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“Logan is fine with it,” Logan says again, his eyes locked on Jax’s, before turning back to us with a smile. “I’m also hungry. Where are we going?”

“You’re adorable,” Mer says honestly as Jax watches Logan with lust-filled eyes. He’s clearly falling in love with the other man.

“So are you,” he says with a wink. “Your man’s not bad either.”

I feel my cheeks go red as all three of them watch me with sober faces and then burst out laughing at my expense.

“Thanks, I think.”

“Come on. Mexican food is calling our name.” Mer takes my hand and leads us all to the door.


“So you both leave Monday morning?” Logan asks as we eat chips and salsa and wait for our meals to be served.

“Yeah, really early,” Mer replies. “I’m glad it’s only a two hour flight.”

“The VMA’s are next Sunday, right? How long are you staying?”

Holy shit! Will they be gone almost a full week?

“We have rehearsals until Wednesday, then we come home and they’ll rehearse each day before the performance,” Jax replies.

“You’re not dancing in the actual show?” Logan asks.

“No,” Mer replies. “We’ll teach Starla and her dance partner the routine and then they’ll rehearse until the show on their own.”

“So you’ll be home Wednesday?” I ask Mer softly.

“Yeah, mid-afternoon.”

“My whole family is taking a celebratory trip to Vegas on Friday for the weekend. I want to take you with me.”

Her eyes grow big and then she bites her lip.

“That’ll be fun,” Logan says. “What’s the occasion?”

“My brother-in-law is getting married, so it’s a combined bachelor/bachelorette party.” My eyes haven’t left Mer’s yet. “You don’t want to go?”

“I don’t want to leave Jax with all that work…”

“Jax is coming too,” I reply.

“He is?” Mer and Jax reply at the same time.

“Sure. Just close the studio for the week. You’ll love the girls, man. They’re a riot, and they’re already excited to have girls night out with you.”

“I am good with the ladies,” Jax agrees and nods with mock seriousness. “It’s a shame.”

“It sounds like fun,” Mer says with a smile.

“Can I trust you in Vegas?” Logan asks Jax. “Liquor and beautiful women and all that debauchery and shenanigans?”

“I may come home married, but those are easily annulled. You know, it’s Vegas.”

Logan leans in to whisper in Jax’s ear and Mer’s jaw drops when Jax’s cheeks flush and he clears his throat then coughs into his hand.

“Point taken,” Jax says and rests his chin in his hand, unable to look anyone in the eye, but looking very smug.

I lean over and whisper into Mer’s ear, “Go take your panties off.”

She raises a brow but wipes her mouth with her napkin and excuses herself from the table. When she returns, she sends me a wicked smile and under the cover of the tablecloth passes her panties to me, which I immediately tuck into my pocket.

“Good girl,” I murmur and kiss her hand.

“So, Logan, Jax tells me you’re an architect,” Meredith says after our food arrives.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replies. “Going on almost fifteen years now.”

“Good for you,” she replies, and I can see that she’s trying to figure the age difference in her head. “Would I have seen any of your work in Seattle?”

“Probably,” he says. “My firm has worked on several of the buildings downtown.”

I offer Mer a bite of my carne asada and while she chews, I lean in and whisper, “I’m going to spend about an hour with my face planted between your legs tonight.”

She gasps and coughs, and I pass her a water glass. “Are you okay, baby?”

She nods and swallows the water and then narrows her eyes at me. “I’m fine.”

I chuckle and resume eating my meal, enjoying the way Mer’s cheeks have flushed and the pulse in her neck has sped up.

She’s fucking turned on.

Of course, that’s the point.

“How long have you been dancing?” Logan asks Meredith.

“Since I could walk,” she replies with a laugh. “I’ve always been in a dance class of some sort. I danced professionally for just under ten years.”

“Good for you. I’d love to watch you and Jax dance sometime.”

“Come to the studio tomorrow,” she replies. “We have rehearsal early in the morning.”

“On a Saturday?” I ask with a frown. “You usually take weekends off.”

“Not this weekend. We have to make sure the routine is perfect before we head to LA on Monday,” Jax replies. “You can come watch if you want,” he tells Logan.

“I do,” Logan says.

“Hopefully you won’t have to witness me land on my ass anymore,” Mer says and glares at Jax. “This one likes to throw me around.”

She shifts her legs, uncrossing and recrossing them under the table, and the thought of her bare pussy under those jeans makes my cock throb.

“Will you excuse us, please?” I stand, pulling Meredith with me. “I have to talk to Meredith about something.”

I turn and lead her away from the table without waiting for an answer. We walk into a dark hallway that separates the restaurant and the bar and when we’re out of sight from nearby tables, I cage her in against the wall and press my thigh against her pussy, cup her face in my hands and kiss her hard and deep. No lead in. No softness, just hot kisses.

She clamps her hands on my arms, holding on tight when I drag my nose down her jaw to her ear and growl. “I need to get you home and bury myself inside you for hours. The thought of how wet you are right now is making me crazy.”

“Let’s go—” she begins but I interrupt her.

“No. We’re going to spend some more time with Jax and Logan and make small talk and you’re going to know the whole time how fucking hard I am for you. Just you.” I kiss her again and boost her up on the wall with my thigh, making her moan softly. “You make me nuts.”

“I’m feeling a little nutty right now myself,” she whispers and pushes her hands through my hair. “I like it.”

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