But when he lifted his head and looked at her, he didn’t look calm at all. His worry had been replaced by hunger. Immediately her mouth went bone dry from the lust raging in Abe. His eyes. His body. Even his sinful mouth was primed.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know you are. I also know how you can make it up to me.”

“Oh no,” she breathed, when she really meant oh please, yes please, right now.

“Oh yes.” He put his lips by her ear. “And listen to you, askin’ me so nicely.”

Holy crap. She’d said that out loud?

Abe pried the empty glass from her death grip and set it aside. Then he slapped his hands on the wall by her head. “Isn’t it fortunate that in making it up to me, you’ll get the stiff one you wanted?”

Her response was lost as Abe’s mouth crashed down on hers in a ferocious kiss.

He’d been waiting months—no, years—for this. Sweet, delectable Janie pressed against him. He’d given her no chance to overthink the situation. None of that “can I touch you” bullshit that defined their married sex life. He’d have her. And he’d have her now.

Not that Janie was protesting.

Abe thrust his tongue between her parted lips, forcing her mouth open to accept more of his ravenous kiss. The way she kissed him back was familiar . . . yet new. A potent combination that kicked his need up another level.

His lips slid across the plump moistness of hers, as he changed the angle of his head. Her hands yanked his hips closer and she moaned greedy noises that reverberated straight to his dick.

Abe kept his hands on the wall. Letting the heat and the need between them build.

But Janie had other ideas. She broke the seal of her lips to scatter kisses down his throat to where her fingers fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. “Abe. Please. Touch me.”

He whispered kisses over her jaw. “You oughta know I’m not interested in foreplay.”

That admission seemed to send a shudder through her. “Oh, God, me neither.”

“I want it hard. Fast. And now.”

She moaned. “Yes.”

He stepped back. “Ditch your nylons.”

Her shaking hands rolled up her skirt. She peeled the nylons down her legs and kicked them off.

When she looked at him, her purple irises glazed with lust, Abe covered her mouth with his. Clamping his hands on her ass, he lifted her, turned, and placed her on the counter.

She gasped, “Oh wow, that is cold on my butt.”

“Friction will warm it right up.” Unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped, he reached for a condom before he dropped his Wranglers.

She stared at his c**k as he rolled on the condom. “This isn’t a dream? It’s really happening? You’re gonna f**k me right here in the kitchen?”

“Yep.” He palmed her hips and said, “C’mere,” tugging her closer.

Her fingernails scored the back of his neck when she pulled him down for an openmouthed kiss. Abe’s thumb traced the wet seam of her sex before he aligned his c**k to the opening and eased just the head in. Slamming home on the first stroke wasn’t an option, no matter how tempting. Janie was small and he . . . well, he wasn’t small.

She stiffened slightly as he pushed inside.

He teased her clit, keeping his left hand spread across her lower back, slowly urging her forward. Her shirt was blocking access to the warm softness of her skin. As soon as he was fully seated inside her, he murmured, “Lose the shirt.”

Janie lifted the formfitting sweater over her head. Her bra was a black push-up number that highlighted her curves. He groaned, pressing his mouth to the mounded flesh.

She released a throaty sigh and arched into him. “This day is getting better. Oh yeah, tons better. Do that again. Harder.”

“Been waiting a long time to hear you say that.”

Each thrust picked up speed to the point any finesse he’d planned had vanished. His mouth cruised over every dip and hollow of her throat. Tasting. Teasing. Remembering. Wanting her as absorbed in the moment as he. A moment he’d been waiting for, for eight long years.

Her breath came in short puffs of air and her belly tensed against his. That sexy purr started and her thighs squeezed his hips as she gasped and came undone.

Janie’s orgasm unleashed his. A wash of white-hot pleasure that made his eyes roll back in his head with each body-shaking pulse. Spent, he dropped his head on her smooth shoulder. “Damn. Guess we’ll call that one the speed round.”

She nuzzled his ear. “What’s the next round called?”

Pecking her quickly on the mouth, he withdrew and ditched his clothes completely. Then he slid his hands around her hips, warning, “Hold on,” and carried her out of the kitchen.


She seemed surprised he entered the bathroom, not his bedroom. He set her on her feet, gesturing to her bra and skirt. “This is the water round. So take ’em off unless you want them wet.” After tossing the condom, he turned and Janie was naked. “Such a petite package. You still pack a powerful punch for me, cupcake.”

Janie smirked.

Cranking the shower on, he slid the glass door open. “Beautiful, sexy ladies first.”

“Flattery? After you’ve already f**ked me? You have changed.” As she stepped into the tub, he smacked her luscious ass and followed her inside the enclosure.

He squirted shampoo into his hand and scrubbed his hair. When he faced the showerhead to rinse, she plastered her slick body against his. Her hands flowed with the soapy water down his chest and abdomen. Circling his cock. Goose bumps followed in the wake of her questing fingers.


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