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She loved his reaction to the scrape of her teeth, the sucking kisses, the feather light placement of her lips in random spots on his neck. Goose bumps spread across his arms and up his nape. He shifted on the bed, not thrashing, but wiggling enough she knew he liked what she was doing to him. She reveled in this immense power of worshipping rather than being worshipped.

Ava immersed herself in him. The scent of his skin. The tangy taste of his sweat. The way his muscles strained beneath her tongue. She kissed, licked and nibbled her way down the center of his throat, from his square jaw to his breastbone. And could she get a halleluiah that he had chest hair? Talk about manly, masculine goodness. She rubbed her face over the dark patch of hair, breathing him in, listening to the pounding of his heart, warmed by the heat from his skin, and knowing his body’s response to her was echoed in her body.

Bracing herself on all fours above him, she watched his face as she tongued his nipple.

The man actually arched up.

She sucked the flat disk until it became a stiff point and then she used her teeth on the hard nub. Alternating nipples, forcing herself to focus only on this part of his torso, even when her hands wanted to wander.

His breaths came in short bursts. When she blew a stream of air across his wet nipple, he moaned, “I…damn. I like that.”

It’d been a long time since she’d indulged in foreplay. She also wanted to get to the good part, the hard thrusting, interlocking body parts of sex. But seeing Chase’s reaction to the way she touched him made her burn hotter, made her want to drag out this exploration so she could know every dip and hollow of this magnificent body. She outlined his pectorals with her lips, looking up at him when she reached his sternum. “Your body is a work of art, Chase. Beautifully sculpted. Strong. Supple. You work it with pride and it shows.”

His face filled with satisfaction. And pure male heat.

She planted kisses down the center of his torso, following the sexy dark trail of hair. When her chin bumped against the wet tip of his cock, she glanced up at him again. “Hold your cock off to the side, since I’m not supposed to touch it.”

Chase quirked a brow, managing to look both menacing and obliging. He fisted his hand around the root and stroked upward a few times, never breaking their eye fuck. Finally he pulled his shaft aside and held it by is hip. “Happy?”

“Very. Because I’ve been wanting to get my mouth on your eight pack abs since I saw you naked in Ginger’s bathroom.” And yes, indeedy, she gloried in exploring his ridged, yet flat abdomen, dipping her tongue into the defining grooves. He tasted different down here. Muskier. More like sex. And again, she rubbed her face against his taut skin like a contented feline.

Well, not completely contented. She wanted more. She peered at him and saw he’d closed his eyes.


Ava reached between his legs and cupped his balls, squeezing gently as her nails scraped up the inside of his right leg, brushing the coarse pubic hair, then traveled back down to his knee.

Chase jerked back. “What are you doin’, Hollywood? No touchin’ my cock, remember?”

“Ah. But I’m not touching your cock; I’m touching your balls.” Smiling—smirking really—she rolled the taut globes between her fingers, letting her thumb stroke the shiver-inducing skin right behind the sac. Holding his gaze, seeing him torn between wanting her to continue touching him, and denying her because she’d… sort of broken his rule.

He grabbed her wrist and flipped her on her back amidst her surprised shriek. He growled, “Don’t move.”

“Are you going to punish me?” She stretched her arms above her head, loving the way his eyes devoured her body. “Fifty lashes with your wet tongue, I hope.”

“Nope. I have some very specific punishments in mind and I can’t wait to try every fuckin’ one of them. But it’ll keep.” He grabbed another condom and covered himself. Then he braced his forearms by her head, and lowered his body over hers.

She couldn’t help but touch him. This man unlike any she’d ever met, who made her feel things that scared her and thrilled her.

His eyes regained their earlier intensity. “Know why I took you from behind? Besides me wanting to put my hands all over your fantastic ass?”

Say something flip and totally male. Don’t be more sweet and loving than you’ve already been or I might fall for you.

“I knew I wouldn’t last because I’ve wanted you for too damn long.” Chase kissed the corners of her mouth. The apples of her cheeks. Her temples. “But this time? I’ll be looking in your eyes, feeling your body wrapped around me, your nails scratching my back, your mouth on mine everywhere. I intend to make it last a good, long time.”

And…Ava felt herself cartwheeling her arms, trying desperately not to tumble straight into the daunting place she’d never been. “Chase…”

“It’s okay.” Chase kissed her. Rocking against her. “You know what I like best about this position?”


“That lying down we’re the same height.” Chase pushed into her fully.

Ava almost knocked him off balance she arched so sharply from his hard thrust. “God.”

“No kiddin’. You—this—feels amazing.” He pulled out slowly until just the head of his cock rested in her opening.

She waited, expecting he’d plunge back in. But he gave her a long, slow glide of his flesh into hers and stopped when he’d filled her completely. He did that exact same move twice more and stopped again.

“Am I hurtin’ you?”

“No. Why?”

“Because you’re holding your breath.”

Damn. She exhaled. “Sorry.”

Chase placed a soft smooch on her mouth. Then another. Until the kisses became longer. More intense. With hardly a breath between them. But still he didn’t rush the joining of their bodies. Keeping the rhythm slow and steady.

Ava’s hands were all over his slippery skin. She couldn’t touch him enough—from his straining arms to his strong shoulders and back, down to his muscular ass. She arched and wiggled and squirmed against his rock solid body, urging him to get a move on.

He broke the kiss and murmured, “The more frantic you get, the slower I’m gonna go.”


“Because I can.” He softly blew in her ear, educing a whole body shudder. “Because I really love the sexy way you’re grinding your whole body on mine and if I move faster you’ll stop.”

She trapped his face in her palms and looked into his laughing eyes. “You always going to be this controlling in bed?”

“Nope. Sometimes I’m gonna be worse.” Then Chase raised his body up enough so his chest hair abraded her nipples with his every upward stroke. “Wrap your legs around my hips and grab the headboard.”

Ava told herself it was his sexy growl that did it for her, not his command. But as soon as she reached up, he picked up the pace and she understood the appeal of surrender. This was heady stuff, ceding her pleasure to him. Becoming mindless in the friction of damp skin rubbing on damp skin. Anticipating the heat and hardness of his shaft plowing into her tender pussy. Destroying her wits as his mouth eked out every shiver and moan with hot, wet sucking kisses on her neck.

“That’s it,” he whispered fiercely. “Let me take you there.”

“Yes,” she hissed, her back bowing as his cock hit her G-spot. Over and over. He’d changed the angle of his hips so he wasn’t bumping against her clit, but this felt so damn good she didn’t care.

Chase took her mouth again as he drove into her, so in tune with what she needed that Ava swore they’d made love a thousand times before instead of just once.

Then he adjusted his position again, hitting both spots with each hard, deep stroke.

Ava seemed to splinter into a million pieces when she climaxed. She knew Chase wasn’t far behind as his thrusts intensified. When he groaned and started to bury his face in her neck, she released her grip on the headboard and cradled his face in her palms. “Look at me. Show me what I do to you.”

Chase whispered, “God, Ava,” and shuddered as his orgasm rolled over him in a long wave that left him groaning and her stunned by the intensity.

Panting, they just held onto each other, trying to unscramble their brains. Finally Chase mumbled, kissed her, pushed up, pulled out, and got up to ditch the condom.

Ava rolled over, deliciously sore, but unsure what would happen next.

When he crawled back in bed, she pushed up on her elbow, intending to give him space. He said, “Where you goin’?”

“Umm. To my bed?”

“Like hell.” He dropped his top leg over hers, holding her in place. “You don’t get to fuck me and run. I suspect that’s been both our habits in the past. We both know this ain’t a one-night thing.” He scooted behind her and planted a kiss on her shoulder. “So get used to sharing a bed with me.”

Touched by his unexpected affection, Ava turned and rubbed her cheek over his. “Sounds good. I prefer a king-sized bed anyway.”

“But the room’s still gotta cost under a hundred bucks.”

“Such a taskmaster.”

“Someone’s gotta keep you in line.”

Chase was a hard sleeper. So Ava found it easy to slip free from his arms in the early morning hours.

She wished for light but didn’t dare risk waking him by turning on the one in the bathroom. But it was handy that they’d slept naked. She paused at the foot of the bed, her eye on the prize. Although they’d had sex three times last night, Chase hadn’t allowed her direct access to his cock, even one time, which was why Ava was helping herself to it now. It was a new day. Last night’s rules no longer applied.

She knew she’d only have limited time before Chase woke up. Bending her head, she inhaled this warm, intimate scent before she sucked the soft cock into her mouth. She loved how the skin grew taut and the flesh expanded with every suctioning pull.