The blond girl grimaced awkwardly.

Darius placed a hand on her shoulder. “Please welcome Amalia Harper, a sorceress in her third apprenticeship year. And …”

And? Wait, he’d said new members, plural. But I could only see the young blond sorceress. Who else was joining?

Darius reached around Amalia and scooped a second person from behind him and Clara. She was so petite she’d been completely hidden from view. Apparently, no one else had noticed her either, because a murmur of surprise ran through the gathered mythics.

The girl was also in her very early twenties, with shoulder-length brunette hair and dark-rimmed glasses slipping down her small nose.

“And this,” Darius continued, his voice carrying through the hush, “is Robin Page—”

My lungs spasmed, adrenaline spiking in my veins.

“—our very first demon contractor.”

Robin’s large blue eyes, framed by thick lashes behind her glasses, turned to me. As I gawked, her gaze drifted to Aaron, Kai, and Ezra. Silence pressed on the room, every member equally shocked by Darius’s casual revelation. For the first time, the Crow and Hammer included a demon contractor.

But not just any demon contractor.

Robin Page, the waif of a girl who commanded the lithe and lethal demon that had slaughtered the unbound winged demon without breaking a sweat. The girl who’d saved me, Aaron, Kai, Ezra, and the Keys team from near-certain death at the winged beast’s hands.

Our first demon contractor. But unbeknownst to the rest of the guild, not our first Demonica mythic.

And I could only guess what Robin Page’s appearance in the guild would mean for our dangerous, secret, and highly illegal demon mage.