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Wiping the cut with gentle strokes, he blows on it and it makes my lady bits tremble. He smiles up at me and hands me the Band-Aid. I’m a little confused but I open it for him and see it’s a bright pink Barbie Band-Aid with flowers and hearts on it. I chuckle and hand it to him. He sticks it on and kisses my boo-boo gently.

He looks up at me smiling. After a long moment his face suddenly turns serious and he states, “You and me, Tina. It’s gonna happen.” I gasp softly. He smiles and continues on a whisper, “Mark my words, baby.”

Oh, wow!

I like how he said baby. All breathy and sexy. I like that he called me baby. My heart speeds up.

Nik holds my calf and plants soft, wet kisses up my leg. My breathing heavies and my eyes roll in to the back of my head. When he reaches my knee he says against it, “Tell me you want this as much as I do.”

I can’t believe my ears. I want to jump on the desk and do the Macarena!

But instead, I simply nod. He kisses my knee and I feel his tongue dart out to lick me there. He shakes his head slowly and quietly asks, “Nope. I need words, Tina. Do you want me?”

Hell yes!

My heart stops beating all together. I do want him. So damn much. And I’m scared but right now, I’m beyond that. I just want Nik in any way he’ll let me have him.

So I hold his eyes and whisper shakily, “I want you more than anything, Nik.”

His amber eyes flash and he stills for a long few seconds. Then he raises his head heavenward and yells out, “Thank Fuck!”

He stands and bends his tall, strong body over my sitting form forcing me to lean backwards and leaves me having to support myself back on my forearms so his face is right in mine. I expect him to kiss me but he doesn’t. Instead he runs his nose lightly along mine. I feel it though my veins, there is so much care in that gesture. His day old stubble rubs lightly on my cheek. I love it.

He says softly, “I don’t just want you in my dreams, baby. Been wanting you a long while.”

Fiddle sticks!

I whisper, “Niki.”

He puts his lips close to mine and breathes deep, “You’re all I think about.”

I feel the tingles start in my nose. A sure sign I’m going to bawl. “Stop.”

But he just keeps coming with the sweet, “I thought I needed a woman like you. Turns out I just needed you.”

My breath hitches. “Stop.”

What he says next melts my frozen heart.

“You’re it, Tina.”

I no longer have doubts.

My heart skips a beat and a whisper fiercely, “I want to kiss you. Real bad.”

I feel his smile half on my lips and cheek as he responds with, “Do it.”

I gulp hard and say, “Really?”

He nods.

I utter, “Oh, fudge. Okay.”

He moves his face slightly so his lips just touch mine. I move closer just a fraction and there it is. Connection.

And it jolts me. A kick start to my still heart.

I brush my lips softly against his and he makes a deep growling noise in his throat. My stomach clenches and my sex weeps with joy.

This is really happening. I’m not dreaming and Nik is awake!


I feel Nik’s mouth open against mine, he’s giving me permission to enter and I do. I lightly touch his tongue with mine and it’s incredible. He tastes so darn good. I press my mouth harder into his and reach up with one arm to circle his neck. I need to be closer to him.

I feel him use one hand to spread my knees apart and he moves between them bringing us even closer together. It’s then I remember I’m not wearing underwear tonight. But I’m having such a nice time nibbling at Nik’s honeyed mouth I can’t speak.

His crotch meets mine and we both moan into each other. He reaches behind me with both arms, one tangles in my hair holding it firm and the other slides down to my bottom and squeezes. It feels incredible. With his hand on my behind he pulls me into him while grinding against me. I feel how big and hard he is through his pants. I gasp at the friction it makes.

If we continue this way, I’ll come in mere seconds. I don’t know why this is a bad thing. I just don’t want Nik to stop. I want his hands everywhere.

I reach up with my free hand and wrap it around the back of his head then I circle his waist with my legs and hold on tight. One of my shoes has fallen off in the meantime. Nik groans into my mouth, I’m wrapped around him like a Koala bear. He puts both hands under my ass and lifts me up. He stands, turns us around and sits on the desk. He leans back slightly and I grind my bare sex onto his hard, covered bulge. He moans long.

He breathes heavily against my lips and whispers, “I have to touch you, baby.”

I nod and continue nibbling his lips and tongue. He tastes so damn good! Tonight he tastes like mint and aged whisky.


I pull his bottom lip into my mouth and suck on it. His hand tightens in my hair and I gasp. The slight pain makes my core dripping wet.

He reaches down between my legs and touches the bare and most intimate part of me. He lets go of my mouth a few seconds to yell out, “Fuck me! Baby, you’re killing me.” Then returns his mouth to mine and he runs a finger lightly up and down my shaved, wet cleft. I moan into him. His thumb finds my sensitive nub and works it in a gentle circular motion. I moan louder. I’m soaked and I’m sure the front of his pants are, too.

He stops kissing me and leans back to look at me through hooded eyes. He searches my face. I close my eyes and lift my head to the ceiling, my breathing is erratic and the tingles start low on my spine. The arm Nik holds me with tightens around me, he puts his mouth to my ear and whispers, “I want to watch you come, baby. This is mine. I earned it.”

I nod and open my half-lidded eyes to look into his. His eyes flash the color of warm honey. I feel the tingles become stronger on my lower spine and my mouth parts. The first contraction of my orgasm starts and I buck against his thumb. Nik smiles a sly smile and lowers his hand further. Before I can think he puts a finger deep inside of me and I explode.

“Oh, shit, oh god, oh, oh Nik!”

I pulse around his finger and I see his face bunch in an almost painful way. He rubs my back in a gentle and comforting way. My head lolls forward onto his shoulder. He keeps his finger inside me waiting for me to ride out the waves of my orgasm.

When at last I’m done, I peek up at him. He smiles a tender smile at me and removes his finger from inside of me. He brings his finger up to his mouth and sucks my essence off of it. My mouth parts slightly and my crotch contracts once more. I buck against him with wide eyes. And he smiles a small, sexy smile.

He brings his mouth to mine and says against my lips, “My baby likes that.”

Then he kisses me long and sweet. His tongue touches mine once more and I taste myself on him. It’s outrageously hot. I sigh lightly against his lips.

I don’t believe myself when I lower my hands and work on opening his leather belt. I’m out of control. I want to see him. Feel him.

He leans back with smiling eyes and lets me undo the buckle of his belt and the top button of his pants. I lower the zipper slowly and come into contact with his hot and hard erection.

He’s not wearing underpants either!

I lean back a little and look my fill.

It’s big. It’s long, really thick, hard as nails and beautiful.

Then I lean forward, put my head on his shoulder and cry.


What the hell just happened?

I make Tina come with my hand and it’s the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful.

The little minx isn’t wearing any underwear tonight. I almost came when I reached down to touch her and felt her naked soaking wet pussy. Better than any dream.

So soft, warm and tight as hell. I felt her come around my finger and I wanted to do a victory dance.

She’s mine now.

Then she undoes my pants, looks at my cock for a minute then bursts into tears.

I’m a little confused here.

I wrap her in a deep hug and say softly, “Baby, talk to me. What just happened?”

She looks up at me and she looks devastated. I think she regrets what just happened. If she does, I’ll probably go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge but it’ll be okay.

Her sweet, tear streaked face looks down at my somewhat deflated cock and she whispers brokenly “It- It- It- It’s not going to fit!” She finishes on a soft wail.

I have to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing out loud.

I love this girl. Completely. With all my heart and soul.

I look in her sad green eyes and state, “It will, sweetheart. If you want me in, I’ll get in.”

She looks into my eyes and says fiercely, “I do. I really do. I want it so bad.” I feel my cock inflate again.

I wipe under her eyes to remove those pesky tears then lean closer to her and run my nose up hers.

I whisper, “We don’t have to do this. What we did. That’s enough for me. I don’t want you to do this out of some crazy thought of obligation.”

She shakes her head and lowers her eyes. She leans closer so her forehead touches mine and whispers back, “I dream about you, too.”

I lift my head suddenly and she smiles shyly. She says softly, “I want you, Nik. Please, please don’t stop now.”

Who could deny a request like that?

Wide eyed, I say, “I’ll never deny you, baby. Not ever.” And I mean it. She could ask for anything and I’d do everything in my power to get it for her.

My cock is harder than a rock and ready to go. I slide my hands under her delicious ass and lift her slightly. I prod at her slick entrance and lean back on the desk. I hold her hips in my hands and lower her onto my length.

I knew she would be tight but this is ridiculous. She feels like a warm, silken glove. So good, I’m worried I’ll embarrass myself and come like a teenager.

The head of my cock slips into her and she sighs. It’s a really nice sound. Her eyes are half-mast and she’s beautifully flushed.

I knew she’d look like that when she came.

Inch by torturous inch goes in as I lower her. She moans and I stop half way. It’s killing me but I have to ask her if she’s okay.

She lifts her eyes to me when I stop. I ask a straining ,“How does it feel, baby?”

She looks irritated, slaps my shoulder and shouts, “Keep going, Niki! God!”

I chuckle and grant her wish. I hold her hips firmly and thrust up while pulling her down into me.

Oh, dear god in heaven.

She’s fully seated on me. She moans loudly and closes her eyes in ecstasy.

This makes me happy.

I’m right there with her.

I wait a few seconds for her to adjust to the extremely snug fit then use my hands on her hips to move her up and down on my hard member.

So tight and slick.

Her body is lax but her pussy is tightening around me.

Fuck me!

If she comes now I’ll come right with her. Not sure why this is a bad thing. I’m finally with Tina. I’ll take her any way I can get her. I love her.

Tina’s eyes widen and she reaches up to place her hands flat on my chest, without warning she grinds against me and it feels so fucking amazing. I loosen my hold on her hips and she takes over. Using the desk for balance she rides me in a great rhythm. Up, down, grind.

Sex with Tina is even better than I ever imagined. She’s incredible.

I feel it building. My climax nears. I just hope Tina will be right there with me. If her moans are anything to go off, I’d say she’s close. Her pussy contracts once around me and I lean up to take her mouth in a hard and demanding kiss.

She moans into my mouth and it sounds like mmmm mmmmmmmm.


I suck her tongue and she gasps. Her pussy becomes impossibly snug as she meets her release. I feel her throb tightly around my cock. She moans, bucks, and grinds against me. It’s unbelievable.

I’m right there with her. I put an arm around her lower back to hold her as I thrust up into her. I feel the familiar prickling along my spine. I thrust faster, harder and reach higher, higher, higher into bliss. My balls tighten. The floodgates open. I groan into her mouth and begin coming and with every pulse of my orgasm I shoot into her. She sucks on my bottom lip and I feel it in my cock. I buck up into her.

Her kisses slow and I feel my body slacken. I’m in such a state of pleasure; I don’t know where I am or what day it is.

Seriously, best sex ever.

This girl will be the death of me.


Still seated on Nik I feel him soften slightly in me.

Best sex ever!

I’m in a dreamland. Completely relaxed and utterly spent. Still, we can’t take our mouths off of each other.

We kiss softly and sip at one another’s lips. It’s perfect.

I feel loved.

I’ve never felt this way about another person before. Not even Jace. And I thought I loved him.

Nik lies flat back on the desk and pulls me down with him so we don’t break our tender kisses. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable but he doesn’t say a thing. My knees, which are aching from the position, surround his hips and we’re impossible close together. Neither of us wants to disconnect from the other. Both my hands are on his chest and under them I feel his heavy breathing soften and his heart beat calm.

He whispers against my lips, “Missed out.”


I’m suddenly confused and slightly panicky. I thought the sex was pretty darn awesome. What does he mean missed out?

I lift my head a little and peer into his eyes which are soft and the color of fine whisky.

He clarifies, “Two years. Missed out on you. ”

Oh my!

I think I’m going to cry. I bite my bottom lip and my eyes mist.

I grip his lapels, sniffle, and lower my head. I run my nose up his and use his tender gesture to show him what I feel.

He got me.

Nik sighs softly and says against my mouth, “Doesn’t matter. I got you now, Tina. You’re mine.”

Happiness seeps through me and warmth spread in my belly. How this happened, I’ll never know. But I’m grateful.