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CLAIM her.

I leaned down close to her ear and whispered. “You stupid, stupid girl.”

“What does that make you?” she whispered back.

“Me?” I chuckled, running my hand down the side of her shirt, pushing it up and brushing the outside of her tit with my fingertips, “I’m the guy who’s about to fuck the stupid, stupid girl.”

*     *     *


He was right.

I was a stupid girl, because when he latched his mouth onto my nipple I damn near bucked myself right out of the truck and all rational thoughts left the building, or the truck, or the whatever. “You ever been touched like this?” Bear asked, hooking his fingers inside of my panties. I shook my head, barely able to catch my breath. “How about like this?” he asked, finding my folds and running his fingertips through my wetness and over my clit.

I was on fire. Every nerve ending in my body was firing, alive and active and every single one of them wanted Bear to make me his once and for all.

Every promise that dripped from his mouth made me feel like for the first time in weeks that I was alive, and not just the one person living in the land of the dead, but a real live person with needs and wants. It just so happened that both my needs and wants were on the same page.


His lips assaulted my mouth then moved to my neck, he continued to rock against me, my insides clenching and unclenching, my core tightening, my senses on complete overdrive and all I could see in my tunnel vision was Bear and when he pushed a finger inside of me I let out a groan that could be heard three counties over.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby. By the fire pit when you were about to come on my tongue I felt how tight you were, but right now, with just one finger…” He pushed in further and moaned. “Your pussy is going to strangle my fucking cock.”

Bear pushed up my shirt, exposing one of my breasts to him. “Perfect tits,” he mumbled, dipping his tongue to the tip of my already stiff peak. How did I not know that nipples could do this? I felt like they had a direct line to my core and every single time Bear stroked his talented tongue over my flesh it was as if he was stroking my clit. He hooked his finger inside of me and sucked my nipple into his mouth.

Holy shit.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes, please. More.”

“You’re gonna get more alright. A lot fucking more.” Bear pushed inside me deep, dragging his finger along the front of my inner wall when he pulled out and then back up again. Faster and faster until I was shamelessly riding his hand. The in and the out was a sweet torture. He sucked on my nipple as his hand worked me until the clenching in my lower stomach turned almost painful.

He grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me like he was fucking me with not just his fingers but his tongue. We were at war, a war of passion and lust, and anger and hate and every feeling I’d had towards the confusing man since I was ten years old. The pressure mounted and when he added his thumb to stroke my clit I screamed into his mouth as an explosion of pleasure went off like a bomb in my core, spreading throughout the rest of my body in waves upon waves of pure ecstasy like I never even knew existed.

I was still seeing stars when Bear picked me up and set me on his lap again so I was straddling him, my legs spread wide over his pulsing hardness making my insides quiver as if I hadn’t just had a mind and body blowing orgasm. “You coming is the single most fucking beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Bear said, pushing a stray hair out of my face and tucking it behind my ears. With one hand he lifted up my shirt and tossed it into the bed of the truck.

“I need to get these off of you right fucking now. I need you baby. I need to be inside of you,” Bear said, his voice strained and raspy, shivers danced up my spine. He pulled down on the waistband of my shorts with one hand and I lifted my hips so he could remove them and my panties in one pull.

We were face to face, skin to skin. He knew all my secrets. He knew exactly who I was and every time I’d wanted to run and hide from him he hadn’t let me. I was fully exposed to Bear inside and out and although I’d never been naked around anyone since I was a kid I felt more comfortable in that truck bed with Bear than I had fully clothed with anyone else in my entire life.

Bear’s eyes were heavily lidded with lust as he took a step back to look me over with appreciation and pure animalistic need. He undid the buckle and the button on his jeans. With one hand on my throat he again pushed me until my back was against the cool metal of the truck bed, his hand dragging down my chest between my breasts, his thumb again finding my clit and a primal moan escaped my mouth sounding nothing like my normal voice. I could smell the rust from the motorcycle parts just above my head, the ridges from the truck bed captured my shoulder blades making it hard for me to move my arms.

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