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Sucking in a breath, he withdrew from her pu**y, pressed his tip against that tight rosette and eased his c**k inside.

Jane let out a cry of pleasure. “More,” she begged.

He gave her more, sliding in another inch, but it still wasn’t good enough for her. Moaning, she pushed her ass out and forced him to fill her completely. Becker nearly fainted from the incredible sensation. She was so goddamn tight, it felt like a hot fist clenching around cock.

Jane shifted, her hand moving between her thighs, and then he felt pressure against his c**k and realized she was fingering herself while he was buried in her ass. “Do you feel that?” she whispered.

He couldn’t make his vocal chords work, but managed a groan.

“Imagine it’s him.” He felt her slip another finger into her pu**y, at the same time his c**k pumped in and out of her ass. “Can you see him, Beck? Can you see him pushing his c**k into me?”

God help him, but he saw it. He saw Ryan’s hips moving against Jane, saw Ryan’s features taut with unrestrained pleasure. Each time she pushed her fingers deeper, he imagined it was Ryan’s c**k inside Jane. His pulse shrieked in his ears, his chest heaving from each ragged breath.

“You like it, don’t you?” she said softly.

“Yes,” he squeezed out.

“It turns you on.”



Becker closed his eyes and lost himself in Jane, thrusting into her with long, frantic pumps. Her husky moans drove him wild. So did the forbidden images swimming through his mind. Another man in bed with them. Another c**k bringing Jane pleasure. When she began to shudder from orgasm, Becker let himself go too. He couldn’t last long, not inside that unbelievably tight channel, not when Jane was writhing and moaning in the sexiest f**king way. His climax slammed into him, searing through his blood and pulsing in his balls. He couldn’t stop coming, couldn’t stop driving in and out of that sweet ass.

When the pleasure finally ebbed, he felt shell-shocked. Jane’s back was soaked with sweat, sticking to his own sweaty chest like glue. His heartbeat was out of control, his breathing unsteady. And when Jane finally rolled over so they were face to face and kissed him, he was nothing but a pile of mindless mush. Unable to think or breathe or move.

“Did it work?” she murmured against his mouth, brushing her lips over his again.

He found his voice. “Did what work?”

“Did you get me out of your system?”

He met her gaze, and the vulnerability he saw in her blue eyes made his heart squeeze. Had he gotten her out of his system? He wanted to laugh. Yeah, right. If anything, he wanted her even more. He’d never come that f**king hard. While fantasizing about another man screwing the woman in his bed, no less.

A wave of unease swelled in his gut. Christ. What was he doing? Since the moment he’d met Jane, he’d been acting on impulse. Having sex with her in an elevator. Agreeing to a fling. Considering threesomes, for God’s sake.

This wasn’t him. He wasn’t that guy. He was thirty-two years old and all he wanted was to settle down, damn it. Find himself a sweet, loving wife, have a couple of kids, build a nice, stable life for himself.

And instead, he’d yet again wound up with a woman he couldn’t have any of that with. Jane was an incredible woman, yes, but she wasn’t going to be the sweet, loving housewife he desired. She was ambitious, determined to win that Pulitzer of hers. And she’d admitted more than once this week, when he’d broached the subject, that she had no desire to have kids any time soon. So what was he supposed to do? Wait around for another fourteen years the way he’d done with Alice?


Jane’s soft voice brought him back to reality. He realized he hadn’t answered her question. “No,” he confessed. “I didn’t get you out of my system.”

The corner of her mouth lifted. “Pity.”

Ignoring the heavy weight pressing down on his heart, he released an unstable breath and said, “But I think I know how I can.”

Confusion crossed her face. She let out a breath of her own, suddenly wary. “We’re actually still on this topic? I’m leaving in three days, Beck. Let’s just enjoy the time we have left.”

“I…can’t.” He swallowed. “It’s not fair to either one of us, if we continue this…this fling, or whatever the hell we’re calling it now. Three more days won’t make a difference. In the end, I still don’t want a relationship.”

Her blue eyes narrowed. “You’re lying.”

He faltered. “What?”

Slowly, she disentangled herself from his arms and sat up. Her bare br**sts heaved with each breath she took. “You do want a relationship. This entire week, you’ve dropped hints about it, about the kind of life you want to have.” Jane’s cheeks turned pink with anger. “The life you described, well, it obviously requires a specific type of woman. In other words, not me.”

He swallowed again, fighting a pang of discomfort. “Jane, I think you’re amazing, you know that.”

Her eyes flashed. “Amazing, but not good enough, right?”

Before he could respond, she flounced off the bed and grabbed her dress off the floor. She threw it over her head without bothering with undergarments, and as she tied her halter back together, she shook her head at him, looking disappointed. “You’re an idiot, Becker.”


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