Colt’s hands gripped Jasmine’s head as he hammered his hips into her face. “More.

Take it all. Wider. Oh yeah, baby, here it comes. Suck it down.”

This wasn’t a new scene. Normally the wilder stuff happened behind the bedroom doors. Threesomes were old hat for his brother Kane, and Colt, hell, even sometimes their cousin Dag, hence Kade’s eagerness to participate.

Colt’s neck arched and he groaned. Jasmine made happy humming noises. Then Colt’s semi-erect cock slid out of her mouth. “Christ, Jazz, you suck like a fuckin’ dream.

Baby, that was amazin’.” He finally noticed Kade. “Hey, cuz.”


“Thank God somebody is here to fuck me.” Jasmine stood and eyed Kade with a grin. She snatched a condom from the coffee table and flipped him the square package.

“Slap on a love glove, cowboy, and mount up.”

Already? Kade started stripping. “Where we doin’ this?”

“Right here for round one. We’ll see how you hold up. If you got enough try to make it to round two and on to the finals.” She bent over the back of the couch and waggled her ass at him. “Come an’ get it.”

“Have at her, buddy. I need a drink.”

Kade ripped open the plastic package and rolled the latex down his cock as he walked to the sofa.

Jasmine smacked her lips when she saw his dick. “A bull’s got nothin’ on you.”

“I ain’t heard any complaints.” Kade smoothed his hands up her back and rolled his hips over her ass. “Need lube, Jazz?”

“No. I don’t need sweet words or soft kisses either. I need you to fuck me hard.

Blowing Colt or watchin’ someone else blow him makes me horny as shit.”

Kade canted her hips, spread her pussy open with his fingers and slammed deep.

“You weren’t kiddin’. You are wet.”

“Damn straight. More.”

“Comin’ right up.” Kade pulled all the way out and thrust back in. She was so short he could hold on to her shoulders as he fucked her.

Jasmine’s hand disappeared between her legs and he saw her frantically rubbing her clit.

Without missing a stroke, Kade said, “You want me to do that?”

“No. I’m better at it. You do what you’re good at which is…God! Do I love a big cock. I’ll bet you can go all night, cancha, cowboy?”

“Maybe not tonight.”

She choked out a smoker’s rasping laugh.

Sweat poured down Kade’s body. He closed his eyes. It’d been a couple of months since he’d had sex; he knew he wouldn’t last long. Damn. Should he hold off? How much longer before she came? And why didn’t he care, like he did with his other lovers?

Because this is pure animalistic fucking. You’re following her lead.

Colt wandered back in, still stark naked, sipping from a bottle of vodka. He flopped on the dilapidated easy chair. “Jazz, baby, I’m here watchin’ another man rammin’ his cock into your greedy pussy.”

She moaned. Her hand moved faster between her legs.

“I oughta come over there and shove my dick in your mouth again. That’d get you off. Especially if I came on your face while he’s comin’ in your cunt.”

Kade hissed, “Jesus, Colt, do you fuckin’ mind?”

“She loves it when I give her a play-by-play of what I’m gonna do to her next. She loves it even better when I watch another man or two fuckin’ her.” Colt tipped his bottle to Kade. “But a little pain will make her come like you wouldn’t believe.”

Jasmine whimpered.

“What? No way.”

“Trust me, she wants it. Bad. Smack her ass.”

Kade kept plunging deep. He gritted out, “Is that what you want?”

“Yes, goddamn it. Smack it. Make it burn.”

He’d stepped into the world of the surreal. He’d never done anything like this. Kade released her shoulders, spread his right hand across the globe of her ass and swatted her.


“Do it again,” Colt said. “Lower. Harder. By her pussy.”

Kade loaded up and whacked her again.

“Almost there, Colt, please. That is so good.”

Colt? This chick was aware Colt wasn’t the one fucking her, wasn’t she?

Two hard smacks and she started to come. When her spasming pussy muscles clamped down on his cock, he blew like a geyser.

After his head quit spinning, he staggered back. Whoa. Getting off besides by his own hand was always good, but that was…weird. Disjointed. Fast.

Colt went to Jasmine. Kade disposed of the condom and grabbed a beer from the kitchen.

When he returned to the living room, Jasmine was reclined on the coffee table, her legs spread wide. Colt was on his knees with his face buried in her pussy.

From where he stood, he saw Colt’s head moving and Jasmine’s absolute rapture.

Colt twisted and plucked Jasmine’s big nipples with one hand and had three fingers plunging in and out of her ass. The scene shouldn’t have turned Kade on, but it did. His cock stirred. By the time Colt made her come, Kade was completely hard again.

Jasmine sat up with a shameless smile. “Ready for round two?”

“Whatcha got in mind?”

Colt grabbed two condoms and tossed him one. “She wants both of us at the same time, you fuckin’ her tits, me in her ass. Lube is right here. Let’s take this in the bedroom.”

In Colt’s room, Jasmine stretched out on the bed, letting her legs dangle to the floor.

Kade straddled her waist and she played with her nipples as he lubed the valley of her cleavage.

Looking at her face, Kade realized he hadn’t kissed her. He didn’t want to kiss her.

Colt said, “Ready, Jazz baby?”

“I was born ready.” She arched when Colt impaled her. “Oh that’s good. Better than your fingers. Better than that dildo you used last night.”

“Honey, that wasn’t a dildo, that was your buddy Leroy.”

“That explains his limp dick then.”

They both laughed and Kade was clueless as to why that was so damn funny.

Kade held her tits together and eased his cock into the channel he’d created. Oh man.

The lube made it slippery. She was a much tighter fit here than her cunt. As he glided in and out, his balls brushed her belly. He said, “Pinch your nipples harder.”

Jasmine liked being told what to do. She tried to lick the cockhead with his every upstroke. When she began to moan, he glanced over his shoulder and saw Colt playing with her clit as his cock tunneled in and out of her ass.

Colt grinned drunkenly at Kade. “Ain’t this great? Ain’t Jazz the best ever?”

“Yeah, she’s somethin’ all right.”

Colt thrust so hard the next four times, Jasmine’s body slid up the bed.

“Wait. This isn’t working for me, fellas.”

Kade and Colt both stopped moving.

She slapped Kade’s ass. “Scoot up. Let’s see how much of that big dick I can get in my mouth. Then I can play with your balls. God, I love fat, furry balls like these.”

He positioned his knees beside her head. He put his hands flat on the mattress and slowly fed his cock into her eager mouth. Jesus. It was fucking hot to watch the length disappear until her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his heavy balls dangled by her chin.

When he eased back, she said, “I can’t suck, but I can do this.” She rolled his sac between her fingers like she was throwing dice.

“Damn. That’s good.”

She giggled.

He’d gotten into a steady rhythm, a fast plunge past the soft palate to the back of her throat, followed by the teasing scrape of her teeth as he withdrew. Sweat dripped down his chest and landed on her forehead. It was right there. Right there. He said, “Suck it now. Suck it hard.”

Jasmine hollowed her cheeks and wormed two fingers in his ass as he started to come.

“Motherfuckin’ hell, woman, what are you doin’!”

She giggled again and pumped her fingers deep as his cock emptied.

The bedroom door burst open.

Kane said, “Well, well, what do we have here? A fuckin’ party? Can I join in?”

Colt laughed. “Always room for one more, eh Jazz?”

She moaned around Kade’s cock and it sent a tingle straight to his balls. He tried to pull out but she bit down, evidently wanting his cock right where it was.

“Don’t pay no mind to me, I’ll just be getting acquainted with this pretty pussy. Oh look. It’s all wet. Has it been cryin’ for someone to pay attention to it?”

Kade glanced over his shoulder as his twin dropped to his knees beside the bed and started slurping Jasmine’s clit.

She arched her neck and Kade eased his throbbing dick out of her mouth past those deadly teeth. “God, yes, suck hard. Fuck my pussy with your fingers too,” she said to Kane.

Kane bit and sucked her clit, ramming what looked like his whole hand in her cunt.

Jasmine screamed; Kane kept sucking and Colt said, “Jesus. I can feel her comin’.

Her ass is tightenin’ around my cock like a fuckin’ vise. Can’t hold off.” He groaned and threw his head back.

Kade scooted off the bed and whipped the spent condom in the trash.

Colt dismounted like he’d hopped off a buckin’ horse and clapped Kane on the back.

“Time for double trouble. I’ll be back.” He stumbled from the room with his bottle.

Then Kade noticed not only was Kane naked, he already wore a condom.

Jasmine sat up. “You guys really are identical.” Her gaze lingered on Kane’s cock.

“In every way.”

“Do you know how unbelievably fuckin’ hot it is how much you love givin’ and takin’ pleasure? Very few women are so uninhibited. You’re the ultimate fantasy woman.”

Jesus, Kane. Lay it on a little thick why don’t you? He didn’t need to bother. Jasmine was a sure thing.