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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Don't get me wrong I mean I like Riley a lot, and damn if you weren't in the way I would so tap that. But yeah diverting from the point here, what I mean is.... how the hell can you be happy that you get to sleep with just one girl for the rest of your life instead of nailing anything that moves like before?" he asked looking at me like I'd gone crazy.

"Because that one girl is Riley." I answered simply.

I didn't know how to explain it other than that. Riley was just special, she always had been and if I'd known that one day she would want to be with me I would have waited for her too. I would've never messed around with those other girls if I knew I had a shot, but you can't change your past and she didn't think any less of me for sleeping around thank goodness.

"Right then boys, out onto the field for practice." Coach shouted interrupting our conversation.

I smiled grateful for being having to do something else other than answering idiotic questions about Riley and I.

"Clay a word please." Coach said as I tried to make it out of the door without being seen.

I sighed and Tom slapped me on the back giving me a sympathetic smile. I hung back and he waited until everyone had left the room before speaking so I knew I was in for it for skipping the last couple of days.

"Ok so a couple of things we need to talk about I guess," he said raising his eyebrows looking at me sternly. "The first being; where the hell were you for the last two days? I needed you in practice to help train the new guy. I understand you got married and stuff but damn Clay the team needed you too."

I nodded and tried to look apologetic even though I wasn't sorry I was off for two days. I had a lot to sort out and I got to move into a place with the girl of my dreams, I refused to feel bad about it.

"We had things to sort out. Sorry about that, won't happen again." I confirmed.

"Good, ok well the second thing is about what happened Friday night during the game." he said shaking his head.

I took a deep breath, I knew he'd need to talk to me about that. "Yeah I'm sorry you had to take me off half way through but I had some things that needed to be taken care of." I said frowning trying not to get angry at the thought of Blake going near my girl again.

"Clay for goodness sake I'm not talking about having to take you off during the game! I meant about what happened, I heard about Riley's arm and what was going on with Blake Chambers. I know you two have your differences and most of that is probably my fault, but if you need to talk to anyone or you ever need help then you come to me ok?" he squeezed my shoulder reassuringly as he looked into my eyes.

"Thanks, I appreciate it but the police are involved now so everything's fine." I said nodding hoping that everything was fine. He really was a good guy and I liked him a lot.

"Ok well that's good. So come on then star player let's get out there and make you sweat. Help the new wide receiver for me ok? He's played a lot for his last school and we're lucky to have him, but I don't think he's too confident." he said slapping my back as we started to walk out to the field.

The new guy was pretty good but Coach was right, he lacked a little confidence in his ability and was a little hesitant to go in heavy for the ball. Practice was good, Coach rode us pretty hard which I think was my fault for being off for two days.

Most of the time that we were practicing I couldn't take my eyes off the hot little piece of ass that was sitting in the bleachers talking to Rachel. Damn my wife is so beautiful. I felt something smack into my chest and I crashed into the ground hard knocking the wind out of me. Shit I need to keep my head in the game! Wow that hurt!

"Sorry, you ok?" Andy asked looking at me apologetically as he pushed himself up off of me and held out his hand to help me up.

"Yeah no problem, I wasn't watching so you were right to take me out. I should be grateful it was you instead of one of the other guys, otherwise they probably would have broken a rib to teach me to pay attention." I joked slapping his shoulder and flicking my eyes to Riley who was standing up looking at me worriedly. I waved my hand to show her I was fine, damn that girl worried too much about me.

"Ok guys that's it for the day." Coach shouted.

"Yeah you're a little distracted, that's your sister right?" Andy asked nodding towards Riley and Rachel.

"Sister?" I asked confused.

"Yeah Riley, she said her name was Riley Preston. You're Clay Preston right? So what's the deal with that? Stay away from my little sister or else kind of thing?" he asked frowning.

I laughed and shook my head, "Riley's not my sister, she's," Something crashed into my back sending me sprawling to the floor again. I groaned and heard someone laugh from on top of me.

"Damn it Tom, leave him alone!" Riley shouted angrily from the sidelines.

"Uh-oh the misses is mad!" he said laughing as he got up.

"You don't want to see her mad, trust me that girls like a freaking firework when she blows." I said shaking my head laughing pushing myself up from the floor.

"Yeah? All spark then fizzles out?" he joked grinning.

Riley slapped the back of his head making him wince. "No, more like if you mess around with me you'll get burned dipshit." she growled angrily.

I laughed and shook my head as Tom looked at her apologetically. "Come on Riley, I missed taking his ass out for the last two days."

"Aww you missed my ass Tom?" I teased.

"Man you're friggin hilarious." he said shaking his head laughing.

Andy was just standing there watching the exchange. I noticed that he was smiling at Riley a lot. Oh hell no! Is that why he was asking what the deal was with my sister? Was he asking if he could date her or something? No freaking way he's getting a crush on my girl because that's just plain awkward!

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me making her squeal. "No! You're filthy!" she whined as I put my muddy arms around her pulling her perfect body to mine making her shirt dirty too.

"You like me dirty." I whispered smirking at her.

She narrowed her eyes looking sexy as hell, "Well I you're right there, I do like you dirty." she breathed. I smiled and inched my face closer to hers, I'd missed her like crazy all day and couldn't wait to take her home. Her mouth was an inch from mine and I could smell her minty breath blowing across my lips making my mouth water. "But I don't like me dirty." she said pulling her face away just as my lips were about to touch hers.

I looked at her shocked as she stuck her tongue out at me. Damn tease. "Oh you are so in for it Riley bear." I warned. She giggled and turned and ran off across the field. I gave her a little head start because I could run a lot faster than her.

"You'd better run Riley." I shouted after her, I smiled as I heard her laugh louder. "Excuse me." I said waggling my eyebrows at the boys who were watching her run off.

I took off in a sprint and slowed down as I started to catch her too fast. I wanted her to get a little way from the school so we could be on our own, even if it was only for a minute. When she was half way across the field I sprinted to her side and gripped her waist rubbing my sweaty face on her cheek making her squeal.

"Clay!" she squirmed giggling.

I slipped my hands down to her ass and picked her up. Her legs instantly wrapped around my waist where she seemed to fit perfectly, like she was made for me or something. "You need to practice running faster if you don't want me to catch you Mrs. Preston." I teased.

She grinned and shook her head wrapping her arms around my neck. "Oh I wanted you to catch me, trust me." she whispered seductively, brushing her lips against mine.

I kissed her hard savoring every second of it making up for lost time, it was hard seeing her today in lessons and in the hallways. Not being able to talk to her and hold her hand when I wanted to. She traced her tongue along my lip and I opened my mouth kissing her deeply making myself so freaking horny it was just unreal. I walked slowly back towards the guys, kissing her as she tangled her hands into my hair pressing herself to me closer.

"Cut that crap out!" Coach shouted across the field. I could hear all the team hissing and booing jokingly. I smiled as Riley pulled back and blushed like crazy. She moved her legs as if she was getting down so I put my hand on her thigh wrapping it back around me again not letting her away from me.

She smiled and put her forehead to mine. "I love you Clay." she whispered her eyes burning into mine.

"I love you too Riley bear, so much."

As we got to the group I noticed Andy was looking at me strangely, oh crap yeah he thinks that Riley's my sister. I laughed, I guess it does look a little twisted with her wrapped all around me like this!

"Andy this is my wife Riley, Riley this is Andy the new wide receiver." I said nodding at him.

She smiled a little uncomfortably, "Yeah we met already. So you play on the team Andy?" she asked politely.

He looked at us shocked. "Wife? You two are married? That's why your name's Preston? I thought..... yeah ok that makes sense I guess....I should um....go get showered." he said a little awkwardly.

He turned and started walking off, Zane slung his arm around his shoulder. "Don't worry about it man, we'd all tap that if she wasn't married. Clay's not offended." he said winking at me jokingly.

"Your friends are a bunch of man-wh0res." Riley laughed pressing her forehead to mine as I started to walk again.

I interlocked my hands under her pert little ass. "I know. I'm so glad I never viewed women as $ex objects." I joked.

She giggled, hugging me tightly. "Want to go grocery shopping after you're done here?" she asked excitedly.

"Sure Riley bear. Are you going to cook something nice for me tonight like a good little wife?" I asked grinning.

"Sure baby, whatever you want." she pressed her lips to mine again ending the conversation. When we got to the locker rooms I pressed her against the wall outside kissing her deeply. I almost forgot where we were I was getting so into it, damn my wife drove me wild!