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Chapter Eighteen


After our sexed up love fest in Nik’s office we stay joined together for a long while kissing and cuddling.

Sadly, the time comes for us to disconnect. I lift myself off of Nik and our warm combined juices flow down my legs.

I stand up on shaky legs with only one shoe. I look over at Nik who was still lying with his back on his desk. He puts his muscular arms behind his neck, dimple smiling at me with dancing eyes.

I’m not sure what I looked like then but Nik obviously found it amusing.

I must look like hell!

I can’t help but stare at his still open pants to see his softening length and think How did that fit in me?

Nik bends forward at his waist, stands and leaves his pants open. He walks towards me, kisses my forehead and says, “C’mon sweetheart, let me clean you up.”

I nod then pull my dress back down and take off my one shoe. I follow him into the bathroom and he lifts me under my arms to sit on the sink. He looks at the rough paper towels in the holder and looks thoughtful. He leaves the bathroom a minute and comes back with a tie. Not just any tie, a navy blue silk tie.

He holds it up and states, “I think this will work better than those” pointing at the towels. I’m confused.

Nik soaks the silk tie in warm water, wrings it out and spreads my legs. I put one of my feet on his shoulder and bend the other up on the counter. He wipes me lightly and cleans me up with his silk tie!

Wow…That tie must’ve cost around a hundred dollars and he’s cleaning me up with it.

After he cleans me, he kisses the inside of my thigh and scrapes his cheek on it. I jolt in surprise. He chuckles and I feel his breath on my naked sex. He says softly, “One day soon I’m going to taste you.”

My belly quivers and my core spasms with pleasure.

Yes please!

He nips my thigh; I yelp and smack his shoulder. He chuckles again and I can’t help but giggle.

I put my legs down but remain on the counter. He moves to clean himself but I take the tie from him and soak it. I squeeze out the excess water and take hold of him gently. I use the tie to clean him as he did me. I stroke up and down his length and I feel him harden under my touch. He moves closer to me and licks my lips which lead to more deep and passionate kisses.

After we’ve had a few minutes to hold each other and get ourselves organized. He kneels in front of me and puts my shoes back on my feet.

Just like Cinderella!

We exit the bathroom arm in arm. He puts an arm around me and pulls me close to his side. I put an arm around his waist and rest my other hand on his chest.

He stops walking suddenly, turns to me and asks, “You okay with this?”

I’m not sure what this is so I say quietly, “With what exactly?”

His brow furrows but he smiles and replies, “With us.”

There’s an us?!

I whisper wide eyed, “There’s an us?”

Nik chuckles and pulls me even closer to him. He kisses me softly and says against my lips, “Baby, there’s been an us since the day you sent me candy.”


I whisper, “Wow.” And I feel his smile on my lips.

Rather than answer him, I kiss him deeply and nip his bottom lip. I nod.

He chuckles and says, “Finally. More than friends.”

I put on the most serious face I can muster and offer, “Yeah, more than friends…Best friends forever!”

His face turns terrified. I burst out laughing and kiss his pouting lips. I say, “Kidding, honey.”

Looking slightly relieved he mutters a sarcastic, “You’re so hilarious…Goofball.”

We resume walking and make our way back to the club.


We walk back to the booth wrapped up in each other. All the guys and gals are sitting at the booth talking, laughing, and sipping on drinks.

When they see us approach their faces turn serious. Nik sits then pulls me down sideways onto his lap. I put my arm around his back and play with the short hair on the nape of his neck. We mustn’t look any different than how we were acting before because no one is looking at us any differently.

Max is the first to ask, “Are you okay, T?”

I smile big and nod. It’s genuine, too. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I’m wonderful.

Mimi’s face is still frowning. She looks really upset and says apologetically, “It was all my fault. Teasing you while you were walking away was dumb. I’m so sorry, Tina.”

Lola softly asks, “How bad was it? There was a lot of blood.”

Nat smiles and tells me, “I told them all you were a bleeder but they wouldn’t listen to me. They thought you’d need to go to hospital. But luckily, Superman over here,” she nods her head to Nik, “scooped you up and saved you.”

I speak loudly so everyone can hear me, “I’m absolutely fine guys, really. Nat’s right. I am a bleeder. I’m hemophilic. My blood doesn’t clot like everyone else’s. It was just a little cut and Nik cleaned me up. It was my fault, Meems. The poor waitress was mortified. I’m fine. Here look.” I lift my leg to show them my bright pink Barbie Band-Aid and we all burst into laughter.

Ghost eyes Nik and me slyly and says, “You look like you’re both out of your bad moods.”

Nik and I lean away slightly to look at each other. We both share startled expression. At the same time we ask each other, “You were in a bad mood?”

Nik looks awkward and confirms, “Yeah, someone had a date the other night.” He smiles then says, “Why were you in a bad mood?”

I lower my eyes, play with his lapel and say, “I couldn’t find you.”

He smiles big and whispers, “Sweetheart.” Then leans forward, runs his nose the length of mine and kisses me lightly on the lips.

The table quiets and everyone looks around at each other shocked.

Lola shrieks, “Does this mean…?” She doesn’t finish her question but nods her head vigorously.

Nik and I both smile like the idiots we are and nod and the table erupts into whoops and cheers. There is a chorus of “About damn time!”, “I knew it!”, and “That’s great you guys!”

All but one person looks happy. Natalie is wiping tears from her eyes. I’m so startled by this I hop off Nik’s lap, sit on hers and wrap her up tight. Her shoulders shake in to me as she cries. I feel myself become teary and I ask shakily, “Honey, what is it?”

She lifts her tear streaked face and puts her mouth to my ear. She whispers, “Never thought I’d see the day.” Even quieter she says, “After everything, you deserve to be happy, Tina. I love you.”

I lower my face to her neck and we cry together for a minute. Then I straighten up, clear my throat and tell everyone, “I think we need a round of drinks to celebrate!”

Trick smiles, winks, and shoots me with imaginary guns. He gets up and walks over to the bar to place the order.

I kiss Nat’s hand and she smiles an adorable wobbly smile. I touch her cheek affectionately, move off her and climb back onto Nik. I’m a little surprised when I see Ghost move to sit beside Nat and hand her a napkin. He puts an arm around her shoulders and pulls her to him. I’m even more surprised when she goes willingly. He whispers something in her ear and she nods into his chest. Ghost smiles a small smile at no one in particular and strokes her violet hair with his free hand. My heart swells. Nat somehow got through to this abrupt and broody man. She has a way of doing that and I’m glad Ghost has her as a friend.

I look around the table and wonder how my life got so perfect. I lean back into Nik. He nuzzles my neck.

Then I smile to myself.

Ahh, the power of candy.


It’s almost been a week since Tina and I made it official.

I can’t walk into my office without remembering what happened here and smiling. Who knew under that little sweet woman was a sexual vixen waiting to claw her way out. I can still smell her arousal and taste her sweet mouth. I like it, but sometimes being in here can be torture.

We haven’t had sex again since and it doesn’t bother me. Every day this week we’ve been having lunch together and sneaking kisses when we can. Everyone seems genuinely happy for us.

On Sunday night I told Ceecee that Tina and I were now together and she went ballistic. If she could use her legs she would’ve been jumping for joy. She twirled around me in her chair and was cheering for me. She said she knew we would end up together because the princess always finds her prince.

My little Cricket almost made me cry.

Ceecee asked if Tina was her Aunt now and I told her she wasn’t but she was still her fairy godmother, she seemed pleased by that. She can’t wait for Tina to come over again so she can have a girl talk with her.

God, my niece is adorable.

Speaking of adorable, I have big plans for Tina this weekend. It’s a covert operation and I’ve enlisted everyone’s help.

This weekend will be special. And Tina and I will be alone. Not that I didn’t enjoy sex on my desk, because it was out of this world. But I want to treat my woman better than that. She isn’t some club groupie; she’s my girlfriend. I want to let Tina know she’s special to me. I love Tina but I’m not ready to tell her that yet, when I think she’s ready to respond to it, that’s when I’ll tell her.

It’s not even been a week for Christ sake!

Max and the girls cover the transport side of things while Ghost and Trick make reservations for me.

This weekend is going to be good.

Just me and my girl.


I can’t stop smiling!

Gahh! Who knew Nik would be such a perfect boyfriend?

He looked like a crappy casual sex partner but I can already see that he treats me different than girls like Sissy. His eyes shine with adoration every time he looks at me and I’m afraid I’m just as gooey with him.

It’s Saturday night and the girls are here at the apartment getting ready. I could be wrong but it seems like the girls are a little quiet tonight.

Mimi, Lola, and Nat all keep sending each other secret smiles but I’m sure we’re all just happy because it’s Saturday and we’re going to The White Rabbit.

I’ve tried on three dresses and with every one of them, the girls found something wrong with it. Just as I’m about to shriek from frustration Mimi appears with a garment bag.

My hand goes to my chest and my eyes widen because I’m sure the garment bag says Armani on it.

Mimi, Lola, and Nat can’t contain their smiles and giggles. As Mimi walks further over to me with the bag, I back away from it. I finally reach the wall and Mimi makes her way towards me. Once in front of me, Nat and Lola hold the garment bag up by the sides and Mimi lowers the zip.

Oh My Freakin’ God!

I know this dress! I’ve seen it online and at the Armani store which I like to browse in on occasion. It’s a long tight black dress with an extremely low back. The design is simple and elegant. It’s beautiful!

I’m normally too short for these types of dresses but when Mimi holds it onto my body, it’s perfect. It looks as though it’s been made to my measurements.

I’m speechless.

My brow furrows; this is not clubbing wear. Why on earth would I wear such a classy dress to a club?

What is Nik thinking?

This is a three thousand dollar dress. I know this because I’ve looked at this dress many times.

The girls are ready and waiting on me. Nat does my makeup. A little more than what I’d normally wear. She applies a smoky grey shadow around the eyes and lots of mascara.

Lola does my hair. She leaves it mostly natural in my long, dark waves but slightly curls the ends and finishes with some product to keep it from frizzing.

Mimi slips the dress over my head, careful to avoid my makeup covered face. Then Nat and Lola hold my arms while Mimi slips on my stunning new black Valentino pumps.

They all stand back and look at me as if assessing me. I feel flushed and I’m nervous.

What the hell is going on?

Every time I ask questions all I get is “Patience is a virtue.”

Screw patience! I’m dying of curiosity. They won’t even let me look in a mirror until what Lola calls the final reveal.

I think I’m just about ready to go when Mimi comes up behind me and takes out my earrings.

Curioser and curioser.

I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Maybe The White Rabbit is the perfect place for me to be tonight.

Finally, I’m allowed to look in the floor length mirror. So I do.

And my heart stops.

I’m dying.

I’ve died.

Am I dead?

That woman in the mirror is not me. It can’t be. I’ve never been sexy. Not like this.

My three dearest friends are getting choked up behind me. Even Mimi fights tears. Unbelievable.

I take a closer look at myself.

I look like an actress at an awards ceremony. The long black dress has a small train at the back and this dress was definitely made for my measurements. I’m a little too bootylicious for these types of dresses to fit me properly. I look like a dark angel. The way Nat has done my makeup makes my normally light green eyes pop a vivid green apple color. Lola has parted my hair at the side. It falls in long, dark, sleek waves which end in curls at my hip. Thanks to Mimi I wear no jewellery but I look good.

They all silently cheer, clap and I hug them all tight and thank them.

When your friends are happy because of your happiness…those are true friends.

The doorbell rings and I look out the doorway to the direction of the front door.

All the girls squeal and jump up and down.

Now I’m really confused.

I’m even more confused when I’m blindfolded. I hear Max enter the apartment and whistle long and low. I feel him press his body to my side, kiss my cheek and he whisper in my ear, “T, you sure you’re with the right Leokov?”

I giggle at his silliness.

He tells the girls, “You all look beautiful tonight. I’ll see you all at the club. I have to take the princess to her prince.”