Why did that bother him? Isn’t that what he was supposed to want? Wasn’t that why he was here?

But he missed the burning glances. The flirtatious banter. The accidental touches.

That slow build up of lust until you hit the combustion point. That was his ultimate fantasy these days.

“Far as fantasies go, I have one of being fucked at the same time by identical twins.

Looking over my shoulder and seeing the face of the man taking my ass is the same face as the man that’s in front of me fucking my pussy.”

Kane grinned. “It’s your lucky day. The McKay twins are here to make your dream come true.” He leaned forward and gave her a sloppy, noisy kiss.

Whoa. Kade had no desire to kiss Jasmine. Ever.

“We’ll make you a Jazz sandwich,” Kane teased.

She giggled.

“Hey, bro, you mind takin’ the rear? I wanna suck these titties while I’m hittin’ the fuckin’ Jazz-pot here.”

Jasmine giggled again.

His brother tossed him a condom.

Kade lay back on the bed, resting on his elbows. Jasmine threw a leg over Kade’s hip, aligning her hole with Kade’s cock. Kade pulled her ass cheeks wide and pushed the broad head past that puckered pink opening and into the channel.

She made a happy sounding moan and leaned back, putting her hands on the mattress by Kade’s ribs and bounced on his dick like it was a pogo stick.

Kane aimed and drove into her pussy. He set the rhythm, he’d thrust forward then Kade would bump his hips back. Kane lifted Jasmine’s tits and slurped her nipples.

Jasmine was into it; Kane was into it. Kade just wanted the whole fucking thing to end. What’d started out as a sexy romp had become tiresome. Emotionless. A into B—

then B switches places and C goes into B. It was mechanical sex. No anticipation. No lingering touches or unexpected caresses or slow, sweet kisses. No…connection.

Christ. He must be a fucking wussy-loser if he’d rather be rolling in the sheets playing kissy-face with some nameless woman than participating in a threesome with an uninhibited stripper.

The action increased. Kane pumped his hips, Jasmine started to come, Kane shouted and came.

Kade wondered if they’d notice that he hadn’t come. In fact, his dick was semi-soft.

Jasmine laughed, lifted off Kade’s pole and rolled onto Kane, keeping his cock inside her, biting his neck like a pesky little dog.

Definitely time to go.

He met his cousin at the door. A bleary eyed Colt swayed into the doorframe and swigged the last of the vodka, before tossing the bottle to the floor. “You leavin’ already?

We’re just gettin’ started.”

“She wore me out. See you guys in the mornin’.” Kade showered and locked himself in his room. When he heard Jasmine screaming and the headboard banging into the wall again, he inserted his ear buds and cranked up his iPod.


The next morning Kade rolled out of bed at five-thirty. He started the coffee and shoveled down a bowl of Lucky Charms. The house was disgusting. Dirty dishes piled on the counters. Empty beer bottles and cans everywhere. The garbage overflowed in the corner. He was half-afraid he’d see spent condoms and empty wrappers in the living room.

His brother stumbled in and headed straight for the coffee. “Man. I’m gonna be draggin’ ass today. What’re we doin’?”

“Dad said fixin’ fence and the baler.”

Kane groaned.

“Whose turn is it to clean up the house?”

“I dunno. Colt’s probably. That’s why it’s a fuckin’ mess.”

“I’m sick of it. He can clean the place up tonight after chores or I’m changin’ the locks and he can sleep in the fuckin’ barn like the animal he is.”

“Right, like that’ll happen. Think he said somethin’ about Jasmine bringin’ some friends over tonight.”

“Great. Then I won’t be stickin’ around.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t mention it to Dad today, but I told Uncle Darren I’d check out the problems he’s havin’ with that old Chevy of Grandpop’s. Uncle Harland ain’t any help because he’s tryin’ to keep an eagle eye on Dag. I’m surprised Dag wadn’t here last night to join in the debauchery.”

His brother scowled. “He and Colt got into it last week. Knock-down, drag-out fistfight at Ziggy’s. Both drunk as shit. They ain’t talkin’. For now. Won’t last. Hell, they neither one of ’em probably remember. Don’t know which one of ’em is in worse shape.

They both drink too goddamn much.”

“Ain’t the pot callin’ the kettle black, is it, bro?”

Kane shook his head. “I know when to stop.”

Kade studied his brother. They might look exactly alike, but contrary to what Jasmine said, it wasn’t like looking in a mirror. He and Kane were polar opposites in many respects.

“So how was your date with…what was her name? You were home early.”

“Skylar? Nice woman.” Kane stared into his coffee cup. “Too nice if you know what I mean. Probably be a dozen dinner dates before I’d get invited into her bed. I decided she wasn’t worth it.”

“We’re getting cynical. If it ain’t easy, we don’t want it. And if it’s too easy, it ain’t worth nothin’ either.”

“Speak for yourself. I like havin’ pussy flashed in my face all the goddamn time.

And when did you designate yourself the moral compass for the whole damn house?”

“When I realized we’re all headed the wrong damn direction, Kane.”

Kane blinked with confusion. “You seem to be the only one who feels that way.”

They finished the pot of coffee in silence.

Colt’s bedroom door was still closed as they headed out. “Think we oughta wake up Sleeping Beauty?” Kane asked.

“Nah. He deserves to get his ass chewed by Uncle Carson if he shows up late.”

“Or by Colby.”

Kade grinned. “Or worse yet, by Cord.”

“Ooh, that’s just plain fuckin’ mean, bro.”

“Not as mean as me callin’ Aunt Carolyn and tellin’ her what an animal her son’s become. If she sees this place she’ll blow a gasket.”

“Yeah, but then she’ll tell Ma.”

“Almost be worth it not to live in a pigsty.”


“So which one of us is gonna talk to him about all this crap?”

Kane clapped his hat on his head. “I’ll do it, but you’ll owe me.”

“Deal. What do you want?”

“Don’t know. Let me think on it and get back to you.”

Kade scowled. “I hate it when you say that.”

He laughed. “Why do you think I do it?”

Chapter Five

“You wanna dance?”

AJ smiled at the hunky cowboy. “Thanks, but no. I’m sitting this one out.”

A hopeful gleam lit his eyes. “Maybe later then?”

“Maybe.” If things didn’t go her way.

She crossed her legs and tugged her white mini-skirt. Pulled her lacy shirt down.

Damn thing kept riding up and exposing her lower back. Her boot tapped on the metal rung of the barstool in time to the music. She tried not to look anxious, but Lord, she’d been waiting for this night her whole life.

Take a deep breath. He’ll show.

What if he didn’t? What if Cord McKay spent the day over-analyzing her offer like he over-analyzed everything else? She imagined him tooling around in his truck, doing chores, a look of concentration on his handsome face as he convinced himself he was too old for her. He had a kid to raise, a ranch to run and no time to be messing with his little sister’s best friend.

But then AJ remembered how hot Cord’s eyes burned every time he’d looked at her last night. He wanted her, but he didn’t want to want her.

Too bad. If he did show up, she’d pull out all the stops and make herself impossible to resist.

She scanned the bar. Decent crowd tonight, lots of folks she knew. Then again, she’d lived in Sundance, Wyoming since birth; there were few people she didn’t know. She waved at Bebe shooting pool at one of the back tables. Smiled at her buddy Liza and her fiancé Noah cozied up in a corner booth. When AJ spun back around, her pulse leapt. Her sexy fantasy man was chatting up the bouncers as he paid the cover charge.

Cord glanced up. Their eyes met. He moseyed along, checking things out.

She drained her beer, hoping he’d come to check her out.

Cord stopped in front of her. “I’m here.”

“I see that.” Her heart thumped wildly as his big frame practically cast her in shadow.

“Buy you another?”


“Don’t go nowhere.”

“I’ll be right here.”

He ambled away, gifting her with a glimpse of his tight buns and muscular legs encased in dark blue Wranglers. A denim shirt stretched across his wide shoulders. Oh man. Just looking at him made her melt. What would it be like to touch him? Feel that rough skin all over hers?

Barely a minute passed before Cord was back. Maybe he was anxious too. He handed her a bottle and offered a toast. “To a new attitude.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

He rested his elbow on the table and studied her face as if he’d never seen her before.

“You look different.”

AJ resisted the urge to smooth her hair or wet her lips. “Bad different? Or good different?”

Cord’s forceful gaze traveled from her mouth to her breasts and back to her eyes.

“Oh, definitely good. Very very good.”

Her belly quivered.

“So, AJ…you weren’t pullin’ my leg last night?”

She shook her head.

“You up for some fun and games?”

Her mouth was so dry she just nodded.


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