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“You’re going to fucking love it.”

Chapter Nine


“Everything okay?” Jax asks when Mark and I return to the table. My pussy is throbbing in anticipation and my cheeks feel hot. It’s a wonder I don’t have I’M ABOUT TO GET LAID tattooed on my forehead.

“Fine,” I reply and sit in my chair, then squirm a bit in my seat, trying to relieve the ache between my legs. Mark is trying to kill me.

Death by horniness.

Mark lays his hand on my thigh and it slowly drifts up to rest just below the juncture of my legs. I cover his hand with mine and squeeze out of pure self-preservation. His lips twitch when I glance up at him.

“That was delicious,” I announce and push my plate away, ready to get the hell out of here.

“You barely ate anything,” Jax says.

“I’m full,” I insist.

“Did you save room for dessert?” Logan asks and gazes at the dessert menu. “The churros with chocolate sauce sound good.”

“Yes, let’s get dessert,” Mark agrees and squeezes my thigh. “We have time.”

I’m going to torture him later. I’m going to suck his cock until he’s begging me to let him come and then I’m not going to. I’m going to keep him on the edge for as long as possible.

I grin at my new plan and nod. I’ll play his game.

I slide my hand under the tablecloth to rest over his hard erection and give it a little squeeze through his jeans. Mark’s face doesn’t change a bit, he just takes my hand in his and lifts it to his lips to kiss my knuckles then rests our hands on the table.

Jax places our dessert order then jerks his head toward Logan in surprise when Logan also lifts his hand and kisses his knuckles. Logan’s face is calm and happy and he winks at me across the table before pinning Jax with a hot look.


Jax blinks and glances down at their linked hands then returns his gaze to Logan. “No.”

I smile widely at my friend as he stares back at me with a what in the hell am I supposed to do now look.

Dessert is delivered quickly. The sugary pastry is delicious, especially when Mark drenches it in the warm chocolate sauce and offers it to me then licks his fingers clean.

I can’t wait to lick him clean.

Finally the check comes but Logan is fast, snatching it up before anyone else can react.

“Dude, that’s mine,” Mark says and reaches for his wallet.

“No, I don’t believe it is,” Logan replies and drops his debit card in the plastic tray.

“At least let me cover mine and Mer’s,” Mark tries again but Logan shakes his head no.

“You can grab it next time,” he says.

“Thank you,” I say and grin at the kind man. I’m pleased with this first meeting. Logan is smart and good-looking and clearly into my best friend. Jax chose well this time.

I hope he doesn’t fuck it up.

We all walk out into the cool spring evening and stand on the sidewalk for a moment, taking a deep breath, ready to part ways for the night.

“Thanks again for dinner,” Mark says and shakes Logan’s hand, then Jax’s. “We’ll do it again soon.”

“Absolutely. Nice to meet you,” Logan replies, then turns to me and hugs me tight. “Have fun,” he whispers.

“Goodnight,” I say and grin at Jax. His eyes widen because he knows what’s coming, but he can’t stop me before I call out, “Use condoms! Be safe!”

“Goodbye, Meredith Agatha,” Jax replies, making me gasp.

“You promised never to tell anyone my middle name!”

He grins as Logan takes his hand and begins to pull him away. “No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did! We were drunk! We even took a shot to seal the deal.”

“Shot deals don’t count, lemonhead. You know that.” He laughs loudly as Logan leads him away and I glare at his back, wondering how I can get vindication.

“Let’s go home, baby,” Mark says and kisses my hand as he leads me to his Jeep.

“He yelled out my middle name for everyone to hear.”

“I heard. I was here. How did I never know your middle name?”

“I never tell anyone.”

“Except Jax,” he replies with a laugh. I love that the jealousy over Jax seems to be fading.

“We were drunk one night and were trying to one-up each other on the embarrassing story scale, and I told him that in confidence. He wasn’t supposed to blab it. Now his boyfriend knows it too!”

Mark laughs and shakes his head as he drives onto the freeway, headed north out of downtown Seattle. “I’m quite sure there are worse middle names out there.”

“I’m quite sure there aren’t.”

“What else did you tell him?” Mark asks and lays his hand on my thigh, waking my body up again.

“I told him about that time I almost lit the chemistry lab on fire in high school.”

Mark laughs and squeezes my thigh. “I thought we were all done for.”

“I’m sorry you had me for a partner. I was hopeless. I never should have paid John Stevens to switch with me.”

“What?” His head jerks around in surprise.

“I paid John to switch lab partners with me so I could be yours. I had such a crush on you, but I couldn’t get your attention.”

“You had my attention, I just didn’t think you were interested.”

“Why did you think that?”

“Because I’d asked you out for ice cream after school a couple of times but you turned me down.”

“I had dance after school.”

“I didn’t know that yet,” he reminds me then chuckles ruefully. “From the moment I saw you I knew there would never be anyone else for me. How much did you pay John?”

“Fifty bucks.” I grin as I lean over and kiss Mark’s shoulder. “It was worth every penny.”

He parks in his driveway.

“Why don’t you ever park in your garage?”

“I have too many tools and building supplies in there right now,” he says and pushes his fingers through my hair. “You are so beautiful, M.”

I pull his hand to my mouth and plant kisses on his palm, then rest my cheek in it. “Thank you.”

“Come on, I have stuff to show you.”

“I thought you were gonna fuck me? I kind of had visions of us tearing each other’s clothes off and having sex against the front door.”

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