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Aiden chuckled. He couldn’t help himself. He could hear her nervousness, her arousal and her acceptance of what was coming in the tone of her voice. Her hands gripped his forearms as he stroked his tongue over the mark he had left on her, relishing the sweet, slightly tangy taste of her skin. Her body was soft and delicate in his arms and he couldn’t help the unfamiliar surge of emotions that welled within him. He held on to her, his hands moving to her back as he drew her closer in his arms, needing to hold her, to know she was safe, secure.

He remembered clearly that blinding fury that had surged through his soul when he realized she had been taken.Fear. He had never known fear in his life until that moment. The thought of his own death did little to affect him. The thought of so much as the slightest added pain to the delicate body in his arms sent his primal senses thundering with the need for violence.The need to mark in that final, ultimate surrender.

“I lost my mind when I realized you were gone,” he whispered at her ear, feeling her tremble in surprise.

“I have never howled in my life, Charity. But the moment I realized you were missing, even the wolves knew my rage.”

They had answered the primal call. They had tracked the jeep as it made its way up the mountain, then returned the news of its location as it stopped. Primal instinct, sharp, flashing, a communication with the animals he had never expected.

“I was frightened,” she whispered. “I prayed you would find me, Aiden.”

“And I did,” he growled. He couldn’t stop the vibration that echoed through his voice. “I have to finish this now, Charity. I have to complete the mating.Now.”

He couldn’t explain it. It made no sense. The act of anal sex would not aid in conception. The hormone in his semen would in no way affect anything to further mark her. Yet, he couldn’t deny the impulse. He wanted to turn her instantly to her stomach, raise her hips and mount her immediately. Assure himself that she was his, completely his, submitting to the sexuality between them, accepting the mating they shared. And he feared it was from there that the overwhelming need was bred. The need, the overwhelming compulsion to assure himself that his mate was his alone. That she would submit to his every need. That she would give herself, no matter how he needed her.

His lips covered hers as he fought the baser instinct to take her quickly. His tongue probed her mouth, stroking over hers, licking at her teeth, her lips, growling fiercely until she drew on him, suckling at the swollen glands at the side of his tongue.

He moaned as he felt the release of the hormone, his cock jerking at the thought that within minutes her needs would outstretch his, her arousal becoming an inferno that would burn them both in the cataclysm.

“Aiden, wait.” She pulled back from him, breathing heavy, fighting for control. He knew she was fighting for control.Fighting to analyze the responses of her body, to understand the actions and reactions of their sexuality.

He didn’t want the scientist in his bed that night. He wanted the woman.His mate.Her fiery heat searing him, her juices flowing with her need. He growled at her, his lips lifting in a snarl as his fingers tangled in her hair, holding her still as his lips took her again.

When she refused to suckle his tongue into her mouth, he nipped at her lips until they parted with a hot gasp. He could feel her body growing hotter, smell the rich, feminine scent of her arousal wrapping around him, drowning him in the scent of her lusts.

His head tilted, his lips slanting over hers as he finally allowed her to release him. She was panting for breath, her hands kneading his shoulders as she rubbed her hard tipped breasts against his naked chest, as one hand slid down his abdomen to grip the shaft of his cock. He grimaced, throwing his head back as her finger stroked the heavy veins and pulsing flesh. The agony of his desire was like nothing he had known before. It tightened his body, coursed through his veins and tingled up his spine with a pleasure that surpassed anything he had heard rumor of.

“Enough.” He gripped her fingers, pulling them back from his needy flesh as he pushed her to the bed.

“This is for you, Charity.All for you. You may give to me later.”

“No.” She stared up at him, her eyes dazed, almost black with her desire. “I need to touch you, Aiden.”

“Not yet, love,” he soothed her gently as he moved beside her, his palm cupping a swollen breast with the utmost gentleness. “Relax, Charity.Just feel, baby.For me. Just feel all the sensations I can bring to your body.”

Then he could resist no longer. His head lowered, his mouth covering the elongated nipple awaiting his attention. He felt her body jerk, heard the tumultuous cry that escaped her lips and knew that before the night was over, she would never deny the mating again.

Chapter Thirty-One

Charity hadn’t realized how frightened she had been until Aiden had arrived within the caverns. His strong arms had wrapped around her, his muscular body sheltering her, holding her in a way that reassured her, protected her. She hadn’t realized how much she needed his strength until he had entered, expecting her, needing her to lean on him.

And now he needed so much more. She trembled as she watched his head lower to the breast he cupped in his hand. She couldn’t restrain the near violent jerk of her body, or the gasping indrawn breath when the heat of his mouth enclosed the hard tip.

His tongue curled around her nipple, drawing a desperate moan from her throat as her hands gripped at his shoulders. She could do nothing but feel, as he wanted her to. Nothing but ride the wave of sexuality and pleasure he was inflicting on her heated senses.

His long, knowing fingers kneaded her sensitive breasts as his tongue licked the hard, pointed tip in time to the deep suckling motions of his mouth. Then he moved over her further, his hands pressing the full mounds of her breasts together, drawing the two hard nipples together as his mouth covered both.

“Aiden, damn you.You’re killing me.” She was fighting for breath, for her sanity, but her hands were locked in his hair, holding him close to her as her body arched closer to the heated caress. Her head tossed on the mattress as sensation swelled inside her. Like a lava-hot tidal wave, it began to build within her womb, stronger, more intense than ever before. She could feel her juices sliding from her cunt, dampening the bare folds like hot honey. Her clit throbbed, pleaded for attention. Her vagina clenched spasmodically, demanding the hard throbbing length of his cock. She whimpered with that need as he gave her nipples a final lick before his lips began to travel lower.

Her fingers clenched in his hair as his canines raked the perspiration-damp skin of her abdomen. Then her breath caught in her throat as he blew a breath of heated air across her pulsing clit.

“Please,” she whispered, lifting her hips to him, needing his tongue on the small nerve center as desperately as she needed air to breathe.

“I want to taste you first,” he whispered as he moved between her thighs slowly, his eyes dark, cloudy with desire as he spread her legs, encouraging her to bend her knees and open herself to him. She watched him, helpless in the grip of the sensations swelling through her body. She watched as his long graceful fingers caressed her thighs,then his head lowered. His tongue distended then swiped slowly through the narrow, soaked slit of her pussy.

She shuddered. Her body quaked with the intensity of pleasure that engulfed her senses. Her head fell back to the bed, her eyes closing as her hips lifted to him.

“More,” she begged, panting, nearly mindless in the grip of sensations washing over her. Heat flickered at her cunt, traveled through her womb, wrapped around her breasts. Like unseen, taunting fingers it stroked over her body, fanning the flames higher.

His hands smoothed over her thighs and the muscles there trembled as he drew slowly closer to the damp folds of flesh he was feasting ravenously at. His tongue flickered through the sensitized slit teasingly, circled her swollen clit then flickered down again to rim the clenching entrance to her vagina. Like a slow, careful figure eight, a teasing, seductive dance of fire, he stroked and licked, drawing the silky juices from her cunt, holding her open, allowing them to slide heatedly to the entrance of her anus. She knew what was coming. Her brain sounded a warning that was lost amid the suckling, licking caresses of his lips and tongue. And she thought it could get no worse. Thought she had reached the pinnacle of need, until he showed her otherwise.

She felt his hand move as his tongue tempted her clit. One long, graceful finger slid into the tight entrance of her greedy pussy. She tried to clench her thighs, to trap his finger inside her, but his broad shoulders held her open as his warning growl had her shuddering in heated response. Her hips lifted as she fought to draw him deeper inside. She needed him moving, plunging his finger inside her to free the taut need spiraling within her womb. Yet he only teased, drawing her higher, stoking the fires to a desperate pitch as her cries echoed around them. She was so desperate, poised so close to the edge of orgasm that she opened naturally for the finger that slid to her anus and pressed slowly inside.

“Aiden,” she chanted his name as she felt the digit fill her, slowly stretching her, preparing her. Even more frightening was the sudden, intense pleasure that washed over her, as he stroked in and out, accustoming her to the feel of being invaded.

“You are so pretty, Charity,” he growled. “So flushed and responsive, you make me nearly lose control, when I need to hold onto it.”

She felt a second finger join the first.Working inside her tight depths, as the muscles clenched on his fingers. The streaking wash of pleasure/pain had her fighting for the nearing climax she could feel burning in her womb. She twisted in his grip, her hands falling from his head to the blankets beneath her as she fought to hold onto reality.

She was pressing against each stroke into her anus now, gasping,feeling the vibrations of the entrance tease at her hungry cunt. If only he would fill her, fuck her to orgasm before he decided to try to destroy her sanity.

“I can’t stand this.” She wanted to scream but she had barely the breath to whimper pleadingly. “Please, Aiden. Don’t tease me like this any longer.”

“I could sip from your honey for hours,” he whispered, licking into the clenching entrance of her cunt as she shivered beneath him.

Then his tongue plunged inside her, separating sensitized muscles and sending tremors of her nearing orgasm washing over her. When his tongue drew back he rose from between her thighs, his fingers sliding from the hot depths of her anus.

“Turn over for me,” he bit out. “I won’t last much longer, Charity. Submit to me now.”

Her eyes widened. The words, the tone of voice, were more primal than ever before. His features were etched with savage lust, his eyes glittering with a hunger, a need that couldn’t be missed. This had nothing to do with a sexual fetish and everything to do with sexual submission. His desires were now instinctive. He was her mate and he was getting ready to prove it to her. She turned slowly. Her heart was racing in her chest; lust pounding in her veins, burning her with her own needs. And there was Aiden, his hands turning her as he moved quickly behind her. There were few preliminaries. The need was like fire searing their nerve endings, drowning them in the drive for release. Hard hands smoothed over the curves of her rear as she shuddered before him. One moved up her back, caressing up her spine before applying pressure between her shoulders to indicate he wanted them lowered. She was left with her upper body cushioned on the mattress, her rear raised, unprotected before his heated gaze.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Candlelight flickered over the room as lust steamed around them. Charity knew she should have been nervous, should have been shaking with fear. She knew what he was about to do couldn’t actually be done. The thick length of his cock was too large, her anus too small. Her fingers clenched in the sheet beneath her. She couldn’t deny the erotic, sexual tension that invaded her at the thought, though.

“So pretty,” his words whispered over her as she felt her cunt burn in response to the fingers that moved over the curves of her buttocks, his thumbs sliding down the cleft between them. Charity could feel her body burning. Shudders of arousal shook her muscles, weakening her as Aiden moved into position behind her.


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