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Before she can recover completely, I stand and swoop her up into my arms and carry her to the bed, lay her on her back and cover her completely, my pelvis nestled between her legs, my pulsing cock cradled in her folds. I brush her hair off her cheeks as she stares up at me, trying to catch her breath.

“That was one.”

“One what?” she asks breathlessly.

“One orgasm.”

“You’re counting?” She giggles, which makes her core flex against my cock, stealing my breath.

“Oh, yes, I’m counting. You won’t have the brain cells to keep track.”

“How many are we going for?” She pushes her fingers into my hair, brushing it off my forehead. Nothing’s ever felt so good. I love the way she touches me.

“As many as possible.”

“I’m good with one.” She shrugs one shoulder, but I smile down at her.

“I’m not.” I rest my lips against hers, brushing back and forth. I pull my hips back and the tip of my cock is just about to slip inside her when her eyes go wide.


“What? What’s wrong?”


I lean my forehead against hers with a frustrated groan. “I wasn’t exactly expecting this.”

“I’ve had an IUD for a while. I can’t get pregnant. Are you clean?”

“As a whistle.”

A soft smile spreads over her gorgeous face as her hands glide down my back, grip onto my ass, under the elastic of my shorts, since I didn’t take the time to remove them, and she pulls me inside her in one long, slow motion, making us both moan and shudder.

“So tight,” I whisper, keeping as still as possible. My fingers brush down her cheeks, and I can’t help but let my lips dance over hers lightly as her body stretches and adjusts to me. “So fucking small.”

“I think you’re just big,” she replies with a laugh, hitching her legs up around my hips, opening herself wider, and making me swear under my breath. I can’t help it, I have to move; I have to feel how it is to slip in and out of her hot, wet flesh.

“Si sente così fottutamente incredibile.” Dio, I can’t hold back.

“English,” she says with a breathless laugh.

“Mi dispiace.” I laugh and shake my head. “I’m sorry. I said, you’re so fucking amazing.”

“Oh, I like that,” she says, and braces her hands on my chest.

“God, you make me forget my English. I’ve never forgotten my English.”

I want to lift up and look between us, to watch my cock surge in and out of her, but I can’t resist covering her and kissing her, holding her beautiful face in my hands as my hips pick up speed.

I feel her tense up, her pussy is milking my cock for all it’s worth, and I know she’s about to fall over the ledge into another orgasm.

“Go,” I whisper against her lips. “Go.”

“Oh, my God,” she whimpers.

“Si,” I reply.

She shakes her head back and forth and stares up at me almost desperately as her pussy clamps down and the ripples start. Her back arches and I take one of her nipples into my mouth and roll the tip with my tongue as she cries out, bursting with pure energy.

“That’s two,” I say with a growl, pull out of her and flip her over onto her stomach. I shimmy out of my shorts impatiently and straddle her legs, spread her ass cheeks, and guide my cock back inside her, making her cry out, and I almost explode as she clamps around me.

Not yet.

I begin to fuck her in earnest, my hips hitting her ass hard. I brush her hair off her back, exposing one shoulder and lean over to bite her, where her neck and her shoulder meet, and her pussy spasms around me again.

Her neck is her sweet spot.

I grin and repeat the motion, careful not to leave marks. Her hips surge up, arching her back beautifully. I grasp one hip in my hand to hold her still as I fuck her hard, and feel my balls tighten and lift; the base of my spine tingles, and I know I’m about to lose it.

“Come again, Alecia,” I order her with a firm voice. She gasps and clenches around me. “Again,” I repeat as I push in as far as I can and hold firm. “Now!”

She cries out as the third orgasm takes her over, and I come with her, hard.



Dios, what has she done to me?

When I can breathe again, I pull out of her and return to the bathroom, wet a cloth and when I walk back to the bedroom, I smile when I see she hasn’t moved an inch.

“Did you fall asleep?” I ask softly, and press the warm cloth between her legs, startling her.

“What are you doing?”

“Cleaning you up,” I reply calmly. She sighs and lets me finish wiping her clean, and then I toss the cloth on the floor and rejoin her. “How do you feel?”

“Thoroughly fucked,” she replies with a grin as I push her onto her side so I can slide next to her on my back and pull her against me, her head resting on my chest. I sink my fingers in her hair and watch the blonde strands sift through my fingers.

“Well, you were thoroughly fucked,” I reply with a smile.

“It was rather unexpected,” she says softly.

“You asked what the Italian home remedy is for sexual frustration. I thought it best to just go ahead and show you.”

“Mm,” she murmurs. I can feel her smile against my chest. “I was so pissed.”

“So I saw.” I kiss her head and take a deep breath of her citrusy shampoo. “You seem to be calmer now.”

“Mm,” she murmurs again.

“It’s going to be a pleasure keeping you on your toes.” I can’t help but smile at the thought.

“Yeah, right,” she replies, and nuzzles her nose against my chest, making my cock stir.

“Just wait and see, tesoro.”

She takes a deep breath and drags her leg up mine, linking them together. Her arm is draped around my stomach and her ear is pressed to my heart.

I’m content to simply lie with her, brushing my fingers through her hair. I’m exhausted, but I don’t want to sleep.

I’m finally in Alecia’s bed, and I don’t plan to miss a moment of it.

“I should go to sleep,” she whispers against my skin. I grin and kiss her head.

“Go ahead.”

She tenses, every muscle in her body waking up, and she lifts her head to frown at me.

“We’re not sleeping together.”

Blow to the gut.

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