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“True.” Emily holds her fist out to bump mine and grins. “Have a good time with the hot Will Montgomery.”

“I will. I’ll have my cell on me if you need me.”

“Back at ya.”

With that, Emily climbs into her Honda Civic and drives away. I pause and take a deep breath before I jump into my SUV and head toward Olympia. It’s still early, but that’s okay.

I should be early for something today.


“You look…interesting.” Blake, the caterer and my best friend, cocks his head to the side and watches me with humor-filled eyes as I walk into his office and sit on the edge of the chair across from his with as much dignity as I can muster.

“Fuck you.” I smile sweetly and pull my iPad out of my handbag.

“We’ve been there, done that. I think you still have some of my T-shirts.”

“I sleep in them,” I remind him, and bring my iPad to life, thumbing through client files until I find McBride-Montgomery Wedding. “But if you want them back, you can have them.”

“I don’t give a shit about the shirts.” I glance up to find his chocolate brown gaze watching me. Blake is a looker. He’s no Dominic Salvatore, but then, few are. Blake is tall and thin. His arms are muscular, thanks to all of those hours in the kitchen. He has a solid, square jaw and short dark blond hair. He’s the only person I’ve ever allowed myself to fully trust in my life.

“Are you ready for Will and Meg?” I ask, hoping to change the subject.

“I’m ready for you to tell me what’s up with you today. And what’s up with your hair?”

“It’s not that bad.” I roll my eyes, but Blake smirks.

“It’s not your usual perfect. Which means you were flustered this morning.”

“It’s just been a shitty day. Bad hair day. Broke the heel of my shoe.” I pout, making Blake grin.

“The expensive ones?”

“They’re all expensive.”

He smirks again. Blake is good at smirking. He can be an arrogant ass. “Is that all?”

“Got a speeding ticket and I was almost an hour late meeting a client.”

“Wow.” The humor leaves his face and he quirks a brow. “Bad day.”

“Yeah.” I clear my throat and glance back down at my iPad.

“Been happening a lot lately.”

I ignore him and stare blindly at the words on the pad in my lap. He’s right. I’ve been off my game for the past few months, and I don’t know why. Life is good. My business is thriving. I love it. I have a beautiful condo right on the water of the Puget Sound and good friends.

But something feels…off.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“I really just want to talk about Will and Meg, Blake. They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“I have the staff in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the dishes we already talked about. The wine is corked and ready. We’re ready.”



Megan McBride’s voice calls out from the lobby of Blake’s offices. I jump up, happy to see her, and grateful for the change in subject. I join her and Will, with Blake on my heels.

“Hi guys.” I smile and hug Meg and offer Will my hand to shake, but he just laughs and pulls me in for a big hug too. He’s surprisingly gentle for such a big man. Standing at least six foot four, he’s nothing but pure muscle and mischievous bright blue eyes. Will is my favorite of the brothers because of his fun-loving attitude and sense of humor.

Meg is a lucky woman.

“Sorry we’re early,” Meg says with a shrug.

“I’m always early when food is involved,” Will adds, and rubs his hands together. “Bring it on.”

“He’s so classy.” Meg shakes her head and slips her arm through Will’s and kisses his bicep.

“We’re almost ready,” Blake says, and motions for Meg and Will to follow us into the dining room. Blake’s staff has set it up to look exactly like the tables that Meg has chosen for her reception, complete with the centerpiece of her flowers of choice.

“Oh, babe! Look how pretty it is.” Meg grins and reaches out to touch an orange tiger lily.

“Have a seat.” I sit and lay the linen napkin in my lap and grin at the happy couple. Meg is oohing and ahing over the flowers, the china, even the party favors at each place, and Will is watching her with soft, love-filled eyes.

The Montgomery family almost makes me believe that true love really exists.

“Okay, first we have the Dungeness crab cakes with Washington apple slaw paired with Dominic’s Riesling.” The servers take their place to each of our left, and then in perfect synchronization, lower our plates before us.

“Wow, this looks amazing.” Meg grins and raises her fork, then laughs when she glances up at Will, only to find he’s already eaten one whole crab cake. “Good?”

“Mm…” He rolls his eyes and digs into the next one. “Good call on going with the Pacific Northwest menu, babe.”

“But we added the steak for those who don’t like fish,” she adds, looking to Blake for confirmation.

“Yes, you’ll get to taste both the salmon and the filet mignon today as well.”

“Oh, God, I won’t be able to eat it all. I have to fit into my wedding dress in two weeks.”

“Just take a bite or two of each,” I suggest with a smile. “Blake won’t be offended. That way you can taste everything and approve it for your guests.”

“Good idea.”

“I’ll be eating it all,” Will informs us and sips his wine. “I don’t have to fit into a dress. Damn, this wine is good.”

“Crab cakes and slaw are a thumbs up,” Meg agrees and sips her wine.

“Ready for what comes next?” Blake asks, and Meg and Will both nod. Blake signals the servers to return with the salad course. “Okay, here we have a grilled chicken salad with mandarin orange vinaigrette.” The servers again go through the ritual of setting our plates before us in perfect synchronization.

“Oh, yum,” Meg whispers, and digs in to her salad. “So good.” Will nods, his mouth too full to speak. Blake and I wink at each other. Blake is a master in the kitchen and my caterer of choice, especially for big events like this one.

Will Montgomery’s wedding is going to be all over the news and in every major magazine there is. This is a huge deal for all of the vendors involved, including me. It’s important that I only work with established vendors who are at the top of their game.

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