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She nodded even as she squeezed her eyes shut again.

He needed to get her the hell out of here. She was not having their baby in a f**king sewer, he decided as he grabbed an old piece of iron cast fence and placed it by her side. With a groan filled nod, she placed a hand on it.

“I’m not going to go far, Munchkin, but I need to find a better weapon,” he said, hating to leave her side for even a second. When all she could manage was another nod, he sent the shifter a look and almost as one they looked at the vampire who was glowering from the safety of the shadows.

“We need to hurry and get the hell out of here before-“

“They’re down here!” a man yelled.

Dread filled him as he scanned the room for an exit, but all he could come up with was the ceiling that was too damn high. They were trapped.

“We need to guard the door,” Kale said, grabbing a large metal pipe and headed for the only entrance to the room.

With another curse the vampire grabbed a pipe and followed them. He threw one last look at his mate, hoping it wouldn’t be the last before he turned his attention to the first rush of vampires who tried to break past them.

Chapter 47

Her hand tightened around the metal stick as she fought to control her breathing. This was all her fault.

If she hadn’t been so damn arrogant and created that program then none of this would be happening right now.

She also wouldn’t have met Chris or be carrying their baby, she reminded herself, but he’d be safe and not caught up in the middle of a large fight. She watched as men practically poured into the room. While Chris, Kale and the vampire were kept busy several of them came after her.

The ones who weren’t set on fire by the sun were attacked by others just as eager to get their hands on her. Another stabbing pain shot through her as a large man who had to be a demon based on the black horns on his forehead, came racing after her only to have Kale reach back and grab the man by hair and yank him away. His back didn’t hit the ground before Chris was driving a pole through the man’s neck.

As she tried to breathe through the pain and terror she watched as the two men worked as one, taking as many of the men down as they could. If she wasn’t so scared out of her mind she’d actually be pretty impressed.

“Time to go.”

She looked up in time to see the vampire grab her by the arm and yank her to her feet. He hissed in a breath when the sun hit his arm, but didn’t release his hold on her. She tried to reach for her weapon, but he kept pulling her away from the spot Chris left her.

As he dragged her along the back wall she tried to scream for Chris, but the only the scream that she could manage was one of pain as another contraction shot through her.

“Please stop!” she cried as he continued to drag her along the wall where she stumbled and panted.

She opened her mouth to scream for help, but quickly closed it when she realized that Chris was in no position to help her. He was surround by at least twenty men and women and fighting for his life and she refused to be the distraction that got him killed.

“Please help him,” she begged, grabbing onto her stomach as yet another contraction tore through her.

“Please, I can’t watch him die.”


“Please, I can’t watch him die,” she said, making everything in him go still.

He swallowed hard as he looked back and saw the same anguish on her face that he must of had on his while he watched Elizabeth die. As much as he wanted to look away from her he couldn’t. The way she watched her mate with tears in her eyes told him how much she loved him. His eyes dropped to her round stomach and he cursed.

She could have the life that he was robbed of, the family he longed for and all he had to do was shove aside his revenge, but he wasn’t sure that he could do it. He waited so long to give Elizabeth the type of justice that she deserved. His eyes shot to the opening that was now clear and would lead them to safety and freedom and back to the small woman gasping for air as she watched her mate get knocked to the ground by two shifters.


He grabbed her by her shoulders and forced her to face him. “If I do this for you, you have to promise to help me when the time comes.”

“What?” she asked, trying to watch her mate.

He gave her a little shake, forcing her to look at him.

“Promise that when I ask for your help that you’ll give it.”

“Anything,” she promised.

“Then stay right here,” he said, placing her behind a pile of heavy debris. “Don’t move,” he said, giving her a stern look of warning.

He grabbed an iron pipe, shoved a demon aside and ran the pole through the shifter going for her mate’s throat.

As he pulled the stick back he swore if she went back on her word he’d kill every last one of them.


He was startled to see the vampire, but not enough to stop fighting. His left arm hung uselessly at his arm, broken in at least three different places, a rib was cracked, he was cut and bleeding heavily in several places, but he couldn’t stop.

As the vampire and shifter did their best to dispose of the dozen or so that remained, he went after the more difficult ones, knowing that if he took them out his Munchkin would have a better chance to make a run for it. She damn well better make a run for it, he thought as he impaled a pole through a large demon with razor sharp teeth.

He chanced a look over at his Munchkin and felt his heart drop. She wasn’t there. He scanned the large room, looking for her. Did she already make a run for it? God, he hoped so, because the alternative scared the shit out of him.

“She’s over there hiding,” the vampire said as shoved another vampire to the ground and slammed the pipe into his chest. “And you owe her life,” he said, jaw clenching as he moved onto the next vampire.

“I owe her more than that,” he said to no one in particular as he focused his attention on the demon charging for him. As he prepared himself for the attack he was grabbed from behind.

The demon smiled as he pulled out a large knife. Chris struggled against the hold, but his left arm was useless, the damn muscles wouldn’t f**king listen. He tried to bend over and toss the man over his shoulders, but there was no give. When he shifted to the side so the man would take the blow didn’t work he sent up a silent prayer that his mate got out of here and prepared himself.

The blow never came. One minute he was restrained tightly and the next he was free. He didn’t waste a second on wondering how it happened. As the knife came down at him, he dropped to his knee, shifted to the side and slammed the blood coated pole through the demon’s stomach.

“I thought I told you to remain in hiding!” the vampire bellowed, causing him to frown as he looked over his shoulder.

He felt his eyebrows arch as he took in his very pregnant mate standing on the back of an obviously dead demon. Holy shit…….

She definitely was coming along rather nicely, he thought even as he made plans to tie her to their room and never allow her to come out again. When another demon came at her she backhanded him, sending the demon flying and impressing the shit out of him. It might have taken a few months for it to happen, but it appeared her abilities were definitely here to stay.

Unfortunately, so was the next contraption. She dropped the lead pipe she’d been holding to grab her stomach and scream. That’s when a shifter went after her, but he was already there to protect her. He rammed the knife he’d taken off the dead demon into his throat and dropped him to the ground.