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Author: Kirsty Moseley

No you're a freaking psycho! "I'm going back to bed. Stop calling me." I snapped the phone shut not waiting for his answer. It immediately buzzed again in my hand so I turned it off. I guess I needed to get a new number or something.

I drank a glass of water trying to calm my nerves before slipping back into the bed with Clay. "Hey, where'd you go?" he asked sleepily as I snuggled close to his side again.

Crap I didn't want to tell him now, I'll tell him in the morning. "Bathroom." I lied. He kissed my nose and I pushed all thoughts of Blake out of my head and went back to sleep for another couple of hours.

The alarm went off at seven and I rolled over and pressed my face into Clay's chest needing more sleep. "Morning Riley bear." he chirped.

"Why the hell are you always so damn cheerful in the morning?" I asked defeated as I pulled a pillow over my head to block out the remaining light.

"I get to wake up to the most beautiful girl in the world. That kind of puts a happy twist on my morning." he said shrugging and pulling the pillow off of my head. Damn he's so sweet!

"Yeah well I get to wake up to you, but sorry baby I'd still rather have an extra hours sleep." I teased rubbing my nose against his lightly making him smile.

"School today Mrs. Preston and I can't wait." he said excitedly as he rolled on top of me grinning like a mad man.

I groaned, "Why can't school start at like ten thirty or something?" I asked turning my nose up. I really wasn't a morning person, unlike Clay.

"Oh come on! You're not excited about people asking about us being married?" he asked sitting up on the bed and rubbing a hand through his hair ruffling it up.

"Of course I am, but man I'm gonna get some death glares today. I bet the cheerleaders push me down the stairs or run me over in the parking lot or something." I said pouting slightly. Wow they were going to hate me today!

Clay laughed and shook his head, "They won't, come on Riley bear I'm starved. Let's get dressed so we can go eat." he begged pulling me up. I couldn't say no to that face so I rolled my eyes and allowed him to pull me up and to the bathroom to shower.

An hour and a half later and I stepped out of Clay's car in the school parking lot. I clung to his hand as people stopped talking to look at us. I was right, the cheerleaders - especially Zoë - looked like they wanted to kill me. I groaned as Clay lead me towards the building.

"Damn, look at their faces!" I whispered as we walked past a group of glaring girls. Clay laughed and pressed his lips to mine as we walked past them making me feel better instantly. Why does he taste so damn good?

We went to the office first. The lady smiled as we walked in, "Hey Clay, Riley." she said cheerfully.

"Morning Mrs. Stevens. Riley and I have new addresses and stuff to report." Clay said confidently pulling out the letter from the agent with the address and stuff on the front.

"You have new addresses?" she asked heading to the filing cabinets behind her and pulling out Clay's file from the 'P' drawer before heading to the 'T' drawer for mine.

"Yeah and I have a new name too." I said eyeing my file.

"New name?" she asked looking at me like I was crazy.

"Yeah Clay and I need to be filed together now, both under P." I said grinning and biting my lip.

She laughed, "I'm lost honey."

"We got married." Clay said proudly pulling me closer to his side grinning.

Her easy smile fell from her face. "You're kidding me."

I shook my head leaning over her desk and taking the 'change of information' form from the pile of papers she had sorted out. "Not kidding." I confirmed grinning happily.

I let Clay tell her all about it as I wrote all of our new information down in the relevant boxes. I loved filling in the form as Mrs. Preston and my next of kin as Clay. It was a nice feeling, I even had to make up a signature too for the bottom of the form.

"Damn I should have practiced before I signed this. This signature's terrible." I said turning my nose up at it slightly.

Clay laughed, "You mean you haven't been signing Riley Preston on your notebooks since first grade like all the other girls?" he asked faking hurt.

"Sorry baby but you just didn't do it for me then." I said winking at him making him laugh.

"Well I'm glad I do it for you now." he smirked at me as the receptionist transferred all of the information onto the computer.

"Ok well all done then Mr. and Mrs. Preston." she said shaking her head still looking a little bemused as she photocopied our marriage certificate for the file.

"Awesome thanks." Clay said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and leading me out into the hall.

Rachel was standing outside the office leaning against the wall flirting her ass off with Tom. When we walked out she grinned, "Hey you two. Finally pried yourselves out of that new apartment huh?" she waggled her eyebrows suggestively making me blush slightly.

"It was hard but I guess we needed to." I answered laughing.

"Heads up!" someone shouted loudly. Clay jumped up in the air and caught a football that literally seemed to come out of nowhere. Damn that's sexy!

"Sorry!" a guy said running over and slapping Clay on the shoulder.

"No problem Travis. Hey maybe you need to work on your arm because that throw sucked." Clay said cocking his head to the side smirking.

I rolled my eyes, if he was going to be talking football then I'm out of here! "See you later baby ok?" I said linking my arm through Rachel's and blowing Clay a kiss before walking off up the hall.

The morning went ok, the teachers we a little shocked when I told them all about my new name, most of the time forgot anyway and still ended up calling me Miss Thomas. It would take a while for me to get used to my new name, so I could barely blame a teacher who didn't really seem to believe me in the first place.

At lunchtime all everyone wanted to talk about was our wedding and what it was like, every single person in the school had seen the video of it. Luckily the unofficial first dance video stayed private thank goodness.

The girls were gushing about my rings and Rachel recounted word for word Clay's proposal. How she remembered it I have no idea because she was wasted that night too. I sat there with a proud smile on my face the whole time, I didn't mind being the center of attention like I thought I would. I was so happy to be married to Clay that I wanted everyone to know it.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch and Clay walked me to study hall kissing me outside the door gently, making himself late for class no doubt. "I love you." he murmured against my lips brushing my hair away from my face.

"Love you too Clay." I whispered, he smiled and turn and ran off towards the locker rooms to get changed for gym.

I sighed dreamily, watching until he was out of view and then headed to a desk at the back pulling out my English assignment from this morning. A few minutes later a chair scraped back next to mine making me jump.

I looked up to see a guy I didn't know sitting down next to me, he was quite cute I guess, with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Rachel would totally say he was hot, maybe he'd give Tom a run for his money.

He smiled. "Hey, I'm new here, my names Andy Sanders."

"Riley Preston." I said nodding. Why the hell is he sitting next to me? Almost the whole room is empty and he had to choose the seat next to me?

"So how'd you break your arm?" he asked nodding at my cast.

I smiled uncomfortably, "Banged it on a wall." I answered nodding slowly turning back to my English essay.

"That sucks. Did it hurt? I've never broken anything before."

"Yeah it freaking killed but it's ok now, just annoying with the cast on really." I admitted.

"I'll bet. So Riley Preston, does the cast stop you from going out on dates and stuff?" he asked grinning at me.

"Study hall is for studying, not socializing!" the teacher hissed from the front.

I smiled gratefully at her and went back to my essay not speaking again for the rest of the hour. Thankfully I got out of rejecting the new guy, I hated to turn people down. It's not really his fault he didn't know I was with Clay, hell he probably didn't even know who Clay was if he was new!

When the bell rang I packed up my stuff quickly. "Hey do you think you could tell me how to get to room 401? I have French there next period." Andy asked looking at me hopefully.

"Err yeah actually I have that too, so you can come with me." I grabbed the last of my things and headed out of the door with him hot on my heels.

"So you never answered my question before, does the cast stop you from going out on dates and stuff?" he asked smirking at me.

Oh crap. I squirmed uncomfortably and opened my mouth to tell him I was hopelessly in love with my husband but thanks for the offer, when I heard someone shout my name.

I breathed a sigh of relief and turned in the direction of the voice. It was Rachel. She was walking towards me slowly with a seductive smile on her face as she took in the new guy I was with.

"Hey Rach, um I need the bathroom. Do you think you could show Andy to French? He's new." I said raising my eyebrows knowingly at her.

"Absolutely I can. Nice to meet you Andy, I'm Rachel. How are you finding it here so far?" she purred.

I looked at her gratefully as I turned for the bathroom, I didn't really need to go but turning down guys wasn't really my specialty. Jokes and stuff yeah I could handle that but I hated to upset people, especially new guys. Hopefully by the time I got to class Rachel would have diverted his interest onto her and I wouldn't have to actually say anything!

* * *

Clay's POV

"Seriously though, you're a married man who has his own place with his wife and you're eighteen." Zane said again looking at me shaking his head in disapproval.

"Zane come on man, do we have to keep going over and over this? Yes I like being married to Riley and no it wasn't a mistake." I said for the hundredth time today.