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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"So are you two like gonna get married?" Tiffany asked curling her hair around her finger looking dreamily at Clay.

"Eventually, I'd marry her tomorrow if it were up to me" he said tucking my hair behind my ear. My mouth fell open, seriously I am going to kick his perfect ass if he doesn't start denying these f**king rumours soon! He's making it worse, that asshole!

Just then my phone rang, I looked at the caller id, it was Blake. I jumped up with a smile, "Excuse me" I said climbing off the bench and walking away for a bit of privacy.

"Hi Jailbait" he said when I answered,

"Hey, what are you doing calling me? Shouldn't you be at work?" I replied trying to ignore the stares coming from behind me.

"I am at work, I'm on a break so I thought I'd call and see how you slept" he said easily.

"I slept very well actually how about you?" I asked with a smile.

"Honestly, not so good, I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss, it had me tossing and turning all night" he said teasingly, I burst out laughing at his little innuendo.

"Oh really it was that good for you huh? Well then you just wait till you see what else I can do, I can really rock your world if a kiss can keep you up all night" I said seductively.

He moaned "Jailbait that's not fair" he whined.

"Well suck it up stud, you wanted to date a minor so you can deal with the consequences" I said trying not to laugh.

"Mmm, you sure you can't make it tonight?" he asked hopefully.

"I'm sure, Clay and I have plans, but he is seriously pissing me off at the moment so if he doesn't buck up his ideas then I will be free" I said shooting Clay a warning glance, but he wasn't looking at me he was just staring down into his lap frowning.

"Yeah, what's he doing?" he asked curiously.

"Nothing its just a joke that's gone too far that's all, listen I better go I'll see you tomorrow night" I said snapping my phone shut and walking back to the bench, everyone was staring at me with wide eyes.

I sat back down and took Clay's hand squeezing it gently until he looked at me with a fake smile and sad eyes. "Enough now please?" I begged, he just nodded and squeezed my hand back.

"So who was that on the phone?" Terri asked giving me a sneer obviously thinking I had been caught out at something.

"Blake Chambers" I said with a shrug, all the girls at the table gasped and immediately started asking about him and going on about how hot he is, all talk of Clay and I were long gone thank God.

I looked at Clay he just looked so sad and hurt, I slung my arm around his waist easily and leaned against him. "I'm sorry, I'll stop now" he muttered.

I turned and kissed him on his cheek "I love you too by the way" I whispered honestly, which made him beam at me melting my heart.

* * *

"Sweet or Salty?" Clay shouted from downstairs shaking the two packets of popcorn.

"Err you choose I don't mind" I shouted as I stared at my wall of movies. I settled on The Final Destination and stripped off my top and jeans standing in my underwear, I lent over to grab my pyjamas when the door opened and Clay walked in.

"OH SHIT! SORRY!" he said blushing and turning around quickly.

"Are you blushing Clay Preston? Seriously?" I said with a chuckle, "Honestly its ok, it's only like seeing me in a bikini right? You've done that hundreds of times" I said shaking my head at him, jeez he's seen hundreds of girls in less clothes than I'm wearing. "Err my pyjamas are on that side there, would you pass them to me?" I asked pointing at the drawers next to him, I turned back to the movie and skipped through the trailers.

As I turned back Clay was closer than I thought and I bumped into him loosing my balance, his hands shot out and grabbed my waist to steady me then he quickly pulled away like I had burned him. My sides were tingling where his hands had touched, I blushed at how close he was, his chest was pressed against mine. I looked up into his eyes, he seemed to be torn about something, he looked like he was trying to solve a really hard math problem. Then he closed his eyes and stepped away holding out his hand to pass me my pyjamas. I got dressed quickly and climbed in the bed. I discretely watched as he slipped his clothes off standing there in just his black boxers, the muscles tensing in his back while he folded up his jeans.

Oh Jesus he is so perfect and beautiful, honestly I think God outdid himself when he made Clay. I bit my lip to stifle the moan of need that I felt as I raked my eyes over his whole body slowly thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him, making my body tingle with desire. Suddenly he snapped off the light putting an end to my ogling. I sighed, I really need to stop lusting after my best friend jeez what's wrong with me?

He handed me a bowl of popcorn so I started eating to take my mind off of how close his hard sculptured body was to me, "You went for sweet then?" I said with a smile.

"Yeah, I made you sweet and I've got salty because I know you'll want to swap in a while so you can have both anyway" he said nudging me in the side.

I smiled and watched the film, God he knows me well and he is so damn sweet! He's really going to make some lucky girl a great boyfriend when he decides to finally choose someone. I pushed away the jealousy I felt at the thought of him actually being serious about someone, I had no right to be jealous he wasn't mine, we were friends that's all. I snuggled closer to his side and sighed happily as he put his arm around me.

Chapter 6

Clay insisted on being there when Blake picked me up the following night, much to my embarrassment. He stayed downstairs while I got ready, I didn't know what we were doing tonight so I went for a denim skirt that cut off at mid thigh and a fitted black button-down shirt with a red lacy bra underneath that you could see a little if you looked closely enough which I assumed Blake would do. I went for ballet flats tonight in case we were walking anywhere. I put half my hair up and curled the rest. I was ready early so I went downstairs with Clay. As I walked in his eyes went wide and his mouth popped open for a split second before he re-arranged his expression and gulped.

"Do I look that bad? Should I change?" I asked looking down at myself.

"No you look beautiful Riley, it's just you should put on a different top, you can see your bra in that one" he said frowning and rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I laughed "That's the whole point! That's how you wear it, you've seen this before" I said shaking my head at him.

"Yeah well I wasn't trying to get into your pants like he will, he'll see that as an invitation!" he shouted then immediately looked apologetic, "Sorry didn't mean that, I'm just a little worried that's all" he said looking me over again slowly.

After a couple of seconds he didn't speak and I started to feel a little uncomfortable, why the hell is he looking at me like that? His eyes lingering over my br**sts and legs, holy crap is Clay lusting after me? "Clay, are you checking me out?" I cried a little shocked, oh God please say yes and kiss me again!

He jumped about a mile in the air and looked around a little guiltily, "NO" he said loudly looking uncomfortable. Wow he really was, well that just proves he is a player.

I laughed, "Seriously I was joking" I said laughing as he sighed and resumed rubbing his neck.

"You're not going to embarrass me are you?" I asked looking at him pleadingly.

"I just want to talk to him that's all" he said just as the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" I said turning to run but he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him, laughed and ran to the door first.

"Better luck next time little girl" he said as he opened the door still chuckling.

"Hey Clay, long time no see" Blake said easily,

"I'll be right back" Clay said pushing me backwards and stepping outside and starting to shut the door behind him. I rammed my hand against the door stopping it from shutting in my face.

"Clay are you serious?" I asked shocked, was he really going outside to speak to Blake in private? "What am I like 5? You can't threaten him in front of me?" I asked slapping the back of his head lightly.

Blake chuckled. "It's ok, lets let him get it off his chest" he said with a wink pulling the door closed, I just stood there shocked my mouth hanging open like an idiot. As soon as the door closed the shock was gone and I quickly put my ear to the door trying to listen to what they were talking about, the only thing I could hear was muffled voices, no distinct words. I sighed and went to sit on the stairs to wait.

After a couple of minutes Clay opened the door and walked back in shaking his head and muttering under his breath, Blake looked annoyed too. "All done now with the grown up boys talk?" I asked sarcastically, Blake chuckled as I shot a death glare at Clay.

"Yeah all done, have a good time" Clay said throwing his arm around my shoulders. He kissed my cheek and brought his face to my ear, "Any problems at all call me and I'll come and pick you up, I don't care what time or where you are, you understand?" he whispered fiercely.

"Right, ok well I'll see you tomorrow Clay" I said grabbing my jacket, I looked up to see Blake and Clay glaring at each other. "Guys and testosterone seriously that is so annoying" I said to myself grabbing Blake's hand and pulling him out of the door whilst rolling my eyes.

"You look great, nice legs" Blake said with a smirk as we walked to his car.

"Thanks but if your trying to impress me you need to work on your compliments" I said giggling at his frown,

"Work on my complements? Ok how about" he said as he pushed me gently against the side of his car and put his hands on either side of my head bringing his face close to mine. "You look incredibly hot and your making my mouth water" he said with an easy smile.

I giggled again, "A little better" I said with a smirk,

"You're incredibly beautiful?" he said raising an eyebrow.