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“Slow and easy, baby,” he whispered as she felt the head of his cock nudge against the entrance to her anus.

She would have preferred that her body appear less desperate for the primal impalement, but she could feel her muscles relaxing, her greedy body attempting to open for him. Charity whimpered in desperation as she felt the head of his cock flex and throb then she jerked in surprise as she felt the heated pulse of fluid that shot into the entrance of her anus.

“Easy.” His voice was guttural. One hand clamped to the side of her buttock; holding her still, he paused with just the tip of his cock buried at the entrance.

Amazingly, shockingly, Charity felt the slick fluid heating the entrance, lubricating it as it slowly relaxed her muscles. She knew she should fight to hold onto enough sanity to figure out what the hell was happening to her body, but the arousal growing inside her had a mind of its own. She pressed against the velvety crown of his cock as she felt her entrance relax further, crying out as the head buried inside her, stretching her, burning the tender, untried muscles there as they stretched to accommodate the width of his cock.

He paused. She could hear him breathing, the sound rough and hot in her ears as she realized he was fighting for his own control. Another pulse of the fluid filled her then, the silky fire blazing into her anus, igniting nerve endings, sensitizing them even as it relaxed her muscles further. She felt him slide deeper into the dark channel as a fiery wash of pleasure/pain attacked her sensitized body. The hard, heated pulses of fluid seemed to relax each muscle, allowing her body to accommodate the size of the invader stretching it so deliciously. She clenched her muscles around Aiden’s cock, hearing him groan with a rush of pleasure as she caressed in turn.

His hands gripped her hips, his fingers kneading the flesh as she felt him slide deeper, deeper, until with a final thrust he was buried to the hilt inside the hot depths of her ass. Charity was shaking as she felt him cover her. His upper body lowered over her back, his teeth scraping the mark at her shoulder as his tongue swiped over it soothingly.

“God, you’re hot, Charity,” he growled at her ear.“So hot my cock is on fire from it.”

His hips flexed, drawing his cock back several inches before thrusting forward once again. Charity cried out at the deep, forbidden caress as she felt the flames in her body burning higher, hotter. She couldn’t think, couldn’t make sense of the depth of arousal churning in her womb.

“Yeah, tighten on me, baby,” he gasped as she did just that.“Ah hell.Charity. You’re killing me.”

The words sent a fist punch of reaction into her womb, shocking her with the power of the pleasure she was receiving from his cock buried up her ass.

She was filled with him. Her flesh stretched so tightly around him that she could feel the throb of each pulse of his cock into her cunt. The fluid that still shot in her ass had her slick, lubricated so well that there was no stress to her muscles as he began to move inside her.

“Aiden.”She flexed her muscles around his erection. It hurt, yet it was the most incredible pleasure she

had ever known.

“There, baby,” he growled, thrusting back into her, his thick cock taking her anal channel easily. “We’ll do this nice and easy, baby.”

At first, slow and gentle, leaving them both gasping with the need for more.But within minutes her cries were filling the room as his thrusts began to increase.His cock stroked inside her, back and forth, alternately soothing and inflaming the nerve endings there as he fucked her with slow easy strokes. But the needs growing inside her refused to be quenched by such an easy possession. She tightened the muscles of her anus, clenching and stroking his cock as his breathing roughened further. He was nearly gasping for breath now, joining her in the insanity of arousal beginning to overtake them.

“Stop,” he growled.“For God’s sake, Charity. You keep milking my cock like that and I won’t be responsible…” His groan was harsh, broken as she tightened again, her hips undulating beneath him as she fought for more of the heated strokes of pleasure/pain that each thrust brought.

“More,” she moaned, pressing back into the possession.“Harder, Aiden. Oh God, fuck me harder.” She couldn’t believe it. There was no way she could live through such intensity, such a level of pleasure and pain combined.

His cock surged into her ass, parting the muscles with a stroke of pinching pain, then sinking into the hot depth with a lightning stroke of agonizing pleasure.

He began to move faster. He drew his cock back slowly from the tight grip she had on it, their cries mingling in the steamy air around them. But when he pushed forward again, Charity fought to keep from screaming with the intensity of sensations. The hard, forceful strokes awoke such an intense driving need for more that she became helpless in its grip.

She knew later she would blush from the memory of how desperately she began to beg. Even as he began to move inside her, his thrusts increasing in speed, in desperation, she begged. Charity couldn’t still the hunger raging through her. The intense pleasure, the pure eroticism of the act was too much for her to comprehend, to make sense of. All she knew was that each driving stroke, each hard thrust was throwing her closer, driving her higher to a pinnacle of pleasure she was desperate to reach.

Her back bowed, her hips tilted back, her muscles clenched on the impaling cock as yet more of the slick fluid shot into her greedy ass. His cock surged inside her, fucking her with a deep, driving rhythm. She trembled, shaking, screaming out at the sensations as he pushed one hand beneath her body, his fingers moving to her swollen clit as he began to pound into her harder, faster, torturing her anal channel with each stroke. She was on fire, the pleasure building until a painful inferno of need burned through her body.

She could feel his stroking fingers driving her clit closer to explosion.The hard thrusts up her ass driving her to mindless, insane lust. Each pulse of the heated fluid from the tip of his cock made her hungry for more.Made her desperate for the hot, surging explosion of his sperm inside her instead.

“Now, Charity.Now, baby.” His fingers stroked the bundle of nerves carefully, just the right pressure, two quick strokes and she exploded.

She felt her ass clench, tighten on his flesh a second before she heard his heated cry, felt his teeth lock into her shoulder. And she would have been terrified.Should have been screaming in fear as she felt the thick swelling of the knot surge inside her already overfilled ass. She would have… Instead, she screamed out at the blinding pleasure as the engorged knot seemed to fill her pussy, tightening her muscles there, sending a surge of cascading sensations clear to her womb. The orgasm that shook through her destroyed her. It was never ending, a quaking inferno of lust, of pleasure/pain, of fiery satisfaction unlike anything she could have imagined. She felt the eruption of his sperm into her anus. A hard, almost brutal jerk of his body that tugged at the anchoring knot as his seed poured into her. Another climax rippled over her before the first could ease away, throwing her back into the abyss of sensation once again. It would never end. She was crying weakly, helpless in the grip of her body’s driving response to this primal possession. How her fragile anus accommodated his size as well as the hard swelling she didn’t know, she didn’t care. It was taking every inch with greedy pleasure as her cunt erupted time and again from each explosion of seed from his cock, each hard throb of the knot that echoed into her sensitized pussy.

She collapsed weakly beneath him, shudders of her echoing orgasm still tearing through her as she felt the swelling slowly recede. He drew back from her then, his cock dragging through the sensitive tissue as she whimpered weakly from the nearly painful pleasure it caused. She lay dazed, weak as he moved from the bed to the pitcher of water that sat in a metal basin across the room. She heard water cascade into the large bowl, the sounds of it splashing, then silence. Seconds later his hands touched her and she groaned as he drew the cool cloth between her thighs, cleaning her gently.

Aiden was tender, as gentle as he knew how to be as he cleaned her. His large hands weren’t demanding or in any way trying to evoke a response. But one came anyway. Within minutes she was moving beneath his hand, her drowsy moans marking her need. She was tired, worn, but her immediate response triggeredhis own .

There were no preliminaries as he moved between her thighs. His cock washard, his breathing as heavy as hers, and the drive to take her again was quickly making him insane. He pushed into her soaked pussy.Hearing her gasp, moan as she tightened around him. He knew her weariness was a deep as her need, and he moved quickly to ease one so the other could overtake her.

“God, you’re so fucking tight, Charity,” he whispered, his hands gripping her hips as he stared at where his body possessed her. “So hot and wet I could drown in you.”

“Drown,” she moaned weakly. “Fuck me, Aiden.Now. Hard.” She was whimpering with her need, with her arousal as her cunt clenched around his erection.

He leaned into her, holding her against his body as he began to pump inside her. His eyes closed as the fist tight heat clamped on his cock. Slick fire, the pulse of the lubricating fluid from his cock making her hotter, wetter, but the tightened muscles never let go of his flesh. He was gasping for breath as he thrust inside her. His erection was brutally hard, sensitized, and only

seconds from exploding when he felt the quaking shudders rush through her body and her own climax overtaking her.

He followed her swiftly, barely containing his cry of pleasure as he felt his cock swell, filling her, arching her body as he locked inside her, his seed spewing into the rich depths of her body as she slowly stilled beneath him.

His hands soothed her, eased her into sleep even before he was able to pull his cock from her tight grip and collapse beside her. Satisfaction unlike anything he had known washed over him then. It settled through his body, warmed his soul. And as he looked down at her, he knew he loved her. Knew he had loved her even years before, when he thought he had hated her. He kissed her cheek as he pulled her closer to his body and allowed himself to drift slowly into rest. As long as she was safe, he could sleep.

Chapter Thirty-Three

Her scent had definitely changed. Aiden lay, hours later after coming awake, staring up at the ceiling as his senses picked up the slow change within her body. She lay with her back against his chest, his arms wrapped around her as he kept her warm, comforted, and noted the conception taking place. Rather than a scent that reminded him of a storm breaking across the mountains, this one reminded him of spring, of warm, surging life. His eyes closed as his hand moved to her flat abdomen, his fingers spreading across the warm expanse of flesh.

His eyes closed as he allowed the truth to wash over him. He had loved her before, fiercely, heatedly, but what he felt now overwhelmed emotions only barely being recognized. He stared across the room at the rough table, the rock wall, a frown creasing his brow as he wondered at the often confusing impulses that ran rife through his system.

He had rarely known tenderness.Had no use for softness. Yet he found he could treat Charity no other way. Everything in him softened for her, and that terrified him. Terrified and exhilarated him. He stared down at her face, sighing softly at the clench of his heart. How many times had he scoffed at Wolfe and Jacob for their attitudes toward their mates? Hell, he had flat-out laughed at Wolfe for giving into Hope’s desire for a wedding. And yet, here he lay, knowing if Charity asked for such a thing, no matter howmuch the social practices of those who reviled him, irked at him, he would do it. She had conceived. He could feel the knowledge to the soles of his feet. In the last hours as he held her, the change had taken place within her body. What had triggered it, if anything had, he wasn’t certain. But as he thought about it, considered the overriding need to take her in the most elemental manner, he thought that perhaps instinctively, he had known. He had known that the process was slowly evolving, her body accepting his seed, and he had needed to mark her in that final way, to impress upon her how


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