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It wasn’t romantic.

It wasn’t flowery.

But it also wasn’t lies.

It was just us.

Bear grabbed my feet and as he climbed on top of me he ran his hands up the inside of my legs, spreading them to make room for him between my thighs. And that’s when I saw him. All of him. His thick and heavy cock bounced slightly with his movements, the tip glistening with moisture. His finger had felt huge and filling inside of me, there was no way he was going to fit but I trusted him and I didn’t care. He could rip me in two and I still didn’t care because it wasn’t what he could do to my body that I was worried about.

It was what he could do to my heart.

He stopped mid climb and bracing himself with his hands on the underside of my knees he dipped his head down and ran his tongue along my folds, stiffening his tongue and pushing it far inside of me as he could. He pulled back and licked his lips. “Never tasted anything better than you,” he said and with his hands on the very inside of my thighs, his fingers kneading into my sensitive flesh he spread my legs as far as they could go.

He kissed me. Hard and eager just like his erection which he slid up and down my wetness until I was writhing underneath him, the need that had been sated minutes earlier was now back and a hundred times more powerful than before. He reached between us and grabbed the base of his shaft, lining it up with my entrance. His skin was soft and hot and the contact was almost too much. The anticipation of him inside of me had me raking my nails along his back. He groaned and growled and swore in my ear before surging forward, stretching my opening to the point of pain, filling me with him.

“Holy fuck, Ti. Wider, open up for me,” he said like he too was in some sort of pain. He pushed my knees apart until I was as open as I could possibly be and Bear didn’t waste any time pushing forward in one hard thrust.

He really was ripping me open. It hurt. It really fucking hurt.

I really didn’t fucking care.

I couldn’t be any more full. Body and heart. Both happy. Both at peace.

Both in pain.

“Fuck. I knew it would be fucking amazing, baby. But Jesus Christ, your virgin pussy really is strangling me,” Bear groaned, the cords of his neck tense and tight as he pushed until he was as far inside of me as our bodies would allow. “Never doubt that this has always belonged to me. YOU have always belonged to me,” he said, staring into my eyes which were watering from the pain and something else that was bubbling up from deep inside of me. Fear. Relief.


I couldn’t think on that one long because Bear started to move, pulling out of me and pushing back in, burying himself to the hilt all over again. The feeling of physical pain was still there, but morphed into a kind of pleasurable pain. Each time he thrust into me he went all the way in, making me gasp. When he pulled out he dragged his cock along every sensitive bundle of nerves inside of me, making me moan. Harder and harder, faster and faster he thrust in and pulled out until my vision blurred and my insides clenched around him in rhythm with his movements. I was lost in the white hot pleasure. I was lost in the moment.

I was lost in Bear.

I knew right then and there that there would be no coming back from it.

“I feel you tightening around me, Ti. I know you’re close. Been thinking about making you coming around my cock since that first night back in the apartment.” He thrust inside me, hard. Reaching between us he used the pad of his thumb to rub light but furious circles around my clit. I was almost there. Almost over the edge. “You are so fucking beautiful,” Bear said, coming down over me and pressing his lips to mine.

That’s when I lost it.

That’s when I came.

His thumb.

His cock.

His lips.


I came until I thought my insides were going to flip onto the outside. I came until it hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I came and came and the waves of pleasure only increased with each pulse of my release. He kissed me and fucked me and claimed me until there was only one truth between us which Bear pointed out when he said, “Never doubt that this pussy has always belonged to me. YOU have always belonged to me.”

He kissed me again then ordered. “Wrap your arms around me.” I did what he said and wrapped my arms around his neck. He put his hands on the back of my thighs, lifting me slightly off the bed of the truck, angling me so he could thrust even deeper. Faster and faster he pushed in and out until we were a clattering of lips and teeth and until he tipped his head back and opened his mouth releasing a guttural roar that made me think I was going to come all over again. With one final crazed thrust, he held himself still deep inside of me, pulsing long and hard, filling me with warmth and satisfaction, love and confusion.

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