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And no one is better than Blake.

“The wine pairing with this is the pinot gris?” I ask and sip the delicious wine.

“It is.” Blake nods and takes a few bites of the salad, seemingly satisfied with the outcome.

“I love it all so far,” Meg says with a grin and looks up to Will. “What about you?”

“I love it too.” He grins and leans down to kiss her lips softly. “Whatever you want, babe. You know that.”

“Now we begin with the entrée. First we’ll try the salmon.” Blake nods at the lead server. “This is a grilled copper king salmon with tomatoes, balsamic marinated mushrooms and pancetta salad, paired with Dom’s merlot.”

We all cut into the flakey salmon and moan in elation. Blake does food so well.

“Oh my God,” Meg mutters with a moan and braces her hand on her chest. The rock on her finger sparkles.

“Keep moaning like that, Megan, and we’ll leave before the next course.” Will doesn’t look down at Meg, but she blushes furiously and squirms in her seat. I have to bite my lips to keep from laughing out loud. I love how the Montgomery and Williams men aren’t afraid to make it clear that they not only love their women, they can’t get enough of them physically.

They are in a league all their own.

“And now the filet,” Blake says, his eyes also full of humor. “I had these prepared medium. It’s served with a blackberry cabernet sauce and baked potato.”

The beef cuts like butter, making us all sigh in pleasure.

“And the wine?” Meg asks.

“Dom’s cabernet sauvignon.”

Meg takes a few bites of the beef and potato and closes her eyes as she raises her wine glass to her lips. “This was so good.”

Will has managed, of course, to clear every plate presented before him. He’s only sipped the wine though, choosing to drink water instead.

“We have a surprise,” I reply with a grin as the servers clear our plates.

“There’s more?” Meg asks with wide hazel eyes. “My belly is full.”

“I think you’ll have room for this.” The waiters return and set plates before each of us with four mini cupcakes on each one.

“You got Nic to make our cupcakes?” Meg asks, referring to Nic Dalton, the owner of Succulent Sweets, and Will’s brother, Matt’s, girlfriend.

“Yes, she made mini ones for the tasting today, so you could taste them after you’ve had the meal. All four of the flavors you chose are there. Lemon raspberry,” I point to each flavor as I name it. “Tiramisu, Death by Chocolate and vanilla with vanilla frosting.”

“And Dom has paired them with a late harvest Riesling,” Blake adds. “It’s sweet and will go nicely with any of these flavors.”

“Wow,” Meg mutters and she takes a bite of the raspberry lemon and sips her wine. “That’s amazing.”

“Megan,” Will sighs and clenches his eyes shut. Meg giggles and licks the frosting off the chocolate cupcake, looking up at Will with wide, innocent eyes, clearly just egging him on.

“What did I do?”

Will laughs and eats the remaining cupcakes on his plate, then wipes his mouth. “I think I’ll take you home and show you what you’ve done.”

Meg raises a brow. “Sounds fun.”

“Oh, it’s gonna be more than fun.” Will turns hot blue eyes on me and I can’t help but bite my lip. The Montgomery men are hot, but add turned on and they’re just…wow. “Do we have anything else we need to discuss today?”

“I take it you both approve of the menu?” I ask, and sip my Riesling, as I look through the catering contract on my iPad.

“I love it,” Meg confirms.

“We’re still waiting on some of the RSVP’s,” I inform them with a shrug. “But that’s not uncommon. Most people hold onto them past the due date.”

“How many do you have so far?”

“We have 232 confirmed yes,” I reply, and Meg gasps as Will shrugs.

“That’s a lot of people.” Meg glances nervously at Will. “This is going to be really expensive.”

Will chuckles and kisses Meg’s forehead softly. “It won’t break us.”

“I can cut back on the flowers.”

Blake and I share a glance, thinking we should leave and let them talk, but Will just laughs and leans in to whisper in Meg’s ear. Her worried face relaxes and she bites her lip and nods as Will kisses her temple and pulls away, shaking his head as though he finds her adorable.

“We’re good. I keep having moments of panic,” she admits. “And then Will has to talk me down from the ledge.”

“Perfectly normal,” I reply with a smile. “This is a big deal.”

“Yeah.” Meg nods and takes another sip of wine. “Emphasis on big. But Will’s team is big, we have a big family and lots of friends. I have so many colleagues and friends from the hospital. I don’t want to leave anyone out.”

“Hey, you should celebrate with everyone you love.” Blake smiles kindly at Meg, and I remember why I love him so much. He’s a nice guy.

“Thank you.” She smiles back at him and then glances up at Will who has continued to watch her. “So, we’re meeting on Wednesday out at the vineyard?”

“Yes. We’ll walk through and talk about the set up and all of the final details. But you don’t have anything to worry about. All of the vendors are ready and the food is now approved and ready to go. The hard part is over.”

Meg’s smile is wide and happy. “Okay. We’re getting married.”

“Thank God. This has been the longest engagement on record.” Will scowls down at Meg, who just laughs and rubs her hand along his rock-hard arm.

“It’s almost over, football star.”

“Let’s go home.”

Hugs and handshakes are exchanged, and as Will and Meg turn to leave, I return to my seat, sip my wine, and ask Blake to look over the final contract with me.

He steps behind me and rubs my shoulders as we read through it together and I melt back against him. “So, this price point should work up to 250 guests. But I need you to work up the additional price, should it go as high as 300.”

“There are still that many RSVP’s out there?”


“Hey, what are you doing here, man?” I hear Will say as he and Meg reach the lobby.

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