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I pace back toward Dom and immediately regret it when I see his eyes narrow and his biceps bulge when he crosses his arms again.

“I lost the wedding with Tonya. Yes, she’s a first class pain in the ass, but the commission was good.”

I pace away again.

“I hurt Blake’s feelings, and I never hurt his feelings. I sometimes forget that he has feelings. And I was insensitive and bitchy with him, and he didn’t deserve it.”

I turn back to Dom, all riled up and unable to stop the purging of words out of my mouth.

“And here you are, all sexy and funny and kind, and you make my body crazy! I’m so sexually frustrated I can’t fucking see straight.”

My chest is heaving with labored breaths as I stare at him, mortified that I said what I just did, and still pissed off.

Suddenly, he walks to me with measured, carefully controlled steps and lays his hand on my hip, urging me toward him.

“Do you think you’re the only one, cara?” His eyes drop to my lips and then return to mine. “I’ve wanted you since the minute I saw you.”

He’s backed me up, like he did earlier in the sunroom, and suddenly my hips are pressed into the vanity.

“Why?” I whisper.

“I recognized you, and I’d never seen you before. My body yearns for you. I can’t get enough of your laughter. And if I don’t get my hands in your fucking hair right now, I’ll go out of my fucking mind.”

With my eyes pinned to his, I reach up and pull the knot out of my hair and let it fall around my shoulders. Dominic takes a long, deep breath as he pushes his hands gently into it at the base of my neck and tilts my head back.

“If you’re going to say no, say it now, Alecia.”

Chapter Seven


Her eyes dilate as her chest heaves with her labored breathing, and I’ve never seen anything so fucking sexy in all of my life. Her body is on fire, pressed against mine. My hands are fisted in her long, soft hair, tugging her head back so I can look into her chocolate brown eyes.

She swallows hard and licks her lips, and my sanity is holding on by a fucking thread.

I tilt my head down, but don’t kiss her. Not yet. My lips are hovering over hers, my nose brushes lightly over the tip of hers, and her eyes flutter.

“Yes or no, cara?”


“Answer me.”

“Yes!” She surges up and takes my lips with hers in a frustrated kiss, plants one hand on the nape of my neck, keeping my lips over hers, and her other small hand goes on a long journey all over my bare torso, down my chest, across my stomach and around my side to my back, then around again, as though she just can’t wait to touch me everywhere, all at once.

And fuck if I don’t feel exactly the same way.

I boost her up onto the vanity, then brush her hair back over her shoulders and allow my hands to travel down her arms and up under the thin material of her white tank top.

She’s not wearing a fucking bra.

I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, and then my thumbs brush over her hard nipples and her hips surge against my pelvis, and that’s it.

Game over.

She manages to reach into the waistband of my gym shorts and tug them down around the middle of my ass, just far enough to unleash my cock, and my eyes cross as she pumps my dick in two long, fluid motions.

“Jesus, Alecia.” My voice is rough.

“Your skin is dark everywhere,” she murmurs, her eyes watching the hand that’s wrapped around my shaft. I’m not going to last if she keeps this up.

I take her hands in mine, kiss them both, then pin them behind her back, thrusting her breasts high, perfect for my lips.

“Wanna touch you,” she gasps, then lets her head fall back on a long moan as I pull one perfect nipple into my mouth and suck, then release it with a loud pop before turning my attention to the other one.

“Love your tits, cara,” I whisper. I glance up to find her eyes closed and her bottom lip clenched between her teeth. Her tank is pushed up above her breasts, under her armpits, and her hips are moving in a rhythmic circle.

I cup her sex, over her yoga shorts and grin when she gasps and gazes up at me with wide eyes.

“You like that?”

“Touch me,” she whispers.

“Oh, I plan to do a whole lot more than that,” I reply, releasing her hands. She immediately braces herself on my arms as I reach between her legs and rip her shorts and panties right off her, leaving them in shreds under her sweet ass.

“I would have taken them off for you,” she says with a wry grin.

“No time,” I reply, and take my cock in my hand, but instead of plunging right inside her, I drag the tip of my cock through her wet folds, up around her clit and back down again, and then I let it simply rest against her pussy and lean in to take her mouth again.

I thrust my hips against her, nudging her clit with every push, making her squirm and clench her legs around my hips, her hands on my back, pulling me closer against her.

But I’m not sinking inside her. Not yet.

“Dom,” she says with a growl.


“Inside. Me. Now.”

“Not yet.”

“Oh, my God!” she cries as I fall to my knees, spread her wide, and feel my heart stutter.

Mother of God, she’s stunning.

She covers her stomach with one hand and balances herself on the other, and I frown up at her in confusion.

“That’s not my best side,” she says, her cheeks reddening.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

She’s self-conscious?

I take her hand and press a wet kiss to her palm, then press it against my cheek as I stare up into her deep brown eyes, full of lust and excitement, and just a little fear.

“You’re beautiful, tesoro. Don’t hide from me.”

I lift up and kiss her breasts, down her stomach to her navel and over the slight swell of her abdomen to her bare pussy, and just when I rest my lips against her clit, her hips pulse again and she buries her hands in my hair, keeping me pressed against her sex.

I take a deep breath, inhaling the musky scent of her, and kiss her long and deep, dragging my tongue through her folds and plucking her lips with mine, until she’s about to fall off the bathroom vanity.

“Dominic,” she moans. Her thighs are beginning to shake uncontrollably, and I know she’s close.

I push one finger into her wet pussy and clamp my lips around her clit, and she comes spectacularly, crying out, and pulling my hair. It’s the most amazing reaction I’ve ever witnessed.

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