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She pushed her hips back, meeting his every hard thrust with a soft grunt. The fringe on his chaps swung forward, the leather connecting with her skin.

Even as his cock plunged into her fully, even as his balls drew up, aching for release, even as his legs shook and sweat coated his skin, he planned for the next time he fucked her. The next hundred times.

Chase closed his eyes; his hands yanking her body back to meet his escalating thrusts. Faster, harder, deeper, the only words echoed in his head as primal need roared. Impossible to hold off his orgasm, no matter how much he wanted to prolong the sensation of sinking into her soft, wet, flesh.

He threw back his head, groaning as his cock emptied in hot pulses. Groaning louder when he felt Ava’s pussy contracting around his dick as she came again.

Heart thumping, mouth dry, lungs lacking air, Chase fell forward onto Ava’s back, bracing himself on his hands. Although this rendezvous was supposed to’ve been a dare, a fun, wild slap and tickle to ease the sexual tension between them, he felt he’d shared something of himself with her that he’d never shared before.

Chapter Sixteen

Three times.

The man made her come three times.

In an hour.

Just thinking about it and Ava’s pussy clenched.

“Christ. Do that again and I’m never moving off you.”

She did it again.

Chase lightly sank his teeth into her shoulder. Then his voice rumbled in her ear. “Just for that, I oughta stay inside you until I’m hard again and fuck you until you scream.”

“My vocal cords could always use a good workout.”

He lifted up, eased out and pinned her flat on her back with his mouth on hers. Kissing her with wild abandon. Making a mockery of any kisses she’d ever shared with another man.

This is what she wanted. His hunger. His mouth. All the muscular, sweaty weight of his body plastered against hers. His decision to take her from behind their first time half-shocked her. She’d never enjoyed that position.

Chase gradually slowed the avid stroking of his tongue, switching it up to tease her mouth with firm-lipped nibbles, turning passion into tenderness. He pressed his lips to her ear. “I ain’t surprised it’s like this between us, Ava.”

“Like what?”

He mumbled something, kissed her and murmured, “Be right back.”

Ava stretched contentedly, wondering what was next. Would he want another round or was he done for the night? Made zero sense she felt disappointment at that prospect, especially after three outstanding orgasms.

But Chase swaggered in, stopping at the foot of the bed, shucking his chaps, bestowing the devilish grin that turned her nipples hard. “That took the edge off. Now, after the appetizer I’m ready for the main meal.”

She shrieked when he jumped on the bed.

He put a knee on either side of her hips. “Relax. I just wanna touch you. Seems I skipped a few crucial places in my rush to get nekkid with you.”

Ava smoothed her palms up his muscular quads, inching toward his groin. “Oh, I don’t know. You focused on one very crucial spot pretty good. Twice.”

“Liked that, did you?”

“Mmm-hmm. I’d also like equal time.” She licked her lips and stared at his cock. “So why don’t you scoot that bad boy closer to my mouth so I can—”

“Huh-uh, Hollywood. You don’t get to set the scene on the mattress. I do.”

The intensity in his tone sent a shiver through her as his thumbs continually, idly stroked the lower curve of her breasts. His blue eyes teemed with sexual heat. “I can’t wait to see your lips wrapped around my dick. But it’ll be on my timeframe, not yours. Understand?”

So he was a little bossy in bed. Normally that’d be her cue to leave. She preferred to…top from the bottom as it were. But Chase wasn’t having any of it. And that turned her on more than she’d thought possible. Her pulse skipped. Her breathing grew erratic as he held her gaze.

“You like me takin’ charge,” he murmured.

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do and I’m more than happy to oblige you.” He slid down her body, sucking her right nipple into his mouth while his fingers plucked the other.

Ava panicked a bit and squirmed. Not because it felt good, but for the first time she feared he hadn’t been listening when she’d confessed about her desensitized breasts. How long would he play and tease, awaiting her response? Would he get pissed off when his attentions elicited no reaction? Or if she told him to stop?

A sharp pinch on each tip simultaneously had her crying out in total shock.

“You sure felt that,” he drawled and returned his eager mouth to her nipples, delicately licking. Sucking forcefully. Nipping with his teeth. His rough-skinned hands continually caressing and squeezing the fleshy part of her breasts as his mouth worked the softened tips into rigid peaks.

This was okay. She relaxed slightly. She could handle him taking his own sweet time.

But as soon as she loosened up he moved. He stopped nuzzling and laving her chest and scooted down her torso. Kissing her stomach. Tracing each of her ribs with his hot mouth. Tonguing her belly button. Rubbing his warm, soft lips over her hipbones. Letting his goatee skim the sides of her torso. Turning every inch of her skin into his personal playground. Never focusing too long on one area. Keeping her on edge until her body vibrated inside and out, wanting more than just his erotic caresses.

“Tell me why you got that panicked look when I told you to roll over when I had you the first time,” he asked as if his mouth wasn’t hovering over her mound.

Ava’s face heated and the flush spread down her entire body. She looked away.

His tongue made a slow pass up her slit and he commanded, “Ava. Look at me and answer the question.”

She blurted, “Because Jake always fucked me doggie style. Didn’t register why until after.” When guilt shone in Chase’s eyes, Ava reassured him, “So I figured I shouldn’t be greedy and ask if we could do it face to face since I’d already gotten off twice and you hadn’t gotten off at all.”

Chase’s eyes iced over. “Taking one for the team, were you? Just goin’ along with it because that’s the way I wanted it?”

Yes. “No. Maybe. I don’t know.”

“Which is it? And don’t tell me what you think I wanna hear. Tell me the truth.”

Why was he pushing her on this now? And why, rather than putting on an easygoing front, distracting him with a kittenish purr, did she find herself snapping at him? “Here’s the truth. I wasn’t thrilled, okay? I never get off when a guy fucks me from behind. So go ahead and give me that cocky cowboy smirk because you know exactly how hard you made me come that way.”

Chase pushed to his knees between her legs, tugging her into a sitting position so he loomed over her. “I’m not keeping a goddamned oral sex or orgasm scorecard, Ava. Christ.” The tender way his big hands slipped up her neck to cup her head belied the fierceness on his face. “After all the nights I spent fantasizing about you, forcing myself to keep away from you, even when I know it hurt you, the last thing I wanna do is fight when we’re finally nekkid together.”

Made her go all gooey inside, how he balanced his gruff side with his sweet side—and he wasn’t even aware he did it. She curled her fingers around those impressive biceps and whispered, “Me either.”

His posture relaxed. He let his thumbs draw a slow arc over her cheekbones. “I still see questions in your eyes and that stubborn tilt to your chin, darlin’. Talk to me.”

“I realize you like to be in control, but I want to touch you too. And it’s sort of selfish, to be honest, that I can’t run my hands and my mouth all over this incredible body.”

“Selfish?” He laughed softly and kissed her nose. “That’s a new one. I’ll play along. Or I’ll let you play. But I’ve got two rules. First, no touching my feet because they’re so damn ticklish.”

Ava smiled, surprised he’d admitted that weakness.

“Second. No touching my cock.”

Her smile vanished. “That’s not fair.”

Chase cocked his head, studying her.


“If I gave you full access to my cock, you wouldn’t touch me anywhere else, would you?” He let his hands fall to her breasts. “Kinda like them other guys you’ve been with only wantin’ to get their hands on these. I don’t want that for us. Ever. Maybe that is selfish. But it’s been the same story for me. Women I’ve been with have gone straight for my dick. I want you to feel your hands on me, on my body, not just between my legs. I want that more than you can imagine.”

Ava’s heart flipped over at his raw honesty. When she struggled to find a response that wasn’t trivializing the situation, he sighed.

Then he retreated, stretching out on his back on the bed, folding his arms behind his head, spreading his legs.

She wanted to touch him in a way no other woman ever had. Physically. Emotionally. She straddled his hips, watching his face as she angled across him and freed his right arm. Starting with his hand, she outlined each thick finger from the ragged tips to the webbing, loving the rough texture of his knuckles and the hard calluses, built up from years of riding bulls. She placed a soft kiss in the center of his palm and curled his fingers into a fist. Next she followed the corded muscles in his forearm, marveling at the strength. When she reached his massive bicep, she sighed. Her fingertips traced every bulge and deeply cut section of muscle. She kissed the bend in his elbow and lowered it to the mattress before reaching for his left arm.

Instead of using her fingers to acquaint herself with this side of his rippling, muscular flesh, she used her tongue. The “damn, woman” uttered under his breath made her smile against his tricep as she mapped his muscles with her mouth. After she released his arm, her mouth wandered from the cup of his shoulder, up the column of his neck.

Chase groaned and turned his head, granting her full access.