Abe turned her around, suctioning his mouth to the sexy sweep of her shoulder. He’d never seen the appeal of short hair on a woman until now. Having all that sexy, sensitive skin right out in the open, easily accessible was a temptation he couldn’t resist.

As soon as she sighed, and angled her head to rub her cheek to his, he murmured, “Is that a proper apology for breaking up your meeting?”

“No. Because when I apologized to you for forgetting to call, we had hot sex. So you can pay me back when we get home?”

“We’ll see.”

He wanted more than sex with her. So it was damn ironic he had to hold off . . . to get it.

Abe was not getting away with ignoring her another night.

On the way home he’d suddenly remembered something urgent he had to do. In Rawlins. Alone. He’d dropped her off and hadn’t returned until after eleven o’clock. Once again she thought she’d heard the click of his bedroom door lock.

She had a plan that guaranteed she wouldn’t need a lock pick to gain entrance into his lair.

Janie played it cool during supper. As soon as she heard Abe head down the hallway to his bedroom following his long shower, she made her move.

His eyes widened when he saw her sauntering toward him naked. “Ah. What’re you doin’?”

“Paying you back.” She stalked him until his spine met the closet door and then dropped to her knees.

“You don’t have to pay me back right now. But... Oh holy hell.”

She’d stuffed his entire c**k in her mouth, loving when that dangling man flesh was still soft and unsuspecting. Loving the feel of it growing bigger, until it no longer fit in her mouth.

Abe’s c**k didn’t seem to be on the same time frame as Abe’s brain. In fact, Abe’s c**k thought right now was the perfect time for payback as it rapidly became erect.

Smiling, she bent her head and brought both his balls into the wet heat of her mouth. Rolling them over her tongue. Then she closed her lips around the sac and sucked.

“Jesus, Janie.” Funny, he didn’t seem all that insistent to push her away now.

“Tell me you don’t want this.” She rubbed her lips across the top of his quivering quad. “Tell me you don’t want to see your c**k buried in my throat as I swallow every drop of your seed. Tell me no and I’ll leave.”

A millisecond later his hand was fisted in her hair and he pulled her head back to meet his lust-filled gaze. “Do it.”

Janie didn’t intend to draw this encounter out; serious power existed in getting a man off quickly. She hadn’t realized how spoiled she’d been by Abe’s exceptional dick size until she’d wound up with men who weren’t as well endowed. She wrapped her fingers around the base and jacked his shaft as she suckled the cockhead. With each wet pull of her mouth, she brought him deeper. Closing her lips around the root, she breathed through her nose and opened her throat, taking him fully.

“Sweet Jesus, swallow like that again.”

Her thoughts entered the fuzzy zone where she was lost in the silken push and pull of that male hardness against her tongue. Her head bobbed and she slipped her hand between his thighs. Feeling his balls hard and tight, she let his c**k slide free and stared up at him. “Makes me wet to touch you like this.”

He murmured, “Prove it,” and stroked her cheekbone.

She followed the contour of her belly past her pubic hair. Keeping her eyes on Abe’s, she inserted two fingers, f**king herself with them so he could hear the wet, sucking sounds of her pu**y. Then she showed him her moisture-coated fingers.

“What are you gonna do with those?”

“Watch.” Janie reached between his legs and rubbed her wet finger across his anus. She said, “Don’t clench,” and sucked his c**k in deep again.

As soon as she slipped her finger in his ass and stroked his prostate, he started to come. His hands cradled her head and his hips bumped into her face. “Fuck. Oh f**k. Yes. Christ.”

She swallowed the salty heat filling her mouth, the familiar taste throwing her into the past. When the pulses stopped, she pulled back, placing kisses on his hips, watching that sexy six-pack ripple with aftershocks.

Abe slumped against the door.

Janie stood, adding an extra wiggle in her ass as she crossed the room. At the doorway, she peered at him over her shoulder. “Oh, and a couple things I wanted to mention.”

“Uh. Okay.”

“When you’re done with your mysterious nighttime errands, or finished locking yourself in your office, be aware I’ll be sleeping in here, with you, not in the guest bedroom.”

“Uh. Okay.”

“And I’m on the pill so we can skip the condoms from here on out.”

“Uh. Okay.”

“See you.”

“Uh. Okay.” Then, “Wait.”


“I don’t know who taught you how to suck c**k like that, but I feel like sending the dude a thank-you note.”

Weird compliment, but she’d take it. Her self-satisfied grin was entirely justified as she sailed out of the room.

And she wasn’t the least bit surprised when fifteen seconds later Abe scooped her into his arms and finally took her to his bed.

Chapter Sixteen

“Are you a real cowboy?”

Startled, Renner turned away from the fireplace and faced a small girl dressed in glittery pink sweatpants dotted with sparkly unicorns. “Yes, I am. Something you need?”


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