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She grew wetter at the thought of him taking her here on his desk. They’d never actually done that before and now probably wasn’t the time considering how sore she was, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t use his chair.

Smiling against his mouth, she reached between them and tugged his belt free, loving that she could illicit this reaction in him.

“You’re still healing,” he muttered against her mouth, but there was no heat in his words as she pulled his zipper down.

“It hurts not having you inside me.” When she went to grasp his boxers, she realized he was commando. Pulling back, she looked down at his gorgeous cock which had sprung free, then she met his gaze. “Why aren’t you wearing boxers?”

He actually looked sheepish, like a kid caught doing something wrong. “I was hopeful that you’d be feeling better today.”

It warmed her heart that he’d planned on this too. They had some issues to work through but nothing was insurmountable if they were both willing to put in the effort. And she understood that sex couldn’t fix everything, but the fact that they were so compatible in this area meant a hell of a lot. His need for her made her feel wanted and cherished. The way Harrison had always looked at her was so different than the way any man ever had.

As he continued kissing her, he cupped her mound and slid a finger along her slit. He didn’t penetrate immediately, but instead teased her opening before pushing inside her, testing her slickness. He groaned against her mouth while he slowly dragged his finger against her inner walls.

Clenching around him, she silently begged for more. As if he read her mind, he slid another one into her wetness. She lifted up onto her knees, wanting to place her breasts in his line of sight. Right now she was feeling needy and a little bit desperate for him and had no problem letting him know exactly what she wanted.

He chuckled lightly as he pulled his mouth from hers. “Always so impatient.”

“At least I’m honest about what I want during sex.”

A low rumble reverberated in his chest as he took one of her nipples between his teeth. He pressed down with enough pressure that she was squirming in his lap, trying to grind against his fingers, but he held her hip in that immovable and completely possessive grip that she so loved.

Even when she was on top, he was all about the control.

She clutched his shoulder with one hand and reached for his cock with her other. As he lazily flicked his tongue over her nipple, she grasped his hard length. Caressing him just as slowly as he seemed intent to tease her, she smiled when he made a growling sound against her breast.

Yeah, two could play that game. She might be impatient by nature, but she could tease him right back. Tightening her grip around him, she stroked him from his shaft to the head of his cock. She wanted to take him in her mouth, but she could sense the untamed energy humming through him and knew he wouldn’t let her go down on him right now. Each time she drew her hand up his shaft, his hips jerked unsteadily.

“I want you in me,” she whispered as he switched breasts.

Running his tongue around her areola, he barely paused as he withdrew his fingers and impaled himself in her. She arched her back, pushing her breast farther into his mouth as he completely filled her. His cock stretched and pushed deep, stealing her breath. Panting in shallow breaths, she remained still as she got used to his size again. A week without sex with him and her body always needed to adjust.

He sucked hard on her nipple, the sharp action dragging another moan from her.

“I really am sorry…I didn’t tell you…about past,” she gasped out as he pinched her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The action made her clit pulse.

His other hand clasped around her hip, holding her still when she would have started riding him. Then he looked up at her, his dark eyes bright with hunger. “You don’t have to say you’re sorry anymore. We’re going to work through this.” He rolled his hips against hers suddenly, pushing deeper and filling her with more pleasure than she’d thought possible.

Her inner walls molded around him perfectly. No matter how many times they made love, she never got tired of him or the way he made her feel. She might have been too scared to admit who she was to Harrison, but her body had always felt safe with him. Had always known he would never let her down.

And he hadn’t.

It touched her on the deepest level that her control freak of a husband was willing to go to counseling with her. He wanted to make this work as much as she did. Unbelievable warmth and joy spread through her at the knowledge.

As he pumped into her again, his hand loosened around her hip and she let go of the thin thread of her own control and started riding him. The chair made soft squeaking sounds as they found their perfect rhythm. When he rubbed his thumb over her clit, she lost it, her orgasm shattering through her, sending spirals of pleasure to all her nerve endings.

Her husband was right there with her, shouting her name before slanting his mouth over hers. He kissed her hungrily as he came inside her, hot and long.

She wrapped her good arm around him and let her left one fall between them as she pulled his head to her chest and laid her cheek against the top of his head. His hot breath against her breast tickled, making a soft laugh escape.

“Laughing while I’m inside you?” he murmured before lightly pinching her butt.

“Oh, hush.” She kissed the top of his head, feeling rejuvenated and, for the first time in her life, at peace with the world. It didn’t matter what she and Harrison had to face. As long as she had her husband by her side, she knew she had a place where she belonged in the world. No matter what, from this moment on no one could ever take that away from her.