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Mara didn’t respond, but her breathing grew erratic as she watched him through heavy lidded eyes. That was the only response he needed. Her acquiescence.

Moving off the bed, he scooped her up and stalked to their bedroom. Where she should have been sleeping anyway. The bed had been so damn cold without her in it. He probably wouldn’t have heard her cry out if he hadn’t been up and pacing, fighting the growing need to go to her. Guilt gnawed at him for locking the door on her earlier. It was fucked up even if she had lied to him. She was still his wife and this was her home.

When they reached the bedroom, his entire body flared to life at the sight of their large bed. The simple blue and white covers were already pulled back and most of the pillows shoved onto the floor.

He set her on her feet by the foot of the bed and didn’t waste any time drawing her T-shirt over her head. At the moment, he didn’t have much patience.

Her nipples hardened under his intense stare and when she went to cover her breasts, his head jerked up. “What are you doing?” he demanded.

“Are you okay? You look…” She trailed off, her expression wary.

Though she didn’t voice it, he could guess how he appeared. Fucking hungry as hell for her. God, he wanted to kiss and lick every inch of her. Make her scream his name as she climaxed. He needed to hear his name on her lips so bad his body was pulled taut with an intense aching hunger.

Leaning down, he captured one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking hard so that she gasped and arched her back, pushing deeper against him. He splayed his palm against her back, holding her in place while he licked and teased the hardened bud.

Her fingers clutched his shoulders as she squirmed, clearly eager for more. He almost smiled against her skin. She had a love-hate relationship with foreplay. She loved what he did to her body, but she was always so impatient.

Grabbing her ass, he lifted her up against him, letting her covered pussy rub against his cock. He crawled up the mattress with her clutching onto him until her head was closer to the headboard.

“You don’t get to cover yourself in front of me. Ever.” The territorial male was out in full force now, and there was no putting him back on a leash.

Her green eyes flared with lust as she outstretched her arms to either side of her head toward the headboard. The submissive action nearly undid him because it was so rare. Normally she liked to be coaxed into it or taken by surprise. Whenever she gave up her control so quickly, it pushed his need to the limit.

“You’re sure?” he asked quietly. He’d restrained her too many times to count, but he knew she had to be feeling raw right now and no matter how much he needed to exert his dominance, he couldn’t take advantage of her.

“No matter what, I know you’d never hurt me.” There was so much trust in her gaze, his throat tightened.

Beyond words at the moment, he reached over the headboard and pulled up one of the restraints he’d installed. They were impossible to see since they fell back behind the bed when not in use. Attached to a sturdy cord was a leather cuff lined with a silky material. He would never understand why anyone used metal handcuffs. They abused the skin and the last thing he ever wanted to do was mar her soft flesh.

He secured the first, then the second around her other wrist. With her arms pulled up and out, she was like an offering splayed out for him alone. Her pale pink nipples were beaded and she kept shifting against the bed, as if she was uncomfortable, but he knew exactly what she was doing. Her pussy ached and his impatient wife was trying to get relief.

Letting his gaze trail down the length of her slim, pale body his mouth actually watered. He never knew where to start with her. It didn’t matter that they’d been together almost two years, he always felt like a randy teenager. He loved claiming every part of her delectable body. Reaching between her legs, he cupped her and couldn’t hide his grin. Even through the material he could feel how damp she was. Grinding the heel of his palm against her cleft, he shuddered as she rolled her hips upward, into his hold.

Mara might hate the distance that had grown between her and her husband, especially since it was her own doing, but she loved it when Harrison got near his breaking point. When he needed to exert control and restrain her.

It guaranteed they’d both end up sweaty and sated. Eventually.

Because he definitely liked to drag sex out most of the time. It was all about that control for him. She wasn’t sure if he needed to prove something to himself or what, but it was incredibly hot and he always made sure she climaxed at least twice. She’d found that she craved that dominant side to him. It seemed to calm something inside him whenever she gave up control and that alone gave her pleasure because he needed it. Needed her.

As he pressed his palm against her slick body, she tried to mentally will him to do more. His dark eyes narrowed on her and a slow, seductive grin spread across his face. “So impatient,” he murmured.

She was and he loved to capitalize on that. She rolled her hips again, urging him on but he just withdrew his hand.

Shifting position, he straddled her, placing his hands on either side of her head and caging her in. He wore a simple black T-shirt and striped blue and black boxers. What she wouldn’t give to see more of his body.

“At least take off your shirt.” Maybe she should be embarrassed at the breathless, almost desperate quality of her demand, but she rarely felt self-conscious around him. And she wanted him to know how much she needed him physically. While she knew he needed more than just the physical aspect right now, it was the one thing she could show him immediately.

His eyes darkened as he quickly stripped his shirt. She stared at his broad, muscular chest and instinctively struggled against the bonds on her wrists, wanting to touch him. Oh, how she wanted to feel all that strength under her fingertips, but she enjoyed the struggle and her eventual surrender.

Before she could complain, he leaned down and lightly brushed his lips over hers. When she tried to deepen the kiss, he lifted back slightly and shook his head before he brushed his lips over hers again.

The teasing action had her inner walls clenching and her nipples tightening painfully. She wanted so much more and she knew he was enjoying teasing her. It was heightening her desire that much more and part of her wondered if he was reaffirming their bond. It felt like that to her, but she was too afraid to read too much into this, especially if it was just physical for him.

He moved lower down her body, brushing feather light kisses along her jaw and collarbone until finally he hovered over one of her nipples. His warm breath tickled her, and she arched her back.

Thankfully he took mercy on her and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth with a sharp action that had her clit pulsing out of control. Oh yeah, when he finally stimulated her there, she’d be done in seconds. When she went to wrap her legs around him, he lifted his head, then reached back and grasped her ankles.

He slowly shook his head. “Trying to get off on your own?”

Her face flushed because that was exactly what she’d wanted to do. All she would have had to do was grind against his cock and even through their clothes, she would climax. Harrison had the ability to prime her body in a way no one else could.

“Do I need to restrain your ankles?” he asked quietly.

“No.” She was surprised he hadn’t to start with.

“Oh, I think I do.” There was pure sex and sin in his voice as he slid off the bed and pulled up the restraints.

“One of these days I’m going to restrain you to the bed and tease you until you’re begging for it.” As soon as the words were out, she wanted to take them back. They implied they had a future and there would be more times like this between them. When the truth was, she didn’t know.

Harrison paused after snapping her second ankle in place, the look he gave her unreadable. But then he grinned and climbed back onto the bed. “First you’d have to restrain me and that’s not happening. And even if you somehow managed to, you have no patience. You’d be riding me and coming in minutes just to take the edge off.”

She opened her mouth but snapped it shut because he was right. Even though she’d been restrained by him many times before, she tested the leather cuffs around her ankles. There was a slight give to the chain attached, letting her pull her knees up a few inches, but nowhere near long enough for her to wrap her legs around him in the way her body demanded. She was completely vulnerable to him like this.

Harrison’s head abruptly dipped, his mouth latching onto her pulsing clit through the sheer material of her thong. One of his hands grasped her hip, his fingers slightly digging in and she could feel the self-discipline humming through him.

Unable to control herself, her hips jerked against him. She heard the tear of material, then suddenly she was completely bare to him. He barely missed a beat before he searched out her most sensitive bundle of nerves again.

He teased her with his tongue and light nips of his teeth, but he never exerted the right amount of pressure. The kind guaranteed to make her shout his name.

She jerked against the bonds, her arms and legs struggling to wrap around the man she loved. Never in a million years would she have thought bondage would get her hot, but with him she loved it. She was about to combust.

Her breathing was harsh, unsteady and the moment he slid two fingers into her wet sheath, she came with a loud groan.

“Fuck me,” she barely managed to rasp as he kept pushing, his tongue pressing harder against her clit.

As her climax surged through her, she expected him to back off, to let her breathe and decompress from the delicious sensations assaulting her entire body, but he kept teasing her.

“Enough,” she whispered, the stimulation bordering on painful.

He chuckled against her clit, still moving his fingers inside her, clearly intent to keep torturing her. Of course his brand of torture was something she loved. Right when she thought she’d die from pleasure, he reached up with his free hand and cupped one of her breasts. Her neglected nipples were taut and as he rubbed a calloused finger over one of the hardened points, another, less intense orgasm rippled through her.