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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Better" I said as he inched closer to me.

"Ok how about this then, you look so hot it would totally be worth the five years I would get if I had sex with you right now" he said as he put his lips to mine for the second time.

I giggled against his lips and pushed him back. "Really? No that doesn't really work for me, 1. Who said I would have sex with you anyway? And 2. Clay is watching and I think he's about three seconds from coming over and kicking your ass" I said opening the car door.

"Yeah well that would be totally worth it too" he said with a chuckle.

We drove to the shopping complex chatting about easy friendly stuff, he was really easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with him. "So what are we doing here?" I asked as we walked into the building this was a weird place to take someone for a date.

"Well there's this little café in the back that does the best pie in the world" he said taking my hand and pulling me in the right direction.

"So you've done extensive pie research in other countries?" I asked teasingly.

He laughed, "You really are a funny girl" he said shaking his head and smiling at me

"So they tell me" I said rolling my eyes. "Try not to get me any evil death glares from psycho waitresses today ok?" I asked giving him a cocky smile,

"I'll try my hardest Jailbait" he said smirking.

Just then a waiter came over, "Hi what can I get you?" he asked in a bored voice not looking up from his pad.

"I'll have the cheeseburger but without mustard and apple pie with ice cream for desert" Blake said then looked at me.

"And for you miss?" the waiter said finally looking up at me, he was quite young probably my age, he looked at me as I ordered my chicken burger and apple pie. His eyes not leaving me once, they drifted down to my cl**vage and I shifted uncomfortably.

"Dude are you f**king seriously staring at my girlfriends tit's while I'm sitting right here?" Blake asked standing up looking really angry.

"Err no I just err" he stuttered stepping back,

"Just go make the food before I break your f**king face" Blake almost growled looking terrifying. Holy crap! Wow he really is possessive, and he has a temper jeez that poor waiter guy!

"Blake, that was uncalled for and embarrassing" I whispered scowling,

"What? Jeez didn't you see him staring at you? Christ I could almost see his hard on" he said scowling back at me.

We sat in angry silence for a couple of minutes and I was just wondering if I had made the wrong decision coming tonight when he reached over and took my hand. "Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you" he said sincerely.

"It's ok, but I can look after myself you know, you can't start a fight with people for looking for God sake, otherwise I would have to fight every girl on the planet for looking at your pretty face" I said shaking my head, wow he really had double standards.

"You would fight for me?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

"No, I don't fight, I'd get Clay to do it" I joked laughing.

"What is Clay your little lap dog? You really have him well trained" he said laughing and shaking his head mockingly.

"I really don't like people taking the mick out of other people, Clay's my best friend in the whole world, just lay off him would you? I mean what the hell is up with you two anyway?" I asked frowning.

"Well, when Clay tried out for the team Coach put him as my second, I got injured and was out for a few weeks and when I came back I had to share my place with Clay because he played so well while I was off, I don't do well with sharing, so I slept with the girl he was seeing" he said with a shrug as if it was nothing. I gasped, holy crap no wonder Clay doesn't like him.

"You what?" I said sitting back shaking my head in disapproval.

"Hey I'm not like that anymore that was three years ago, and he wasn't serious about her anyway, he was just pissed because I got in her pants quicker than he did" he said proudly. Is he proud of himself for that? Wow ok he's not what I thought he was at all.

I stood up, "Can you take me home please? I think I've made a mistake in coming out with you" I said grabbing my jacket and turning towards the door.

"What? No! Come on Riley, please" he said grabbing my arm and pushing me back into the booth roughly and then he slid in next to me so I couldn't get out.

"Just move" I said venomously trying to stand up again but he pushed down hard on my leg to stop me from moving anywhere.

"Just hear me out, please I'm sorry" he said with the puppy dog face. I shook my head,

"I just want to go home, will you take me?" I asked sternly,

"No" he answered looking a little smug.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone "What are you doing?" he asked frowning again.

"I'm calling Clay to come and get me" I said snapping open my phone angrily, he snatched it out of my hand and put it in his pocket. "What the hell? Give me my phone Blake I'm not kidding around" I said giving him my best death glare and holding out my hand.

"Riley, listen to me, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that and I know I shouldn't have done that to Clay in the first place but I was so angry at him, after my parents died the team was the only thing I had left, everything fell apart, that was the only thing that kept me sane and Preston came along and ruined it. I was angry so I lashed out, I'm not like that anymore I swear" he said sincerely looking into my eyes with a begging expression. "Please" he said quietly looking at the table.

Oh for goodness sake how can you say no to that? But this boy has some serious issues! "Ok fine, I suppose I can't go before I've tasted the worlds best pie" I said still a little angry and rolling my eyes. His head snapped up and he beamed at me a big grin spread across his face. He bent his face towards mine going in for a kiss.

"Cheeseburger?" a older lady asked standing there with two plates of food, obviously the waiter was too scared to come back.

"Wow you got great timing" he muttered with a chuckle looking at the lady "Yeah cheeseburger that's mine" he said shaking his head in amusement, that was the second time he had tried to kiss me tonight and failed, I hid my grin by stealing one of his fries.

"So what do you want to do now?" he asked after we had finished eating.

"I don't know what do you think?" I said as we walked out of the café, I looked up and spotted an amusement arcade across the way. "Oh" I said so excited I almost jumped up and down, "How about that?" I said pointing and grabbing his hand pulling him in there not waiting for his answer. It was packed and really noisy.

"An amusement arcade?" he asked with a grin, I nodded and dragged him to the change booth.

"I love these places, I didn't even know there was one here" I said jamming a ten down excitedly for some change.

He rolled his eyes and handed me a pot to put the change in, I grabbed his hand and almost ran through the crowd to the slot machines, "Wow excited much?" he asked wrapping his arms around me from behind.

"Shh, can't talk playing" I said jokingly pointing to my machine, he chuckled and held me tighter.

After about two minutes I'd used up all of my money, I know I'm bad at these machines but what can you say at least I had fun right? "OH MY GOD! They've got air hockey" I said with a stupid grin on my face.

He laughed at me shaking his head, "Wow you're really easy to please, listen go wait by the table make sure no one gets it and I'll get some more change" he said giving me a little push in the right direction.

I stood by the table and waited for him, I felt someone slap my ass and I smiled as I turned opening my mouth to make some comment about being a minor but it wasn't him. I stepped back frowning a little, there were three guys standing there all tall and looking at me like I was something to eat, ok now I really wish I had listened to Clay and changed.

"Hello beautiful" one of them purred walking to stand beside me, he raised his hand and brushed it against the side of my face, I slapped it away.

"Get the hell off me" I said as I tried to walk past, he just grabbed my arm roughly making me stop.

"Don't walk away, we just want to have a little fun that's all" one of the others sneered looking me over making me feel a little sick. "You like to have fun?" the other one asked licking his lips, the one holding my arm started pulling me towards the door, holy shit what the hell do I do? I opened my mouth to scream for help but his hand covered it quickly. It was so busy no one paid the slightest bit of attention.

"What the f**k are you doing? You better let her go now before I beat the shit out of you" Blake growled from behind me, they turned to look and I caught sight of him, he looked so pissed off he was terrifying.

"Easy there bud we were just talking to the girl here" the one holding me said pulling me against his chest.

"I said let her go now and if you have hurt her I swear to God I'll kill you" he said taking a step forward his jaw clenched tight in anger.

"I haven't hurt you have I?" the guy said against my ear making me flinch away from the contact, I shook my head and looked at Blake.

He took another step forward and one of the other guys stepped forward at the same time, Blake ducked down slightly and punched the guy straight in the chest, the guy staggered back holding his chest wheezing for breath. "Let her go now" he growled taking another step forward, the other stepped up and tried to punch him but he missed, Blake grabbed hold of his hair and brought his knee up at the same time as bringing the guys head down smashing his face hard into his knee, he pushed the almost unconscious guy to the floor and turned his attention back to me again.

"You have one last chance and I'm warning you, if you have hurt even one hair on her head I will rip your f**king head off" he said through his teeth. The Guy pushed me towards Blake holding his hands up in a I surrender pose sneering. Blake shoved me behind his body and carried on walking forward.