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“Okay, let me go. If I see him I’ll give him the message.” I promised.

“No, you stupid girl. You are the message.” Chop pushed my hands above my head with one hand and leaned down, biting my nipple through my shirt.


I cried out and Chop sat up and laughed, admiring the fresh stain of blood on my shirt where his teeth had just been. “The brothers and I are gonna have some fun with you, bitch.”

“Brothers?” I asked, or at least I thought I asked because Chop balled his fist and slammed it into my jaw, making me see stars. His smiling image above me flickered like someone was turning the lights in the room on and off. One second I saw him and the next second it was all black, although I knew he was there because the crushing weight on top of me never left. “He doesn’t know me. He won’t care. Don’t do this. Please don’t do this!”

Chop ignored me. “Wait until Murphy gets ahold of you. He likes to break little girls like you.” Chop sighed. “When we saw you come in, I’d already promised him that I’d save your pussy for him, though I think a taste won’t hurt.” He sat back on his knees and just as I thought he was about to get off me, he flipped me over with one arm, my head crashing against the dresser. He pulled my wet shorts and underwear down my legs with one rough yank.

“No!” I screamed, kicking my legs out.

Chop used his knee to spread my legs and using one of his fingers he roughly forced it inside of me. I felt his too long fingernails scrape against my inside walls. I felt every ridge of his finger until his ring prevented him from going any further. “So fucking tight. Really is a shame that I’m a Bastard who keeps my promises to my brothers. You’ll have to remind Bear of that when you see him.” He pulled his finger out of me and my insides pulsed from the injury. I picked my cheek off the carpet and turned around to look at Chop who winked at me before popping his finger into his mouth. “You taste so fucking good, Darlin’. It’s too bad we are going to ruin this little body of yours, because we could use some new pussy around here.”

Chop unbuckled his belt and pushed down his jeans with one hand, still leaning over me, his one hand still keeping me prisoner. His enormous erection sprang free from his jeans and I turned my head back toward the floor not wanting to see what I was about to feel. I clenched my thighs and tried to push my legs together, but another blow to the side of my face stripped me of the will to fight. Replacing it with the dizzying image of the spinning room as my head landed against the carpet. I tried to lift my head again but my neck couldn’t support it. My head was too heavy. It was too much.

It was all too much.

Chop released my arms when he felt the fight in me die, nudging my legs open wider with his knee. I felt his hot and heavy erection on my back. He whispered into my ear, his words beyond cold. Beyond callous. “I’m going to wreck this pretty little asshole of yours. I’m going in dry so this is going to fucking hurt.” He ran his teeth down my ear, biting down on my earlobe. “But first a little test to see how tight this ass really is.”

He pressed his thumb into me and pain shot up my spine over and over again like I was being stabbed. The further he pressed the more pain I felt.

The more jagged the knife became.

I used all the strength I had left to speak, “And you say Bear isn’t a man, anymore.”

“What was that little girl?” Chop asked, pressing further inside of me until I collapsed against the arm holding me up.

“You told me that Bear’s not a man. It’s you who isn’t a man. You’re nothing. You’re fucking garbage!” I wailed as the pain intensified.

“Here I was nice enough to give you a warm up,” Chop removed his thumb, but any relief I felt was temporary because he grabbed his shaft and pressed it firmly against the tight bundle of nerves he’d just finished injuring. “No more of that,” I tried to mentally ready myself for the pain, but there was no amount of preparation I could do to be ready for what was to come.

He was going to split me apart.

I felt him start to push in, sharp stabbing sensation.

Then it was gone.

Chop was gone.

Glass flew through the air as the window exploded, shattering into a million pieces, coating every surface in the room, including my skin, with tiny prickly shards that stuck to me like little Chinese stars.

Spinning. The room. Everything was spinning.

Shouting, shuffling and banging sounded from outside the room. The door opened and slammed shut several times.

The solid floor underneath me disappeared and was replaced with swaying, bumping, and a slight vibration of a vehicle.

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