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“Very funny! Look, I’m going to get out of here. Call you in the morning?”

“Sure thing babe! See you Saturday morning!”

I say a quick goodbye to everyone before walking out into the warm summer air. I make quick work of catching a cab, and take my ass home. Home, where I can’t get into any more trouble for the night.

Chapter 5

What the fuck is that? When Axel pitches a fit that a toddler would be proud of in the middle of the strip club, we know the party is over. The second the stripper walks in front of him, he all but knocks the table over to get away. Goddamn pussy. Piling into a few taxis, we head over to Carnal to meet the girls. My jaw hits the floor and my dick hits the roof when I see Nurse Fuck Me on the dance floor. Fuck me, the way she is moving…

Like a homing device, my dick follows her movements, and before I know it, I am being lead right to her. Her skin is shining under the lights; her hips are begging me to take her and take her hard. She has no idea I am standing right behind her, but the douchebag in front of her sure the hell does. All it takes is one hard-as-nail look and a shake of my head, and he is running like a little bitch.

Just the memory of the way her body felt against mine has me ready to explode. Her taste is still heavy on my tongue and the pressure in my balls is enough to make me desperate.

Closing my eyes and taking a few steady breaths, I turn and get ready to head back over to the bar. Sure as shit, I must look like an idiot standing, unmoving, in the sea of gyrating bodies, with a noticeable erection. Might as well have a sign attached to my body saying I am a dirty fucking pervert. I turn around and almost knock someone to the ground in my impatience and frustration.


Of course, it’s fucking Mandy. I’m beginning to wonder if this bitch is stalking me, always turning up.

“What the fuck was that?” I sneer at her.

She doesn’t even attempt to hide the jealousy, and pissed off vibes roll off her.

“I should be asking you the same thing! Who the hell was that bitch?” And here I thought I looked stupid standing in the middle of the club with a raging hard on. No, now I have to look like an even bigger tool with Mandy pulling her shit again.

“How many times do I have to explain to you, Mandy? You have no say in what or who I spend my time with. You and me? No. Just no.” I can tell that is the wrong thing to say when her face gets all contorted and bright red. “Jesus Christ. Not here.” I mumble.

Walking off, knowing damn well she is going to follow me, I pass my idiot friends doing their best imitation of fucking hyenas and set off for Jeremy.

Shortly after opening up a few years back, Jeremy had run into some trouble with the wrong people. In debt over his eyeballs and starting to sink fast, he didn’t hesitate to ask for help. I had known Jeremy going on thirty years, since we were two little snot nosed shits tormenting other kids in our kindergarten class. He needed help, so I stepped in. Very few people know I am the majority owner of Club Carnal. Hell, even after all this time, Izzy and Dee are in the dark. I do what needs to be done to keep my friends safe and that’s it.

I catch Axel’s hard look across the floor and shake my head letting him know it’s all good. Walking down the dark hallway in the back, I can hear Mandy’s fuck-me shoes clicking quickly behind me.

I don’t even give her a second to catch up before I climb the back steps to the office two at a time.

“Greg,” she whines, “I can’t keep up!”

“I don’t fucking care.” And I don’t. I would much rather chase that goddess out the front door than deal with more of Mandy’s jealous bullshit. Time and time again, I have explained to her that we will never be more than a way to scratch an itch.

I knock a few heavy beats on the office door and step back to wait for Jer to unlock. Mandy finally makes it up the stairs and huffs a few times, crossing her arms and throwing me one pissed off look. I might not like the chick outside of my bedroom, but I would be blind to miss how her tits are about to spill out of her dress.

Fuck. My dick throbs in my pants again, reminding me how close to blowing I am. Reaching out to knock again, I almost slam my fist into Jeremy’s face.

“What?” He asks. One thing about Jeremy, he’s a ‘roll with the flow’ kind of guy, but he hates to be dragged into drama.

“Need the office.” One look into my eyes has got to tell the story. I seem trapped between fury and lust. It’s hard to tell which will win out.

“Yeah, yeah… clean your shit up when you finish.” He eyes Mandy a few times before backing down the hallway and disappearing down the stairs. Fuck.

“Get your ass in there, Mandy.” Holding the door wide, I follow her strut into the office and lock the door behind me. Why do I always end up in this goddamn office?

“Well? Want to tell me what the fuck that was down there?” Walking over to the desk, I lean my ass against the wood and cross my arms.

“Come on, Greg! How can you expect me to sit back and watch you basically fuck that bitch out there? Not even a few days ago, it was me you were fucking!”

“Damn woman, do you ever not screech?”

“You are mine Greg Cage, and I don’t like seeing you touching another woman.” She complains, trying to get some tears past the Botox in her face.

The song ‘Crazy Bitch’ seems to be playing on a constant loop these days when Mandy is around.

“I sure as hell am not. You knew, and you have always known what this is. Sex, Mandy. I want to get my dick wet, then maybe I’ll call. I don’t need you throwing your shit around my feet. I want to get my dick wet somewhere else, that isn’t your fucking say either.”

Her eyes flash and she forgets her ‘sadness’ for a second. Long enough for me to see the fake bitch behind all that painted on sex.

“Goddammit!” I roar and shove off the desk, walking right into her space, “You do not get to come into my life and act like I am your property. Swear to Christ, I will drop your ass quicker than you can say fuck me harder!”

“But Greg…” I don’t even give her a second to speak before I take her by the shoulders and bring her body close to mine. No way is she getting this shit twisted.

“You want my dick bad enough? You want my dick, knowing I won’t be thinking about you when I take you?” I ask, pulling her even closer. “Is that what you want, Mandy? Because I sure as fuck can give you what you want, but there will be no question that when I empty my balls into your body that you will not be the one I wish is taking it.”

She whimpers a few times but I can tell she’s made her decision. This bitch doesn’t want me; she wants what I can do to her body.

She doesn’t waste any time dropping to her knees and unzipping my pants. I groan when I feel her warm hand brush across my dick. Closing my eyes, I picture the blazing blue eyes of my unknown beauty.

Mandy pulls my pants down, and my dick sings hallelujah to the heavens, springing loose, and almost taking her eye out in his impatience. Goddamn, when was the last time I was this hard? I open my eyes and look down at her. Her blonde hair is all wrong, her eyes aren’t blue, and her body doesn’t scream fuck me. My dick doesn’t know the difference though; he can feel the heat of her lips seconds before her tongue darts out and gives a long lick from root to tip. She takes her time, rimming the hoop and licking the drop of come about to fall to the floor. When she wraps her lips around me and sucks deep, I know this won’t last long.

Pumping my hips into her mouth and listening to her gag on my length brings me back to earth. Her hand wraps as far around my thickness as she can get it, and even trying her hardest, she is probably only getting a few inches into her mouth. What a waste.

“Get up.” I order. She is quick to pull herself from the floor. Her cheeks are flush and her dress has fallen, exposing one tit already.

I lead her over to the couch, and all but throw her down. She looks up at me, letting her legs fall open and exposing her naked flesh to my eyes. She might be a pain in my ass, but fuck if that pussy doesn’t beg me to take it. I can see her wetness leaking out onto the couch.

“Does it turn you on to throw your shit around me? Trying to mark what isn’t yours to fucking mark?” I ask, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. “Does it make you wet to think about my dick inside someone else’s body? Hmmm?” Shrugging off my shirt and walking to stand before her, I let her take in every single inch of my body. “You remember this,” I stress, grabbing my cock in my hands and giving a few slow and measured pulls with my fist. “This is never going to be yours.” I bend over and snag a condom from my wallet, standing to my full height and rolling it on slowly, never once breaking eye contact with her.

Reaching down, I drag her hips to the edge. She lets out a shocked squeak that quickly turns into a moan when I push into her in one quick thrust. I take myself so deep I can feel myself bottom out.

“Fuck,” I hiss.

“Oh, Greg, baby! I love your cock!” She screams, reaching up and grabbing her tits. Even I can’t ignore how fucking hot that is. “Harder, baby. Fuck me harder!”

“Shut up!” I pant. My hips are moving so rapidly I can hear the legs of the couch shifting across the floor.

Closing my eyes, I replace the blonde hair and brown eyes; under my skin, I can almost feel her. If I keep my eyes closed, I can almost pretend it’s her that I am pounding into. “Beauty.” I whisper.

I give a few more thrusts, and know I need to hurry this show up. I pull out and flip her over. Her grunts and groans sound more bestial than erotic. When I grab her hips and slam back into her, she lets out a high pitch scream that earns a hard smack on her ass. “Shut the hell up, Mandy; you aren’t fucking trying out for a porn.”

She snaps her head around and tries to shoot me with a hard look, but when I slam back into her, her eyes roll, she throws her head back, and screams out her release. The walls of her pussy clamp down hard… or at least try to; it would help if she weren’t so used.

Skin slapping, moans, grunting, and a good sheen of sweat-filled minutes have me grabbing her hips and pushing in hard. When my come shoots into the condom, the only thing I can think of is how much I regret taking Mandy again.

Even nameless, my nurse has ruined me.

I pull out, slide the condom off, and walk over to the private bathroom to clean myself off. Suddenly, the only thing on my mind is showering her shit off my body.

“Greg, baby?” I hear her voice coming from the other room.

“Not your baby, Mandy.”

“You can’t seriously say you didn’t feel anything just then? I know you felt it; you can’t hide your reaction to my body!”

Is she for real?

“You want to know what I felt? I really don’t know how to be more honest with you. You know there will never be anything more here, so give the hell up. What I felt was a serious case of blue balls forming if I didn’t take care of the situation that another woman had me in. Not you, Mandy. You got the after effects of another woman leaving before I could finish.”


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