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His blood began to burn again.

“What is the matter with you?” Jane asked, rolling her eyes. She stood half-naked in front of him, while he was fully dressed and loitering in the bedroom doorway. “Please don’t tell me you’re still thinking about Ryan and me.”

“I…” He cleared his throat then opened his mouth to continue, but the words that came out were ones he’d been trying not to think about since he’d witnessed the sparks between Jane and Evans. “I was actually considering inviting him back here with us.”

Jane’s blue eyes widened. “What? Why?”

“So he could f**k you.” His voice thickened. “So we could f**k you.”

Her br**sts rose as she sucked in a sharp breath. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because…because it would get you out of my system,” he burst out.

Painful understanding dawned on her face. “You want to see me with another man. You want to think of me as a slut, don’t you?” Her tone softened. “That way you could hate me. And if you hate me, then you wouldn’t have to like me so much, right?”

He didn’t answer, his throat suddenly going dry. Damn her. Why was she so f**king perceptive? She’d completely called him out. Figured him out. And she was right. When he’d seen the flicker of arousal in her eyes while she’d been standing with Ryan, the jealousy had come fast and fierce. Jealousy he shouldn’t be feeling over a woman he’d only known a week. Sex for eight days, that’s all he’d wanted out of this. But he’d gotten much more. Too much more.

“Well, you know what?” Jane said with a sigh. “I don’t think it would have made a difference.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Seeing me with Ryan wouldn’t make you hate me.” Very methodically, she unclasped the front of her bra and threw it aside, revealing her big, mouthwatering tits. “I think it would have turned you on.”

He shook his head. “I would’ve strangled him.”

She shook her head right back then removed her thong. She moved naked toward the bed. Offered him a tantalizing view of her firm ass as she bent down to open the top drawer of the nightstand. She pulled out a condom and the tube of lubrication they’d been using the past week. “You would have loved it,” she corrected, her blue eyes sizzling with heat. “Come on, Becker, tell me it doesn’t turn you on, the thought of Ryan’s c**k plunging inside me. Tell me you don’t get hard thinking about him inside my pu**y, while you f**k my ass.”

His dick turned to marble, pushing against his zipper. Damn it. Damn her. She was right. Despite the relentless jealousy pulsing through his veins, he was aroused.

Jane eyed him knowingly then shot a pointed look at his bulging erection. “That’s what I thought.” She licked her lips, desire and anger battling on her beautiful face. “Come here, Becker. Take your goddamn clothes off and come here. Let’s see how much it turns you on.”

It was almost like a magnetic force was drawing him to her. His body was taut, muscles straining as he did what she asked and shucked his clothing. He walked over to her, naked, his c**k eagerly jutting out at her.

Her touch wasn’t gentle as she gripped his erection. “I want you in my ass,” she said in a throaty voice.

Becker’s pulse sped up like a racecar tearing toward the finish line. “Are you serious?” he choked out.

“Dead serious.” She teased his tip with her index finger, rubbing the drop of precome. “And I want you to pretend he’s here with us.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but she cut him off with a stern look. “You started this, Beck, and we’re going to finish it.”

She gave his c**k one last caress, then lowered herself onto the bed and tossed him the condom. He rolled the latex onto his stiff shaft and joined Jane on the bed, reaching for the lube. He squirted a hefty amount into his palm then flipped her onto her stomach and began to stroke her. Kneaded her firm cheeks with his hand. Circled her puckered hole with his finger, got it nice and slick. Jane gasped when he slipped the tip of his finger into her ass. “Want me to stop?” he said hoarsely.

“No, keep going.” She moaned as he pushed his finger deeper inside. “Yes, Beck, keep doing that.”

His heart pounded in his chest, his groin so tight with anticipation he could barely move. Fuck, he wanted to be in that tight ass. He stretched her with his finger, rubbing lubrication over the delicate opening. A second finger entered the mix, then a third, until Jane was moaning wildly. She was on her hands and knees, but when he poised himself behind her, she rolled onto her side and said, “Like this. I want you to imagine him here with us, f**king me from the front while you’re thrusting from behind.”

A jolt of arousal shot through him. The picture she’d just painted wasn’t supposed to turn him on, damn it. Yet it did. It f**king did.

Becker slid down and pressed himself into the graceful curve of her back. His balls were heavy, aching with the need for release. He shoved Jane’s unruly red waves off her neck and kissed her nape, swirling his tongue over the little hairs there. She whimpered and wiggled her ass into him. She was slick from the lube, slicker from the sweet juices soaking her pu**y. When he slid his hand between her legs and felt the moisture pooled there, he couldn’t help but slide into her pu**y for a few languid strokes. They both groaned, and Becker pushed in deeper, thrust harder, cupping a firm ass cheek with one hand and teasing her puckered hole with his other. He slid his finger inside, and she was so tight, he was paralyzed with lust. Fuck, he needed to be in there.


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