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Pushing Dee out of the way, I lean over the side of the bar, bringing my lips right up to his ear. “How about you give me a Royal Fuck?” Pulling back, I have the benefit of watching his eyes flare with lust. He isn’t anything to write home about, but at least he stands taller than I do with my heels on. Not many men do. His face is… pleasant. I don’t get the head to toe hot flashes I get with Greg, but some tingles are better than nothing.

His eyes, even in the dim light of the club, show his heated desire. “Royal Fuck, hmm? How about you wait a few hours and I can give you a good old Southern Screw.” His eyes zoom in on my cleavage, and he licks his lips. Typical man.

“Just give me something good. I’m easy to please.” I run my tongue over my lip, give him another wink and turn to talk to a slack-jawed Dee.

“What?” I ask.

“Holy shit, I think even I got turned on by that.” She giggles and looks down at my chest. “You’re so about to lose a nipple soon.”

I look down to make sure the girls are behaving and sure enough, one of those sneaky little bitches is about to join the party. Situating the funbags, I turn and smile at Izzy, who is once again looking at her phone.

“Why don’t you just tell him to come here? You might as well, since you can’t keep your hands off your phone.” I give her a warm smile. Jealousy is a new thing for me. I never thought I would be envious of someone in a relationship. Melissa Larson doesn’t do relationships. But, seeing how in love my friend is, and watching that love returned to her… well, for once, I have some doubts about singledom.

“He said he might stop by later, but the boys won’t let him leave without at least one lap dance.” She laughs, clearly finding this funny.

“Okkkkay, so for now why don’t you put that damn phone away and come dance with me?”

“YES! Come on bitch, let’s dance!” Dee grabs her hand, nodding her head in Emmy’s direction before pulling Izzy onto the crowded dance floor.

“Come on Emmy, let’s go make some wet dreams come to life tonight.” She tries to pull away, but I grab her and join the girls on the floor.

I have always loved to dance, to just let the music sweep me away. It doesn’t take long before sweat is covering my skin, and my mind is blissfully blank.

Chapter 4

With Will.I.Am and Brittany Spears’ ‘Scream & Shout’ blasting through the club, I smile up at the stranger in front of me, roll my hips, and rub my hands down the side of my body. God, it feels so good to let go and enjoy the moment. Meeting the stranger’s eyes again, I am momentarily confused when I see a flash of disappointment before he turns his back and walks away.

“Ah, so we meet again.” Even though the music is pounding into my body, consuming my soul, his voice sounds like pure fucking silk against my ear. His heavy hands grasp my hips, pinching slightly when he digs them in deep. Before I have time to react, his body molds to my back, his heat making my already feverish skin catch fire. I’m not a small woman, but this man makes me feel as though I am. The soft fabric of his pants rubs against my naked legs as we move together with the music. How fitting that the song just changed to the pulsing beats of ‘Turn Me On’ by David Guetta & Nicki Minaj. I have no idea who this man is, but I instantly feel the pull, the pull to turn around and jump on him. I have never felt an attraction so strong. Well, at least I hadn’t until yesterday at work.

And that is the last thought I have before the strong hands spin me around, and I come face to face with Cage. Uncle Greg Cage. Well, these are certainly not familial feelings running through my veins right now. I bring my arms up to his strong biceps and hold on tight. One of his powerful thighs pushes through my legs and just like that, I feel like a bitch in heat.

“What’s your name, beauty?” he whispers into my ear. His hands move from my hips to my thighs, brushing his fingers against the swell of ass. I feel the draft hitting my naked skin, and if he pulls my dress up any further, the club will get one hell of a show. It might be crazy or just a testament to how badly I need some action, but despite meeting this man just yesterday, it feels right. Regardless of the fact that we are in a public place, my body wants this and my mind is catching up. His fingertips caress my skin, making slow, deliberate sweeps. My body presses tightly to his, and the heat from his chest makes my erect nipples burn. “Mmm, fuck… you feel like fucking heaven.” His blue eyes are burning into my own, begging for permission to drag me away from here.

I look around for the girls, and after a few sweeps of the club, find them at the bar, openly gawking at the spectacle we must be making. Dee is laughing so hard it looks as though she might fall off the stool. The dark haired man behind her is too busy shooting daggers into her back to pay us any attention. A blonde God next to him is laughing just as hard as Dee. What in the hell is so funny? Emmy is sitting silently as usual, but her attention isn’t on me and Greg. No, her attention is on the tall, broody man next to her. My eyes meet Izzy’s, and I can tell she is holding it back, but wants to laugh just as hard as everyone else. And with thick arms around her shoulders, pulling her tight against his body is, you guessed it, a laughing Axel.

All of these people have lost their damn minds.

Greg brings me back to him as I feel his fingers move closer to my center. My center that I’m sure is doing a bang up job at leaving a wet spot on his leg. I might play a good game, but this man is making my resistance crumble. I am a fool to think I can ignore this chemistry.

Bringing my hands up to his chest, I push off slightly. My body ignores my mind’s request to disengage contact with this fine as hell man. “Cage, Uncle Greg, was it?” I ask, pulling every little bit of my inner snark out.

His laughter rumbles up and vibrates my fingertips, causing me to pull my hands back. He uses this opportunity to crush my body into his. I have no choice but to wrap my arms around his neck when he bends down and brings his lips back to my ear. He is still rolling his hips with mine to the beat of the music, and when his erection presses firmly into my belly, I can’t help the half gasp, half moan that crawls up my throat. He answers with a growl of his own and squeezes my ass between his large hands. “Your body wants this as bad as your mind does. I can feel how wet you are. Come on beauty, let’s get out of here.” His lips crawl slowly down my neck, and I feel his teeth clamp down lightly before he sucks lightly.

Is this motherfucker sucking my skin?

I’m about to offer him one hell of a slap in the face when I feel his hand slip around the front of my body, back under my skirt, and his fingertips brush against my screaming core. Shocks zap from my clit to my toes, arms, and head, making me feel like I might fall to the floor.

“Do you taste as good as you feel? Warm and juicy? Like a ripe peach that’s mine for the picking?” He rumbles in my ear, swirling his thumb against my swollen bud. As loud as my mind is screaming to push him away, my body is screaming even louder to hold the hell on and let him take me right here in the middle of the club.

He brings his hand up, and before I can even blink, he has his thumb in between his lips, sucking my arousal off his finger.

Holy fuck.

He brings his face close to mine, until his lips are just a breath away. “Ripe enough to fucking devour.” And then, he crushes his lips to mine. My gasp works in his favor, and his tongue moves in, caressing and rolling with mine.

Minutes. Seconds. Hours. I have no clue. This man has shorted every cell in my brain. Shut it all down. I am working on complete autopilot, but enjoying every fucking second of it. Until I hear a shrill voice shriek in my ear.

“Who the fuck is this bitch?” Err, what? It takes my mind a second to register what the fuck that bitch just screamed. Detangling my hands from Greg’s messy brown locks, I turn on wobbly legs and face the person behind the annoying screech.

“What the hell did you just call me?” Seething is a good word to describe the way I am feeling in this exact moment. Greg has effectively wound me tight, and then forgot to press release. Lucky or unlucky, depends on which side of the coin you’re on. This bitch is going to be the perfect person to help with that.

“Does that belong to you?” I ask Greg. He looks pissed, but not ashamed. Interesting. “Excuse me, Greg. Is this shit yours?” I ask again, pointing my finger at the malnourished bimbo in front of me.

“No,” He finally says, trying to pull me back towards him by my hips, “She definitely does not belong to me.”

I turn my head around and lock eyes with him long enough to give anorexic Barbie the upper hand. I feel her claws take hold of my hair and pull, ripping me from Greg’s hold. “Get your skank ass away from my man,” she yells, jerking me back. I feel Greg’s fingers dig in painfully before he loses his grasp. Oh, but not because of this little shit. No, he loses his grasp because I twist my body from his hold and turn on her. I probably lose a few hundred pieces of hair in the process, but it’s so worth it to see her face.

“Do not put your nasty little hands on me. Ever. I will make you sorry you even stepped into my mother fucking personal space! Do you hear ME, Skipper?” I get up in her face and have the pleasure of looking down into her shocked brown eyes. One thing I love about being so tall, no one will ever look down on me. “You do not want to piss me off. You think he’s yours? By all means take him, but something tells me he doesn’t want you.”

“You little bitch!” She screams and reaches out to slap me. This chick must have a death wish. Waiting for the last second, I reach up, grab her slim wrist, and squeeze, applying enough pressure that I know she will have marks. I offer her a sweet smile and a wink right before I take my foot and sweep her legs out from under her, watching her flailing arms and legs crash right onto the dirty floor.

I crouch down and get my face nose-to-nose with hers. “You do not look at me. You do not talk to me. You definitely do not touch me. Now, get your ass off the floor. You look ridiculous.”

She takes her time climbing back to her feet, and the whole time, her eyes never leave mine. This bitch is trouble, more trouble than I care to deal with, and something tells me there is a connection between these two. I don’t give a shit how hot the sex could be; I want nothing to do with this complication.

“Run along now.” I shoo her away with my hands before turning around and locking eyes with the shocked face of Greg Cage. This time I have the added benefit of knowing all his friends have seen it all. Dammit. I know better than to let my temper out.

“Holy shit… that was so fucking hot, beauty!” He goes to pull me to him again, but I step out of his reach.

Stay strong, Meli. Do not let him suck you in.

“Not happening. I might have let you jumble up my head once, shame on me… but it won’t happen again big boy. You have some issues with your little bitch, and those are issues I want nothing to do with.” I pat his cheek once before walking over to Izzy, who is no longer able to hold in her laughter.

“Oh my God! Meli, that was the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life! You’re like some secret little badass under all that sexy, aren’t you?”


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