her want to do the same, but she knew he wouldn’t let her. Porter hated to be out of control and right now he was so close to losing it.

Reaching for him, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to her as he repositioned himself in between her legs. He didn’t test her slickness but he didn’t need to. As he pushed inside her tight sheath she let out a pent up breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. He filled her completely in a way she hadn’t realized she’d needed.

Porter took Lizzy’s wrists, guiding them above her head and held them there in an immovable grasp. When she arched her back into him, he savored the feel of her nipples brushing against his chest.

Right now he was on sensory overload. Just looking at her lean, lithe body was enough to make him come. He felt like a randy teenager again. When she’d made a move to put the condom on him, he’d hated telling her no.

The thought of her long elegant fingers wrapped around him…fuck yeah, he wanted that. But not now. Being inside her was better than he’d fantasized about.

And yes, he had imagined. Though nothing could have prepared him for the reality of having sexy-as-hell Lizzy’s legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust into her.

Her eyes were heavy lidded, an expression of pure bliss on her face as he held her arms above her head and moved in and out of her body. Only a few inches separated their faces and he couldn’t make himself do anything other than watch her reaction.

Knowing he was too close and wanting to watch her come again, he reached between their bodies with his free hand and tweaked the sensitive bundle of nerves he’d enjoyed teasing with his tongue earlier.

At the first stroke of his finger, she jerked underneath him, changing the rhythm of their thrusts.

That’s right.

He wanted her to lose control again. Increasing the pressure, he began circling her clit the faster he drove inside her. When she pulled against his grip on her wrists and her back bowed, he knew she was close.

Her inner walls constricted around him, milking him tighter and tighter with each stroke. “Porter,” she gasped out and he let her hands go.

Hearing his name on her lips did something primal to him. After this he couldn’t walk away from her. If she wanted to keep chasing her brother into shitty situations he’d be right there with her. Walking away simply wasn’t an option anymore.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders as another climax tore through her. She moaned out his name again and he covered her mouth with his as his own orgasm hit fast and hard. Holding on to her hips, he knew he’d leave a mark and the most primitive part of him was glad.

Lizzy was his.

As he emptied himself into the condom, her legs tightened around his waist, pulling him tight against her until they both stilled, completely wrapped around one another.

Burying his head in her neck, he inhaled that familiar tropical coconut lime scent he associated with her. It always made him think of being on the beach. “Remind me why we broke up again,” he murmured against her soft skin, bracing for her answer and possible rejection.

She let out a long sigh and ran her fingers down his back. She only stopped when she reached his butt. Her fingers dug into his skin. “Because I’m an idiot.”

Surprised, he pulled back so he could see her face. Now she placed her palms on his chest and continued before he could say anything. “I pushed you away because of my brother. I…didn’t want to admit you were right about him. I love Benny, but…” She swallowed hard and looked away.

No way. He wouldn’t let her pull away from him. Not now. Gently he cupped her cheek, drawing her face back toward him.

Her dark eyes glistened with unshed tears. His throat tightened. Shit. Why was she crying? Porter tensed, unsure what to do. “What’s wrong, honey?”

She swallowed hard again and batted away a tear that strayed down her cheek. “I feel weird telling you all this while you’re still inside me.”

Porter couldn’t help it. A bark of laughter escaped, causing her to chuckle too. When she did, her inner walls tightened around his half-hard cock. Around her he wondered if it would ever go down again. In a few minutes he knew he’d be ready again. Being inside her was only helping that along.

Though he hated doing it, he pulled out of her and disposed of the condom in the nearby wastebasket. Just as quickly he stretched out next to her and pulled her against him so that her head was on his shoulder and her body was half on top of him. Her dark hair pillowed over him. He tightened an arm around her shoulders and stroked down her spine with his other hand. “Why the tears, Lizzy?” he murmured against her hair.

She was silent a moment. “I push away everyone because of Benny. I don’t mean to, it just happens.”

“Why? You have to know you’re only enabling him.”

She sniffled once but nodded against his chest, her hair tickling his chin. “When I was fourteen, my uncle tried to rape me.”

Porter tensed at her blunt statement, his entire body going still. He didn’t comment even though the thought of someone hurting her like that shredded him.

“Benny was sixteen at the time and he stopped him. My uncle had been…abusing Benny for years. Since he was eight. He’d threatened to hurt our parents if Benny told anyone and he was just a scared kid when the abuse began. But when our uncle came after me, Benny lost it and attacked him. Santos and Javier had moved out of the house by then—they were both in college at the time—but they immediately came home ready to spill blood. My parents refused to call the cops though. They wanted to keep it a secret, not wanting to shame our family name. As if me and Benny had done something wrong.”