She crawled across the bed on all fours. She paused, widening her stance and canting her hips so he got an eyeful of the pink flesh between her legs.

Abe muttered something.

Which caused her to stop and peer over her shoulder. “Did you say something?”

“I said you’re killin’ me.”

“And just think. I haven’t even gotten to the real show yet.”

Grabbing a pillow and her small stash of supplies, she returned to the end of the bed. “I know how much you love to watch me get myself off. So I thought I’d oblige you.” The first item out of the bag was her vibrator. Not the small one she used strictly for clit stimulation, but the one with the rotating head and the vibrating tip. Janie flattened her heels on the mattress and shoved the pillow under her ass. “Got a good view?”

“Holy f**k.”

She laughed. “I take that as a yes.” Holding the vibrator in her left hand, she slowly dragged her middle finger from the entrance to her pu**y up through her slippery folds to the top of her pubic bone. “Can you see how wet I am, Abe? I probably won’t need any lube when I f**k myself with this. It’ll just glide right in. Nice and deep. Do you want to watch me sliding this in?”

He nodded. Vigorously.

“I will. But I need to take the edge off.” She flicked on the vibrator and switched it to her right hand, positioning the vibrating head directly on her clit. “This won’t take long.” She swirled the vibrator head around, searching for the perfect position, every sensation coalesced and her clit spasmed beneath the tip. She gasped, clenching and unclenching her butt cheeks to the rhythm of the blood pulsing in her sex. After the short, intense orgasm ended, she slumped into the mattress and let the vibrator fall beside her. She sighed and propped herself on her elbows to look at Abe through her splayed legs.

His cheeks were high with color. His jaw rippled from clenching his teeth so hard. His hands were in fists at his sides. And his cock? Fully erect.


He raised his eyes to hers.

“Put your mouth on me. Lick me clean.”

Then those big, callused hands were gripping the inside of her thighs. Then his hot, wet mouth was licking, lapping and slurping the juices from every inch of her pu**y. His growls vibrated against her flesh, sending goose bumps flowing out. He zeroed in on her clit, driving her back to the ragged edge with the precise flicks of his sinful tongue.

But she didn’t want to come again so soon. Janie put her palms on the side of his head and rasped, “Stop.”

Abe gave her clitoris a sucking kiss and rubbed her juices that covered his face on the inside of her thighs. He returned to the bench without being asked.

She smiled at him. “Just in case you were curious, you are much better than a vibrator.”

He smirked. “Never any doubt in my mind.”

“Hand me that towel.” She tugged the pillow beneath the small of her back. “Now for part two. This might require some shifting around.”

Abe’s eyebrows lifted. “My hands are completely free if you need ’em.”

“So helpful. For now, we’re back to the no touching rule.” Janie’s heart began to beat faster. She wanted to drive him to the same pinnacle of need that he took her to every time he touched her. No matter how he touched her. She wanted to give him something he’d never expect, but would prove she was up for all kinds of bedroom games. But this? Was over the top.

Her hands shook as she fished out the bottle of lube and the glass dildo. Hooking her heels into the edge of the mattress, she aligned her lower half as she braced her left hand behind her. She uncapped the lube and generously coated her fingers. “Heads up, hold this,” and tossed the tube to him.

Bracing her left behind her, she brought her right hand between her legs. Closing her eyes, she swept her slicked-up fingers over the pucker of her ass. Lightly skimming the surface, bringing the nerve endings to attention. When Janie started to insert the tip of her finger into her ass, Abe made a noise she’d never heard before.

But she kept her eyes shut, relaxing her sphincter until her finger was buried to the knuckle. Biting her lip, she began to stroke in and out. Stopping to swirl the tip just inside the opening. A soft moan escaped. It always surprised her how good this felt—the sting of pain blooming into pleasure.

“Are you imagining how hard these muscles clamp down on your shaft when you’re buried balls deep in my ass?”

Abe muttered, “Fuck me.”

“How about when I do this?” She pushed her thumb into her pu**y, which allowed for deeper penetration for her finger into her anal passage. She chanced a look at him and her belly quivered.

His eyes glittered with lust. His nostrils flared. His lips were parted and he was practically panting.

She eased her fingers out and wiped them on the towel before she grabbed the glass dildo. She held it out and murmured, “A little lube please.”

Keeping their eyes locked, Abe coated the dildo, fisting his hand around it like he was greasing up his cock.

“That’s good.” She closed her fingers around the middle and positioned it at the seam of her ass. She whispered, “Watch.” One quick push and the cold glass breached the tight ring. She sucked in a sharp breath. This was a lot thicker than her fingers. She kept her gaze on Abe’s face as she pushed it in, slowly, letting her body adjust until only the base of the dildo was visible.

Janie began sliding the dildo in and out, moaning against the twin sensations of cold glass and hot friction on those tight tissues.


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